Schedule appointments from Facebook

We all agree Facebook has become a lot more than just sharing stories, pics with our friends. It is a powerful marketing tool and its can help busines

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Automate Your Business With Cloud Based Appointment Scheduling

  Over the years, appointment scheduling has undergone several changes and has evolved until you can now schedule appointments on the cloud. This

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How to avoid late payments for Invoices

We all work to get paid on time; I think we can agree on that. Unfortunately, it is not what many businesses experience. We can all think of times whe

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Hair and Beauty Salons need to embrace the digital world.

Digital technology has revolutionised nearly every part of our lives. Whether it is to do online shopping, book a holiday or pay a bill. All major com

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Online invoicing – Is it really a cost effective move?

The business world out there is cut throat and ruthless. If you work in accounts or finance, you’ll know all too well that business managers will be

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Online Scheduling – How this tool can save hours spent on Admin!

For someone who does pretty much everything online, from ordering gadgets on Amazon, grocery shopping to making appointments for the gas engineer to p

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