Whether you are thinking of starting off a Tutoring business or already have an established one, we can agree on one thing we make mistakes on our journey to success which can damage the reputation of the business and become costly. The best way to mitigate the damage is to adopt best practices and methods which are proven to be success.

The stakes are even higher when you are operating in a $102 billion dollar industry and there is a growing demand for private tutors and tuition. However the industry is competitive and you are judged by results. You can follow these tips to grow your Tutoring business:

1 Start Small

The first thing you need to understand about your business is that it won’t grow overnight. A lot of successful companies started off by targeting a particular segment of the industry, for instance Facebook targeted Harvard university students and Netflix targeting US households 

Starting off small will enable you to spend more with students. This way you can focus on giving 100% dedication to your clients to improve their learning and grades. It is better to start small by offering tuition in one or two subjects of which you have good domain knowledge and experience of teaching instead of trying to teach every single subject. Geographical restrictions are crucial if you are offering home tutoring service. Be clear on which neighborhood you can offer home service.

2 Have An Online Presence

We cannot think of running a successful business these days without online presence. Gone are the days when people used to get yellow pages to look up for a good or services. Make sure you have a user friendly easy to navigate website, social media pages with contact details. Prospects are looking for social proof and there is no better way of displaying it other than client’s positive reviews. Encourage your students for sharing their progress and post their testimonials on your website and platforms such as yelp, trust pilot and google. 

3 Invest In A Tutor CRM/Management System

Running tutoring business is going to be challenging. You will have to prepare lesson plans, schedule lessons with clients, prepare material for teaching and homework, raise invoices, share notes with students and reach out to prospects and existing clients to upsell. If you try to perform all these takes manually, it will take hours of your time which you can spend with students teaching which you are best at doing. One concern which a lot of tutors raise is level of no show up which costs them time and money. Having a system in place like Grow in Cloud can help you overcome these problems. It will streamline your admin processes so you can focus on developing the business.

4 Get Listed In Tutoring Directories

Make it easier for prospects and clients to find you. Submit your business information on tutoring directories like tutorz, Home Tutors directory and Tutorpages.com. These directories are ranked higher on search engines and will enable clients to search for subject of their interest, and tutors by geography. It is good platform to win some local clients.

5 Set Up A Referral Programme

Referral programmes are most effective way of winning new business. Your current clients happy with your service are your biggest brand ambassadors. Give them an incentive to refer you to their family and friends. Also, make contact with local schools and colleges to build rapport with them and give lessons to their students on discounted price.

6 Consider Your Price Carefully

Do a research on pricing carefully, check what is the average industry rate for per lesson and how much your competitors are charging. Some businesses will be charging really high prices and others would be charging maybe the same or lower. You should not try to undercut them by price only. Also, consider the time you need to prepare lessons and resources required for the lessons. The best way to come up with a good price for your services is to calculate your expenses and decide how much margin you want. However, charging lower than your competitors will make prospects consider you and if you have good social proof and testimonials on your website or references to give, there is every chance they will take your services. If you teach them at high quality standards and they see a progress with their learning, they’ll end up staying and join the long list of satisfied clients who can become your brand ambassadors.

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