Many businesses have started to use cloud for certain aspects of their business. If you haven’t started then here is a comprehensive list of why you should:

cloud computing

A Good Cloud Based System:-

  • Introduces remote working-which allows flexible working hours by allowing you and your staff to work from anywhere.
  • This in turn will increase staff morale and a happy team will mean more productivity.
  • Helps you to attract and retain quality staff by showing them that you’re a forward thinking business and willing to invest in the latest technology.
  • Removes the need to manage a complicated on site server which will then become very expensive to replace after only a few years.
  • Produces peace of mind by knowing that backups are taken care of automatically (which you need to do manually with a server).
  • Minimises downtime of your business, if there is an issue preventing you from entering your company site. Work can be accessed anywhere and anytime.
  • Has all future patches & version updates dealt with by the cloud software providers, rather than deploying in- house IT team.
  • Allows ease of use-which limits the need for costly training sessions for your staff members.
  • Ensures that there is enhanced data security, which will give you peace of mind.
  • Allows continuity and efficiency by being able to link remotely with different office sites by using a centralised system.
  • Improves your cash flow by offering a low fixed monthly subscription cost.


Grow in Cloud offers you all of these and more, in a secure, highly built software system that has been designed and built for all types of business owners.

cloud computing

Are you ready?

Whether your business is ready all depends on where you are in terms of your business. Are you starting out as a new business? Are you ready to update your technology or software? Are you in the middle of updating your hardware?

If you have recently invested in a new computing system or server, then the time might not be quite right for you to set up on the cloud.

However, using the cloud brings many different benefits (as listed above) that could be worth considering alongside your on premise solution.

Grow in Cloud’s ability to provide you with data backup and accessibility everywhere are just one of many features that are worth thinking about when combining the two solutions.

The most important thing you need is a good reliable internet service. If you work in place where the connection is not strong then this will need to be explored before adopting cloud services.

To check if you are ready to use the cloud, here are 15 key questions:

If you answer yes to at least 10 questions, then you are ready to adopt the cloud software for your business:

  1. Is your server due or overdue for replacement?
  2. Is your server maintenance cost very high?
  3. Will replacing your on-site server be very expensive?
  4. Is your desktop application software out of date and no longer supported?
  5. Are you using an outdated version of Microsoft Office?
  6. Are you constantly using technical support?
  7. Do you have a good, fast and reliable broadband package?
  8. Have you researched the benefits of the cloud and know this is best for your business?
  9. Are you happy that a with a cloud provider that can offer you a compliant or bespoke solution?
  10. Are you tired of manual backups that may or may not be done properly?
  11. Are you still managing your own email mailboxes on your local server and losing storage space?
  12. Would you like shared diaries across different sites but not able to do so currently?
  13. Do you want to improve communications between various sites when it comes to sharing data?
  14. Do you want to introduce flexible working and convenience for your staff?
  15. Is your existing Management Software complicated, restrictive and not used fully, because of unnecessary features?


To look at all the features Grow in Cloud has to offer your business, click here to sign up for a free trial.

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