How many times have you heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure?” No one knows this better than you- the dentists! While patients are still trying to embrace the idea, you can apply it! Not only when caring for your patients’ teeth, but to all aspects of your business. More people are conquering their fear and going to see dentists in their local dental practice. This means you need to be ready for them.

For 2021, the scale of the global dental market is predicted to be around 37 billion U.S. dollars. This is down to more awareness of oral health and hygiene, as well as the cosmetic side of things.

Cosmetic dentistry is a huge industry now and no longer seen as something just for the rich and famous. The UK alone spends £5.8 billion a year on dental treatments. People are more image conscience now and cosmetic dentists are accustomed to looking at teeth in detail, because they are focusing on the aesthetics of a smile, not just the overall health of the teeth.

Because people are more aware of their appearance and with famous celebrities constantly showing off their “Hollywood smile” more people are coming into dental practices for treatments such as:

  • teeth whitening
  • dental veneers
  • composite bonding
  • implants

All of this is great for you and your practice, but it can all be time consuming . As a partner in the dental practice you have the business of caring for your patient’s health during the day. Then at night you might need to overlook the business side of things. With the world gone digital and now embracing the cloud, it’s time that your dental practice followed suit! The cloud is just a fancy term for using services which are accessed over the internet.

Why does your dental practice need to switch to cloud?

In 2015 Forbes Magazine predicted that, in time, almost all companies will be using the cloud in some way. Today, approximately 75% of businesses use a type of cloud-computing software and is the future for dentistry. So it’s a matter of when you will start to use it. Not if!

The cloud provides many benefits which are not provided with the server -based options.


Some of these include:

No need for an expensive server on – site

A cloud – based dental software systems work using remote servers. This means there is no need to pay an extortionate sum for a server which you need to find space for! This saves you lots of money in the long run. So before you think about forking out for a new server, use the money on something else and invest in the cloud!

Access from anywhere

Using the cloud means you just need access over the internet and you don’t have to go on particular desktops.

You can gain access to the system with full performance from wherever you are; whether you are inside the practice or at home working on the accounts. This doesn’t compromise security, as you can limit access for staff between certain times or limit certain access to users.


Security is key for cloud computing and is far safer than a server in the practice storeroom!

Two main causes of data loss are hardware failure and hardware theft. With any cloud-based software, you are protected from both. With hardware failure and theft you are at risk of losing data and risking patient’s confidential information. With cloud-based softwares, your machines do not hold your data, so your machines are easily replaceable if you are insured (in the case of theft) and your data is still available and secure.

Data backups

You don’t have to concern yourself every day or week rotating external hard-drives or data tapes, as cloud-based softwares are backed up automatically multiple times a day.


How can Grow in Cloud help?

Grow in Cloud takes away the stress of dealing with daily admin tasks. This includes: booking and rescheduling appointment bookings, dealing with no shows, sending invoices and taking payments from patients. The software (which you don’t have to download onto your desktop-as its cloud based!) is designed to complement the high standards you hold as a dentist and help you run your practice in the best possible way.

Here are some of the features of Grow in Cloud, which will help the day to day running of your dental practice:

Automatic Appointment Reminders

Having fewer missed appointments with automatic appointment reminders sent via SMS-thus not losing valuable slots that could have gone to someone else because of no shows. Sending text reminders allows patients to contact you and cancel or reschedule ahead of time-allowing you to fill in the slot for someone else who might be waiting.

Appointment Scheduling

This allows patients to book an appointment with their chosen dentist or hygienist, from any device at any time-which means they can book at a time that’s convenient to them and not during office hours, which is not suitable for them because they are at work too. The software then sends them automatic SMS messages to confirm the appointment as well as reminders so they don’t miss the appointment. Each member of your team has access to his or her personal calendar so they can see the bookings for themselves.

Online Invoicing and Payments

This feature allows patients to pay at your practice or from their home, if you need some deposit payment upfront for a treatment. It can be done whichever way is most convenient: credit/debit card, Paypal, or Stripe for example. The software accommodates any guests who maybe using a foreign currency. The Online Invoicing Tool enables you to send invoices and payment reminders automatically if you run a private clinic.

Document Sharing

With all the documents dental staff need access to (insurance policies, X-rays/radiographs, medical histories, appointment schedules), storing, accessing and sharing documents can be an administrative nightmare. With Grow in Cloud, you can manage those documents in one user-friendly interface and be assured that your documents will be kept safe and secure.

Action History

Building a patient information database is really important and you really get to know and remember your clients. Action history provides a segmented look at transactions with each of your patients. Appointments, invoices, documents and messages related to each individual patient are conveniently stored in one place. Action history is perfect for when you need a quick snapshot of your patient’s communication and dental history.


Hopefully this blog has explained the benefits of cloud computing and how secure it is, which would be a concern for any dentist. Grow in Cloud is a software designed to automate your admin related tasks and make things a lot easier for you and your patients.

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