We all agree Facebook has become a lot more than just sharing stories, pics with our friends. It is a powerful marketing tool and its can help businesses tremendously increase market share and revenue. However, still more than 46% of SME’s have no Facebook page.  The businesses which tend to use Facebook have a competitive edge over rivals and give much better customer service experience by monitoring and answering comments when necessary.

However, the traffic coming on to the page needs to be engaged to maximise chances of converting it to sales. Grow in Cloud integration with Facebook enables you to schedule appointments/bookings from your Facebook page synched to your calendar and working hours.

Online Appointment Scheduling is one of the best ways to connect with prospective clients and ending the “calling, chasing up and waiting” game we all find ourselves playing when trying to book an appointment the conventional way. Adding a “Book Appointment” button onto your Facebook page is a great way to engage your clients who are interested right now through social media! This integration works great for any business with a Facebook page. Not only is it free to install and use, but also by giving your customers another way to book appointments with you online, you’ll most likely see an increase in new appointments overall.

With Online Booking through Facebook you have the potential to:
  • List your availability (classes, activities, courses etc.), key business information and details on your Facebook page
  • Display a booking calendar on your Facebook page
  • Track bookings made through Facebook
  • Give your customers the ability to ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ your activities, offers and more with their friends thus creating more potential clients
  • If you choose an inclusive web design and booking system package, Grow in Cloud can create customisable widgets linking your website to Facebook
  • Providing your customers with the option to book via Facebook puts you at the forefront of potential customers’ minds, maximising your sales opportunities and exposure
  • Maximise chances of tapping into the millennials and professionals market share

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