The owners of the home, Ron and May Hall, lost nearly everything to the blaze, except one item: a painting of a crying boy, his wide eyes looking out from the wreckage, not even blackened by smoke. Since most of the myth surrounds the nearly unbelievable fire resistance of the painting, Punt bought a crying-boy picture of his own; after being inexplicably delayed on his destination several times, Punt began to feel a bit nervous about the possible curse. The mysterious marks owners leave in their books tell stories of their own. The Crying Boy (ca. Klingemann first got into the legend through the art of Laura Kikauka, who replaced the crying boy’s eyes with red LEDs, and for him, the painting’s weirdness is the allure. Someone is selling one on Gumtree, describing it as “highly collectable” and referencing “the curse of The Crying Boy”. #37771739 - Sad man silhouette worried on the beach at sunset with the sun.. #48291898 - Newborn crying baby boy. (Post continues.). The Crying Boy Painting Cursed The Crying Boy Painting Cursed Analysis: The bizarre but popular story refers to various paintings of Crying Boys in United Kingdom that were supposedly Cursed to cause house fires in the 1980s. In an attempt to debunk the connection between the fires and the prints, Chief Divisional Officer of the South Yorkshire Fire Service, Mick Riley revealed that the picture of crying boy was printed on high density hardboard, which is very difficult to ignite. They were eventually burnt in a gigantic bonfire, with Page Three girls helping out. Atlas Obscura and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our website to personalise ads, support social media features, and analyse our traffic. #88525993 - Cute asian newborn baby girl crying with tried on mothers shoulder.Young.. #37771752 - Worried teenager guy crying on the beach in winter in a bad weather.. #42071721 - tired father carrying a crying baby at night, #69835976 - Sad boy with his head down illustration, #81604970 - Angry boy screaming at his dog, isolated on a white background. Another interesting story around the Crying Boy painting is that of the boy in the painting, itself. All this caused widespread anxiety, and fearful people who claimed to have witnessed such fire accidents mentioned it was a ‘curse’ or ‘jinx’. A story spread that the “crying boy” was a Spanish street urchin called Don Bonillo, whose parents had died in a … Nonetheless, the story transformed itself into a modern urban legend on the internet. It is believed that his name was Don Bonillo, an orphan whom Amadio had adopted. New born child tired and hungry in bed.. #40764146 - Portrait of young angry man. #57347157 - Sad little boy being hugged by his mother. The report also talked about how in the area, this was not the first instance. Home; 19 Dec 2013. No purchase necessary. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. 8. People started associating the fires with the curse of the Crying Boy painting. Years later, an unidentified body was found inside the charred ruins of a car. 9 Year Old Murders Parents After They Turn Off WiFi... Little Orphan Girl Drew a Picture of her Mother on... Man Cursed for Sleeping with Someone’s Wife: Fact Check, Argentina’s President Adopted a Jewish Child to Stop Him Turning into a Werewolf: Facts, Strange Deaths Connected to the Poltergeist Film Series: Facts, Creepy Russian Sleep Experiment on Prisoners: Fact Check, Scary Noises from China Mountain, Thousands Flee: Fact Check, Alien Makes Contact With Human, Video: Fact Check, Video of Big Strange Bird on Italy Church: Fact Check, Scary Ghost Car Crash, Supernatural Accidents, Video: Fact Check. A post on the website of the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry says that The Sun added salient details, such as that the urchin was mistreated by the painter, with the explanation that “these fires could be the child’s curse, his way of getting revenge.” According to Clark, The Sun was competing for readers with the Daily Mirror when the opportunity to develop the story arose, and the internet further grew the tale.

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