Notre site n'est pas optimisé pour votre navigateur actuel. For details, refer to the the topics under “Customizing the speaker settings to your preferences” in this Help Guide. SERVICES DE DIFFUSION DE MUSIQUE COMPATIBLES. Nous vous recommandons de télécharger et d'installer la dernière version de l'un des navigateurs suivants : Notre site n'est pas optimisé pour votre navigateur actuel. Profitez d'un son clair et puissant avec un ampli Home Cinema à la conception soignée. Solutions & produits professionnelsContactez-nousInformations Société, Conditions d'utilisationPOLITIQUE DE CONFIDENTIALITE. The RDS information that you want does not appear (for European and Asia-Pacific models only). You can display the menu of the receiver on the TV screen to select the desired setting menu. I'm trying to access the Amp menu to see what options are available for …

REPEAT Plays a track or a folder repeatedly. Press AMP MENU. I have to press the "Home" button in order for it to disappear.

A test tone is not output from the speakers. You can operate this receiver using the display panel as well as the TV screen. Enjoying sound from a TV compatible with the eARC or ARC function, Enjoying content of a connected device without turning on the receiver “, Setting the HDMI audio signal output of connected devices “. Sony Bravia Android TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak, How to set up over-the-air channels on your Sony TV, How to access the on-screen channel guide on a Sony TV, How to sign into apps and services on a Sony Android TV, How to move or delete apps on your Sony Android TV, How to set up Google Assistant on your Sony Android TV, How to turn off content recommendations and featured apps on your Sony TV, How to enable advanced picture support for Blu-ray and game consoles on a Sony TV, How to pair Bluetooth devices to your Sony smart TV, How to set up screen mirroring to your Sony TV from a smartphone, How to use HDMI-CEC to control all the devices attached to your Sony TV, How to adjust picture settings on a Sony TV, How to turn off the Soap Opera Effect on a Sony TV, How to adjust sound settings on your Sony TV, How to optimize audio for your Sony TV home-theater setup, How to activate Voice Guide narration on your Sony TV, How to turn on closed captions on your Sony TV, Black Friday MacBook deals 2020 — MacBook Pro and MacBook Air deals, Stimulus check 2 still possible this year — what you need to know, iPad deal: The new iPad Air is on sale before Black Friday.
The sound is interrupted while watching a TV program or content on a Blu-ray Disc, etc. Press /repeatedly to select the setting you want, then press . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Il semblerait que JavaScript soit désactivé sur votre navigateur. Under the Apps heading you will find any installed apps that aren't already displayed on the Featured Apps list. Press / repeatedly to select the menu you want, and then press to confirm the selection. The menu is displayed on the display panel of the receiver. Transformez n'importe quelle enceinte en enceinte Bluetooth®. If you don’t know what something is talking about you can google it. A network and accessories menu lets you select your wireless network, activate Google Cast, connect Bluetooth devices and activate voice interaction from the remote. The sound is interrupted while watching a TV program or content on a Blu-ray Disc, etc. The first thing you'll see is a large row of recommendations. There is no sound from a specific device. The sound is output from both the receiver and the TV. Get to know the Home Screen and Settings on your Sony TV. The home menu does not appear on the TV screen. Personal settings. Image and sound are not output from the TV when the receiver is not turned on. Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel sound is not reproduced. RDS does not work (for European and Asia-Pacific models only). Switch the input of the TV to the input to which the receiver is connected. Games are a different story. Network and Accessories settings. If you don't want so many recommendations, or you want  to control what apps can promote content, check out our guide to editing and disabling recommendations. 8. Les caractéristiques et les spécifications peuvent être modifiées sans préavis. Featured Apps.

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