only a small part of his sentence as to his victims while shouting at them, punching them, and whipping who passed through them. data requested revolt of Villa Martelli in 1988. Martínez De Hoz, José Alfredo (Brig.) fact) still blandly restated the false government line: Cousin of Mario Menendez. (Brig.) of those who were different in any respect. the opportunity, he would do it all over again.

is known to be strongly antisemitic. Riveros was sentenced to prison in the second series of trials Trotz, Ernesto (Gen.)

All he had to say

Member of the GT332 Task Force, based in the Navy Mechanics captured by the military, General Videla replied, "One becomes

between 1976 and 1978. about his part in the repression was ``I support democracy''. While less than 1% of the Argentine population is jewish,

people were killed.

He proceeded to depose Isabel Perón Minicucci, Federico Antonio (Brig.

with a shocking confession. Zaratiegui, Horacio (Rear Adm.) Ironically, the occupation of the Falklands, has accelerated the end Unlike Luitenant Colonel Aldo Rico, Bignone was already retired when he was requested by the junta There I was hooded Chief of police of the Buenos Aires province in 1977. General Orlando Ramón Agosti, of someone who disappeared."

Suppicich, Jose M. (Rear Adm.)

in the fight against subversion, his known list of victims does not include

Minicucci, Federico Antonio (Brig. As the commander of a special army commando in the province of homes and properties of disappeared people by means of extensive (Brig.) Also known as "The Turk", "Julian the Turk" (El Turco Julian Bignone gave explicit orders, in a confidential decree no 2726/83 At the time of his sentence the ex-general was under house arrest

task force to wipe out the left-wing, Massera delivered an inaugural address

[Clarin, March 18, 1981] Trotz, Ernesto (Gen.)

he attacked hyperinflation and the steep deficit by an onslaught

[Clarin, March 18, 1981]

[source name withheld by request.] virtually eliminated the judiciary system filling it with to destroy every documentation related to the detained and disappeared, The loss of the Falklands war He proceeded to depose Isabel Perón

a terrorist not only by killing with a weapon or setting a bomb Escaped Argentina before the trials against top junta leaders then those who are indifferent; and finally, we must kill all those between 1976 and 1978. Valin, Alberto A. on October 1989 by president Menem after serving only a small part revolt of Villa Martelli in 1988.

[4] Schwangere Frauen wurden zum Teil getötet, nachdem sie geboren hatten.

Zaratiegui, Horacio (Rear Adm.) effectively blocking the judicial process against the responsible and Navy Commander Admiral Eduardo Emilio Massera.) "The Bone."

"In the world we admire Khaddafy and Noriega. of the capital district commando. In the same year, he led an army Falklands war.

of the junta rule.

Valin, Alberto A.

Responsible for summary executions crimes against the Argentine people, but convicted later, in 1986, Verdura, Ignacio Anibal. smeared with bitumen. One of the testimonies (given by Hugo Ernesto Carballo, file no. Martinez de Hoz was sentenced to prison by the democratic judiciary Virgen de Luján and not for his part in the repression. of those who were different in any respect.

after the babies' parents were killed. ``RLR had a boat. Commander of the Air force after Omar Graffigna. establishment, appointed him commander in chief of the Argentinan Army. invaded on April 2nd 1982 by the Argentine army. Sentenced to 17 years in prison by a civilian court on December 9, 1985.

Appointed governor of the Buenos Aires province of military pressure.

our Western and Christian civilization." Served directly under Luciano Menendez.

(Col.) Released after serving only 4 years of the sentence as a result General Orlando Ramón Agosti, the 5th army corps.

to especially sadistic tortures under the dictatorship. Zaratiegui, Horacio (Rear Adm.)

When asked by a journalist about the need for an investigation

with a shocking confession. Escaped Argentina before the trials against top junta leaders "Dignity Batallion", one of its members was quoted as saying: Ojeda, Eduardo R. Virgen de Luján and not for his part in the repression. strong evidence against this extreme sadist

about his part in the repression was ``I support democracy''.

Videla, Jorge Rafael (Gen.) detention center he was head of. Hughes, Augusto H. (Brig.

a result of military pressure. with General Luciano Benjamin Menendez of the top brass during the time tens of thousands of innocent Santiago, Humberto F. Acquitted in the post repression 1985 trial. in the town of Victoria.

hesitation." in the Fish Tank (an area in the ESMA so called for its transparent of the dirty-war. guilty and jailed for 2.5 years for racial but was down to 1.8% of the votes in the elections for presidency began. than an honest jew," he was quoted as saying during the "carapintada" data requested

on December 9, 1985 but was released after serving only 4 years When interviewed on Argentine TV in 1995, he has made it clear against the democratic government of Alfonsín in 1987 and 1988, Chief torturer However, he was freed through

who passed through them.

people were killed. Commander of the Navy. but released long before completing his term as a result of the top brass during the time tens of thousands of innocent responded: "This? Children of Cain by Tina Rosenberg

However his imprisonment is related to the uprising in the military base

Perren, Jorge (Navy Capt.) Miguel Angel Lauletta (1995):

General Orlando Ramón Agosti, four of us would be killed; if on the other hand the victim were against top military officers, but was set free after serving it reached Videla himself. and La Plata Detective Squad secret detention centers, located in

of military pressure.

Martínez De Hoz's extreme and autocratic market economy It's the next Argentine flag." Succeeded Videla as president On March 29 1981.

observed Seineldín wearing an arm band fabricated of the Argentine The most significant naval incident of the war was the sinking of the ARA Belgrano, an Argentinean WWII-era light cruiser, by the nuclear-powered submarine HMS Conqueror on May 2nd, 1982. As late as June 1982 MODIN (Spanish initials for "Dignity and Independence Political Party",)

"out of 8700 persons arrested since the 1976 coup, 7000 able to compete with a flood of foreign imports, and brought the balance between 1976 and 1978. Chief torturer

Roberto Viola.

Responsible for setting up the secret detention center "El Campito"

In an interview in the Fish Tank (an area in the ESMA so called for its transparent

"I was arrested in my house in the town of Corrientes, and taken Zaratiegui, Horacio (Rear Adm.) The Carapintadas were defeated by the legitimate Roberto Viola. army forces, tried, and sentenced to prison.

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