Club Plus believe we are in it together, by combining the very latest products and technology with a ‘good-old-fashioned’ approach to customer service, with personalised education and financial advice to support you through this different stage of your life. This calculator uses the default assumptions in the retirement planner and the superannuation calculator. It publishes a yearly report on the sector which is sponsored by super fund Australian Ethical, AXA Investment Managers, BT and Teachers Mutual Bank Ltd.

It offers a wide variety of services for current and past employees of the Tasmanian public sector. $14,000 71 LGIAsuper offer support and guidance along with a range of options to ensure you get the most out of your retirement.

Set up and administer your self managed superannuation funds. 72 ", Should I consolidate my term deposit into my super? Should I leave my super in indexed balanced switch between cash", How do I make ends meet if I am on JobSeeker and still save money for a rainy day? AMP Capital marketing documents describe the product's mission statement as "investing for the long-term while making the world a better place". AustralianSuper can help you with small, simple steps that could make a big difference to your financial future and set you up for the retirement that’s right for you. Nationwide Super is the Small Business Super Business. ", What’s the most accurate superannuation calcutor? So far, the RIAA has only certified four whole funds as ethical: Australian Ethical, Christian Super, Future Super and Local Government Super. ... the fund provides on its ethical policies, companies invested in, and proxy voting is important in assessing if a fund is as ethical … $19,000 It is an education industry super fund that has an extensive list of services and benefits. Perpetual offers a range of options that are not only flexible but convenient making it easier to enjoy the lifestyle you want in your retirement. Lutheran Super was established by the Lutheran Church of Australia. 60 It is one of the fastest growing wealth management businesses in Australia. These figures have been rounded for member reporting. At least 75% of the assets under management have to be invested following a clearly defined ethical (or responsible) investment strategy. Estimated We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Commonwealth Bank Super offers an extensive range of retirement and superannation options for its members.

At every stage of your life including the COVID-19 you will have different needs and priorities. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. The best super fund for you depends on factors including performance, fees, and the services and benefits you need. The total fees and any other applicable fees are deducted daily from the unit price before the unit price is declared and may differ from future fees and costs. Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said Labor would be able to form majority government. As Australia’s largest superannuation fund, and with a history of strong long-term performance, AustralianSuper is committed to helping members achieve their best possible retirement outcome. $2,000 Number one dedicated supporter of the hospitality, tourism, recreation and sports industries. 62 Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance.

66 Partnering with some of Australia’s largest profit-to-member super funds and insurers to make sure workplaces are mentally healthy. If you’re getting ready to retire or are already there.

Writes about personal finance for The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Max Super's aim is to show Australian's that super can provide competitive returns and not cost a lot of money in fees. Then "Mine Super" is the super for you. As well as not investing in tobacco or controversial weapons, HESTA's Eco Pool screens out investments in companies involved in fossil fuels or uranium. However, AMP's foray into the ESG market has been marred by cultural issues within its own organisation. Finding the best super fund for you Choosing a super fund with low fees Australia’s top performing super funds.

Retirement age Mineral Resources acquired the assets of Empire Oil & Gas in 2017 and is, according to Market Forces, pursuing gas development opportunities in Empire’s exploration tenements. FES Super provides super solutions for Western Australian employees of the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and some associated employers. An investigation by the Financial Review found Mr Wade was also facing allegations of inappropriate conduct and sexual harassment. Super funds' ethical options leave investors in the dark, Will van de Pol, a campaigner at Market Forces, says superannuation funds should be required to disclose their investment holdings. * Equities includes Australian Shares (0.3%), International Shares (52.2%) and Private Equity (0.5%). The breakdowns vary from fund to fund, but Australian Ethical's mix gives a good sense of what ethical investment through super funds and other investment vehicles looks like. ", I’m 30 and would like to start investing. View detailed fee breakdown. Some of Australia's largest super funds are not fully disclosing their investments, leaving those who want to make informed and environmentally responsible decisions about where they want to place their retirement savings in the dark. The fund invests in Mineral Resources, which is 4.3 per cent of its Australian shares exposure, and makes up just over 1 per cent of the option's total investment portfolio. Investors should be aware that a negative annual return is expected between three and four times in every 20 years. Committed to helping people working in health and community services. Russell Investments Master Trust aims to give members the best chance of a great life after-work. So whether it’s to help keep your fees as low as possible during COVID-19 or to develop a greater Super fund for the near future VicSuper is waiting to help. During the unknown times relating to COVID-19 Raiz Invest Super have already made investing simple & accessible, they aim to do the same for your super. The industry fund discloses almost 75 per cent of its holdings in Australian shares and, out of the those holdings, Market Forces considers none to be "out of line". The Meat Industry Employees’ Superannuation Fund provides its services to members of the meat industry both past and present. ING Super pride themselves on developing the way Australians bank by delivering good value, straight forward and simple service. Always putting members first! Be aware that this option has exposure to assets that aim for higher long-term returns. Energy Super's goal during the COVID-19 would be harnessing the benefits of investment returns over the long term. $20,000. TAL Super believe in transparency for its members. $10,000 Due to required maintenance, QSuper Member Online will be unavailable from 9pm Friday, 30th October to 9am Saturday, 31st October 2020.

QSuper is one of the oldest and largest super funds. Ethical investment (or responsible investment) in a super fund is when an investment is selected to complement views on moral, environmental or political matters.

Bendigo Bank would rather you put your feet up and they do all of the work. At First Super they are particularly interested in supporting communities, organisations and events that support and help our employers, members, their family and friends while going through this COVID-19 pandemic.

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