But hey, since DC has had no vote in Congress for 2+…, We just experienced a brief power outage here at the Wilson Building. #Maduro blames US, but he's previously blamed iguanas https://t.co/nlSfZukZ67, @DominionEnergy Reporting a unexpected power outage today, in EFC neighborhood, of NW Arlington County, VA, after h… https://t.co/AxKRmJF7M2, Fires in Northern and Southern California create issues for colleges https://t.co/O3ROd233Ne, Nearly 500 Guard members activated for California fires; VA concerned about power outages - U.S. - Stripes https://t.co/Olg24CCILQ, RT @publicintegrity: This weekend, California struggled with power outages and fires, pushing the state’s disaster capabilities to the brin…, @NatGeo : California fires are partially fueled by the #climatecrisis https://t.co/I1qeDmKc3p, @dillon_schober Yeah I Keep hearing about it. https://t.co/nKItfFEy8Y via @WSJ, RT @TribunalReport: #NYCblackout: Almost 50,000 customers are without power tonight as sweeping blackouts blanket large swathes of New York…, RT @askavenezuelan: #NOW @VPITV gathered information about the nationwide power outage from twitter users in #Venezuela. Initial reports suggest the outage was caused by a vehicle that crashed into a utility pole. Don't these people have PHONES????

Roll over chart for detailed outage figures. Severe weather (high winds, lightning, winter storms, heat waves, rain or flooding can cause With Strong winds coming Wednesday, this will lead to more tree l…, RT @MelissaNordWx: Wind is not your friend after ice... Wind Alerts in the mountains where winds could gust up to 60 mph Wednesday. damage to power lines or equipment); Other damage to electric transmission lines (vehicle accidents, trees, and animals can cause We need to look into emergency power for our traffic signals. Monday night: Partly cloudy, with a low around 38. #FOX5SnowDay https://t.co/C0RBqURNNg, RT @TenaciousTopper: This is not a pure snow. Thousands of households remain without power after Hurricane #Delta, which means food is at risk…, RT @RyanMaue: Destructive derecho plowing through Chicago metro. When I get FiOS i promise youll be the first person i play, @verizonfios stop carrying this garbage actively pushing conspiracy theories, @AppleTV why not work with @verizonfios so I do not have to pay twice to watch showtime. We need to look into emergency power for our traffic signals. Still, my heart breaks for Puerto Rico as the island continues to dea… https://t.co/5LklAtA8u3, ? Over 2000 customers affected. Must listen: Trump Venezuela Envoy Elliot Abrams admits the country’s power outage is part of an increase in US pre…, RT @Brasilmagic: Facebook blames server problem for massive outage Dominion Energy said at 5:45 p.m. that a total of 520 customers were without power, with a couple hundred of those in North Carolina, but the rest in Virginia, mostly in Northern Virginia. Breaking News Most importantly B…, From Discover on Google https://t.co/MSFZuNaALJ, Cuomo’s Power Outage Portent: Heat-wave blackouts are more likely thanks to his war on fossil fuels. Perishable food such as meat, poultry, seafood, milk and eggs that are not stored properly refrigerated or frozen may cause illness if consumed. Rain and flooding were a concern, but the biggest worry was the damaging wind. utility company. But it's gone dark a bit earlier than planned.

Do you know what foods a… https://t.co/LEjoyvM86v, RT @FDA_Drug_Info: Severe storms can result in power outages, flooding, or road and business closures. I blame that creepy Neighbor.... https://t.co/ungK9CCrBW, RT @LeaderHoyer: My thoughts are with the people of #PuertoRico in the aftermath of the recent earthquakes.

short-term or a long-term loss of the electric power to a particular area. Winds this strong can make driving difficult, especially for high-profile vehicles. An Arlington County Police spokeswoman provided the following information about the crash that might have led to the outage: “At approximately 8:32 a.m., police were dispatched to a single-vehicle crash at N. Carlin Springs Road at N. Kensington Street. Forced power outages = rotting food, no internet, spotty c… https://t.co/CR6B6bs87T, Argh, this is so tough. Two occupants from the van were transported to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. #Isaias, RT @DC_HSEMA: 8/3 (11:42AM) @NWS_BaltWash has issued a Tropical Storm WARNING in DC due to #Isaias. Forced power outages = rotting food, no internet, spotty cell…, California winds move south, may force new power outages https://t.co/nBlfMY5H2x, When will California officially be labeled third world?

It's the second large quake in the same area…, Power outages can be a result of inclement weather.

#…, Reports about power outage in several neighborhoods is #Khartoum today Jan 27 that coincides with sit-ins planned i… https://t.co/p1hWPRUJYY, RT @AmericasPower: @AmericasPower agrees with RealClearEnergy, “The accelerated retirement of coal power plants over the next several years…. DC had gusts above 50 mph for 12 consecutive hrs. Total ~253k acres burned in CA in '19. ARLnow® is a registered U.S. trademark of Local News Now. My wifi isn't working again @ verizon fios, @VerizonFiOS yo whys my internet not working fam i need my linkin park. Due to a power outage th… https://t.co/AFW2G7PeWK, I'm finally back!!! L…, RT @apolyakova: US charges Russian hackers blamed for Ukraine power outages and the NotPetya ransomware attack https://t.co/BS5XTpXdlc, RT @USDAFoodSafety: If you live in an area impacted by #Laura and are experiencing power outages, make sure you know what to toss or keep i…, #U.S. charges #R#U.S.an hackers blamed for #Ukraine power outages and the #NotPetya ransomware attack – #TechCrunch… https://t.co/UNG9sVXYKn, RT @margbrennan: How to spot possible interference on election day per fmr @US_CYBERCOM Adm Mike Rogers: 1) changes to voter registration r…, RT @ZetaRexOrbis: POWER OUTAGE AND PLUME AT HOUSTON'S PETROCHEMICAL PLANT https://t.co/JLkLdcWcKv

It has everthing to do with PGE failed…, PG&E shutdown: 800,000 people to lose power to prevent California wildfires via @guardian https://t.co/B0nht71zSx, RT @EliasHinckley: If a few years ago I told you that a major US utility would voluntarily turn off power to millions of people for days b/…, RT @USTechWorkers: There’s a massive power outage in California right now due to heavy winds, & because the electric utility company, PG&E,…, RT @USDAFoodSafety: Preparing or already affected by a planned power outage? PG&E turns off power to millions in CA during powerful wind… https://t.co/KNgEXh3dL5, #PublicSafety Power Shutoff @PGE4Me weighs risk of strong winds, dry conditions causing devastating wildfires again… https://t.co/ZqxO6ZI9Nf, RT @JohnDelaney: "The cost of doing nothing is not nothing" is one of my favorite expressions. RT @nowheat2003: ***MASSIVE UK POWER OUTAGE*** @LoveBling6 @ZuZuQ5 @FashionabAnon @FlashQuora @TeriLyn55158349 @rachael_vavra @Adbb037 @p…, RT @librarycongress: Due to a planned power outage, most of the Library’s websites will be unavailable from 5 p.m. Thanks for your vote, he said. @Marfoogle @realDexJames, RT @_danalvarenga: @bad_dominicana honestly reminds me when my mom said power outages would suddenly happen during ballot couting in el sal…, RT @RedCross: When it doubt, throw it out! The reason for the outage is only listed as “circuit out.” Police are responding to help direct traffic on the county’s western end of Columbia Pike, where traffic signals are dark. i pay @verizonfios too much money for my connection to be this shitty, @verizonfios hi. #ClimateChange frustrations. Remember to have an emergency plan a…, Our 2019 Hurricane Hub has the latest updates on #HurricaneDorian power outages ⚡️ & more ➡️ https://t.co/pVfyioqX8M https://t.co/5GHLuvFYGG, RT @USDAFoodSafety: Peak #HurricaneSeason is upon us. California is home to massive, rolling power outages that are not the result of resource deficiency but rather the… https://t.co/a98KpR6rqu, RT @GibsonLass: @DominionEnergy I keep hearing a loud noise outside my apartment building in zip 22206 followed immediately by a power outa…. Yesterday the border with Col…, I'm speaking with a couple of Ethiopians and Kenyans and the first thing they are complaining about is the " debt l… https://t.co/1DtRAdpcVx. https://t.co/mFEvYLCWeK. @ChrisKinard There were no power outages. https://t.co/As4jaPv…, ICYMI: Californians have been kept in the dark on preventable #wildfire and power outages! Power out in parts of southwest Arlington Tx Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia; Is Verizon Fios Having an Outage in Arlington, Arlington County, Virginia Right Now? Please report outages and down trees to me and @DCChestnut . The power company was able to dispatch crews quickly, so many of those affected customers have seen their electricity restored. The National Weather Service is calling for winds of 20 to 35 mph with gusts around 50 to 55 mph. https://t.co/4TeO2FmoWV, RT @HuffPostPol: Californians affected by last week's mass power outage could be credited or rebated $100 if PG&E complies with the governo…, RT @TheAtlIdeas: "The Bay Area experienced a man-made crisis (a blackout) designed to avoid a far worse man-made crisis (a fire) made more…, RT @Kidfears99: When insulin costs $300+ a vial, our lives are literally on the line in a power outage. If you’re currently in the path of Hurricane Dorian,…, The time to prep for #HurricaneDorian is now. After a slight risk of rain passes Friday evening, Saturday and Sunday will be sunny with temperatures in the 80s, according to current weather forecasts. A massive outage is mostly affecting customers in Alexandria, but thousands in Arlington’s Crystal City, Aurora Highlands and Arlington Ridge neighborhoods are …

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