Stepan Safarian, of the Armenian Center for National and International Studies, has said "Given this geopolitical environment, Armenia has the legitimate right to cooperate with Iran for ensuring its security...Besides, Armenia has an energy surplus and its only major export market at present is Iran...So there is also a lot of economic interest involved. One graduate, a priest, was sent to Italy to learn the art of printing and brought back the first printing press in Iran.

and confiscated Church property was returned. The latter part of the fifteenth century witnessed the weakening of the White Sheep and the attempts of the Ottoman sultan, Bayazid 11 (1481-1512), to take advantage of the situation and to extend his domains eastward into Armenia and northwestern Iran. Prior to 1600, Armenian merchants had for some five hundred years conveyed Eastern technology to Europe. [14], Former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been quoted as saying "The Islamic Republic of Iran welcomes and supports the development of ties with Armenia in various areas, particularly in energy as well as transportation, sports, and tourism. Tiflis, the main city of eastern Georgia, became a major Armenian center. The wealthy Armenians of Julfa were brought to the Safavid capital of Isfahan.

Due to the very long shared intertwined histories, many of the oldest Armenian chapels, monasteries and churches in the world can be found within modern-day Iran. src += 'document_url=' + escape(document.URL) + '&' + 'referer=' + escape(document.referrer) + '&' + 'resolution=' + window.screen.width + 'x' + window.screen.height + '&screencolor=' + window.screen.colorDepth; Ottoman-Safavid Rivalry and the Depopulation of Armenia. The establishment of the Pahlavi dynasty began a new era for the Armenians. google_ad_width = 160; Prior to the third century A.D., Iran had more influence on Armenia's culture than any of its other neighbours. Iran quickly recognized the Armenians' dexterity in commerce. hotlog_js="1.1";hotlog_r+="&j="+(navigator.javaEnabled()? Manuscript illuminators developed a distinct New Julfa style, beginning in the first half of the seventeenth century, with the work of Mesrop of Khizan, originally from Armenia. Nowadays, Armenian women there have different posts both in the community and in Iranian organizations. Intermarriage among the Iranian and Armenian nobility was common. This country is not only our neighbor, but we have good neighborly relations with it, which is important for the sphere. Armenian merchants and artisans settled in the Iranian cities bordering historic Armenia. Armenians in Iran - History of Armenian Colony, New Julfa, Shah Abas, Ottoman-Safavid Rivalry and the Depopulation of Armenia, Eastern Armenia (1639-1804), pictures, photos, Armenian churches, museum, all about Armenians in Romania The protracted Ottoman-Safavid war and the resulting forced migrations depopulated parts of historic Armenia, and the Kurdish settlement changed its social and ethnic balance. google_ad_slot = "0126182951";

document.cookie="hotlog=1; path=/"; hotlog_r+="&c="+(document.cookie? [16][17] and to US$300 million by 2014. The uncertain situation over Tahmasb's succession encouraged the Ottomans to invade Armenia again in 1578 and to continue their campaign until 1590, taking most of Transcaucasia and once again occupying Tabriz. Armenia became a satrap of the Persian Empire for a long period of time. The following 61 files are in this category, out of 61 total.

The remaining Armenian minority in the Islamic Republic of Iran is still the largest Christian community in the country, ahead of the Assyrians. across the banks of the Zayandeh Rud and in 1605 a town, called New Julfa (Nor Jugha), was constructed especially for them. Nader's assassination in 1747 unleashed a fifteen-year period of chaos in eastern Armenia. Insecurity at home also meant that Armenians would look to Catholic Europe and especially Orthodox Russia for protection or even deliverance. Although the Safavids managed to recover Tabriz, Iran relinquished most of eastern Anatolia. Eastern Armenia itself exported wheat and silk from Karabagh and dried fruit, salt, hides, and copper from Yerevan. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. It will be completed in 2018. New Julfa re-emerged as well and its cathedral-monastery complex of the Holy Saviour organized an excellent library. Freemasonry, Western political thought, and technological innovations into Iran. Muslims and Armenians.

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