With this approval, we are then authorized to rent and to work on a particular section of land, enabling us to look for amethysts which we can harvest. It is imperative that the “Cantera” must re-filled with earth once you have finished working on a field. Community See All. Only in recent years – thanks to the popularity of the Uruguay amethyst on the international gemstone market have people become a bit more attentive. For example, we must re-fill holes that cattle could easily to fall into.”, How many “Canteras” are there nowdays in Artigas?

See us on YouTube or Instagram. “The intensity of its colour, of course!”, While Carlos tells me all this, he shows me a Druse, which is 60 cm long and about 50 cm wide. He tells me that Uruguay has its treasures of gems recognized correctly and never interpreted. I work with a team consisting of geologists and miners. We have help from tools that provide accuracy, but it always is hand work. This prevents the environment from suffering degradation. I’ve been here for about a week and am constantly surprised by the spectacular beaches on the Atlantic Ocean, endless green meadows, beautiful horses, delicious food and hospitable people. “You need a state permit. Like us on Facebook. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. Finally we can begin searching for Amethyst. Some of the very best Amethyst available, Uruguayan Amethyst is coveted for its spectacular beauty and is highly valued due to its rich color and durability. To find out more I met with the geologist and Amethyst expert Carlos Espejo. Long before Roman emperors donned the bright purple ‘toga picta’, pharaohs, kings and queens made purple a potent symbol of sovereignty. Carlos shows me another small wonder of nature, a geode with an interior of bright amethyst crystals accompanied by black tourmalines.

“One begins to dig until one encounters traces of Geodes or Druze. Always store Uruguayan Amethyst carefully to avoid scuffs and scratches. Very eccentric geological phenomena have made this corner of the world an agate and amethyst paradise. I was a little nervous to meet someone who has devoted his life to the study and mining of amethysts and whom is “the” expert in this area. If you fill an Amethyst goblet with water, it does look a lot like wine, so perhaps this legend has a grain of truth after all.

I firmly believe in the power that is transmitted through these gems.”. Follow us on Twitter.

Close Menu. ...→, Those of us born in the month of June are hopefully aware that the month is well supplied with birthstone choices. You’re thinking how beautiful they will be as the raw material is already so amazing… right? You need to know that from a depth of 30 centimeters the land is the property of the state, not the owner. The benchmark for top quality Amethyst, Uruguayan Amethyst’s deeper colors command higher prices due to their comparative rarity.

International Journal of Earth Sciences 99:927-947.

With an open view Carlos says: “Never forget that the work of which I have just spoken, is purely artisinal in nature. Experiencing high global demand, Uruguayan Amethyst is extremely limited in this quality. Concerning the quality of amethysts: there are also lighter amethysts, which present a very good crystallization and have a graceful beauty. “Today, there are 58 Canteras, which are active. They have a perfect colour and an exceptional transparency – dark, intense violet. Current server date and time: November 1, 2020 01:10:48, Click here to view Artigas, Artigas Department, Uruguay, Santa Ana Quarry, Artigas, Artigas Department, Uruguay, Catalán Grande, Artigas Department, Uruguay, La Bolsa quarry, Artigas Department, Uruguay, [www.johnbetts-fineminerals.com]; Giulio Morteani, Y. Kostitsyn, C. Preinfalk, H. A. Gilg (2010) The genesis of the amethyst geodes at Artigas (Uruguay) and the paleohydrology of the Guaraní aquifer: structural, geochemical, oxygen, carbon, strontium isotope and fluid inclusion study. To a remove 4000 or 5000 kilos of Geode from the earth, you need up to six months’ work. In this case, it is a smaller version, with a nice bowl of agate. Both amethyst and agate are mined there.”, What is the most interesting feature of the Uruguay amethyst? I say goodbye to Carlos Espejo, thank you very much for the interview!

...→, Emerald is the gemstone of Love, Re-Birth and the children of May! In its interior you can see the individual Amethyst crude crystals. Esta página web utiliza Cookies para funcionar correctamente y mejorar tu experiencia de uso. 0. Join these and many more wonderful people. Categories. From the beginning of time, women have felt the joy of wearing jewellery ...→. Buyers, prospective customers and collectors from around the world come here to purchase amethysts – also because they now all know me well.”, What does an Amethyst search entail exactly? Never before in my life have I seen such geodes! Derived from the Greek ‘amethustos’, which means ‘not drunk’, Amethyst is mythologically associated with  Dionysus (Bacchus), the Greek god of wine, and was once fashioned into talismans and goblets to prevent intoxication. Amethyst from Artigas, Uruguay. The perfection of the crystal is incredible. Carlos is a Uruguayan native, an “Artigueño”, that is, he comes from the province “Artigas” where the Uruguay Amethyst originates. Clean with gentle soap and lukewarm water, scrubbing behind the gem with a very soft toothbrush as necessary. Carlos smiles as he sees my astonishment and with the certainty of someone who can read minds, he says: “Imagine this is before one of those amethysts is cut and ground. She is a woman who has an eye for detail and our house, where we are born and raised was furnished with good taste. Amethyst URUGUAY, Better quality at the best price - WELCOME ... Amethyst URUGUAY, Artigas. Inside there are stunningly beautiful amethyst crystals to see. “One must encourage this attention. Some of the very best Amethyst available, Uruguayan Amethyst is coveted for its spectacular beauty and is highly valued due to its rich color and durability. A fence is pulled around this land, in order to prevent livestock or other animals from walking around the grounds.

Menu. [www.johnbetts-fineminerals.com]; Giulio Morteani, Y. Kostitsyn, C. Preinfalk, H. A. Gilg (2010) The genesis of the amethyst geodes at Artigas (Uruguay) and the paleohydrology of the Guaraní aquifer: structural, geochemical, oxygen, carbon, strontium isotope and fluid inclusion study. Artigas, Artigas Department, Uruguay ... Crazy cool Amethyst cast after Calcite from Uruguay that tells a great story! Carlos has told everything with humility and patiently answered all my questions. February’s birthstone, Amethyst was set into gold rings as early as 2500 BC and is a gemstone rich in myth, legend and lore. Found on every continent to varying degrees, Amethyst quality differs depending on origin; Uruguay is the premier source, Brazil remains a prolific producer, while Madagascar and Zambia are the main African sources. This is a license that must be renewed regularly. “One day,” – he continues – “I fulfilled a desire of my mother. We offer combined and other method shipping. Our Uruguayan Amethyst displays an even, deep purple color with blue and red facet flashes, good brilliance, and an attractive luster, key quality considerations that are accentuated by optimal lapidary and an eye-clean clarity, the highest quality clarity grade for colored gemstones. Copyright © 2014 - 2020 Golden M Co., Ltd. All rights reserved. Initially a large, hexagonal-rhombohedral Calcite prism with a rhombohedral termination formed and was subsequently covered by a plethora of glassy, stubby, very pale to medium purple Amethyst crystals.

This plot of land is called a “Cantera”. Shipping and handling. The slightest mistake can damage the crystals. These rocks are of improbable beauty. Large geodes are the exception. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Sometimes Days and weeks pass without result and sometimes you find one day wonders… If you find geodes in larger dimensions, you have to carefully knock around the Geode, the Geode must not be destroyed. I personally prefer the open pit.”, How should I interpret that? Carlos is a friendly and sociable man who talks about his knowledge without ostentation. Si continuas navegando por la web, estarás aceptando nuestra política de privacidad. He has generously given me a small portion of his time. Uruguayan Amethyst’s beauty is primarily determined by color with the most valuable gemstones being deep toned, transparent, pure purple with desirable blue and/or red flashes. Local Business in Artigas, Uruguay. I am still touched by his knowledge and modesty, both of which he shares. Other large crystal Quartzes are Lavender Quartz, Mandarin Citrine and Ouro Verde Quartz. “But there is still much to do” says Carlos. Browse our the breath-taking jewellery set with Uruguayan Amethyst only at Rocks & Co >, Some of the most popular and high-end gems in the world of Gemstones ...→, The gemstone world is an adventurous, fascinating, competitive and exciting place. But generosity is one of his virtues. – And shows me what I had just imagined: a raw amethyst in a gold pendant. To get them, you must prove that you have the qualifications and that everyone on site has the knowledge and is able to do this job. “, Tell us, Carlos, is it common to find Amethysts in such high quality? Amethyst URUGUAY, Better quality at the best price - WELCOME . 177 people follow this. You cannot imagine Cuini, how beautiful it looks and how happy and proud my mother was when she saw the finished work!”, I’m still overwhelmed by the beauty of these geodes and very impressed with my interviewee. What a beautiful country Uruguay is! $0.00. Uruguayan Amethyst is a durable gemstone (Mohs’ Hardness: 7) well-suited to everyday wear. With over 90 percent of gemstones treated, Uruguayan Amethyst is one of the few gemstones that are not enhanced. The people here have made me feel like one of them. “For over 40 years I have been excavating amethysts – in the ” Canteras “(quarries).

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