The film then pans to an older Feng in grey beard and hair, fighting and disposing of his enemies. Feng coldly brushes her off and implies she should offer her body as compensation, a suggestion that disgusts her. Feng pays a visit to the Blind Swordsman's hometown to see the cherry blossom and is surprised to learn that the place has no cherry blossom. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Ashes of Time is a 1994 Hong Kong film written and directed by Wong Kar-wai, and inspired by characters from Jin Yong's novel The Legend of the Condor Heroes. Yin arrives at the rendezvous, dressed as her natural sex, but Huang was a no-show. While Hong is still in critical condition, the Girl with a Mule begs Feng to hire a doctor to tend to Hong. The Blind Swordsman tells him they used to be best friends but Huang stole the former's wife. Undeterred, she sits outside Feng's front gate hoping to solicit assassins who come to work with Feng. get reddit premium. Unfortunately, the warehousing was not optimized there, and most of the negatives were in extremely bad shape and were partially irreparably damaged. Due to the original prints being lost Wong re-edited and re-scored the film in 2008 for future theater, DVD and Blu-ray releases under the title Ashes of Time Redux. Feng notes that Hong is a man with integrity and will not stay in this profession for long.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The caption narrates that Hong later becomes the leader of the Beggars Sect, becomes the Northern Beggar, and later engages in a fierce duel with Feng. It focuses on the main antagonist (Ouyang Feng) and humanizes him into a protagonist while retaining his despicable qualities. Huang Yaoshi (Eastern Heretic) kills a band of bandits to take one of their horses because his has died. Feng replies that there are always exceptions and tells Hong he once had a woman waiting for him but she ended up marrying his brother. That night, Huang begins to lose his memory, hurriedly leaves and chases after a shadowy woman who had awoken him in his sleep.

The film ends with brief appearances by the surviving main characters, and references scenes from the novel. The film then shows Dugu Qiubai as Yang and Yin interchangeably. Cherry Blossom turns out to be the name of the Blind Swordsman's wife, who breaks down crying after she learns from Feng that her husband has been killed in battle. Hong angrily ushers her away to return home; instead, she stands outside and waits for him. The review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes reported that 78% of critics have given Ashes of Time Redux a positive review based on 87 reviews, with an average rating of 6.80/10. Another, a swordsman, goes blind in the middle of a horrendous battle. Feng notes that Hong purposely heads north against the northerly wind. And there is a brief appearance by a legendary sword fighter who hones his skills against his own reflection. After he tells her he will never disclose her location because he made a promise to her, she breaks down sobbing.

While observing her through his balcony, Feng laments that from this vantage point, she reminds him of his ex-lover. Huang asks how they know each other.

Feng figures that the wine Druken Alive, Perish in Dreams that Huang brought to him early in the film is a gift from her. Feng receives a note from his family that his lover (now his sister-in-law) died almost two years ago. The event sends her into a rage and she seeks to have Huang killed but she is torn on killing the person who broke her heart and at the same time madly in love with. Or the hypnotic or mesmerising.

Yang, already infatuated with Huang, tells him he will present Yin to him. The camera pans to Yin sneaking into Feng's bedroom - the person she envisions caressing is Huang while Feng dreams he is being touched by his ex-lover. In a flashback, Huang is sitting and talking with Feng's lover in her beach-side hut. One character is nearly blind. Sync Fu Channel. After two days of waiting, Feng drinks the remaining bottle of Drunken Alive, Perish in Dreams; but instead of making him forget his past the wine makes his memory for her stronger. Critics found it so elliptical that it was almost impossible to make out any semblance of a plot, something very rare in a wuxia film.

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