1. Copyright © 2020 Willis Towers Watson. The United Kingdom represents more than one-third of the EU’s assets being managed and almost half of all European assets come in the form of bonds, at 46%.

In 2020, Deloitte expects leading investment management firms to cross the boundary from traditional cost-efficiency projects into a save-to-transform approach, increasing competitive advantage in the process. The recent uptick in the adoption of a “golden copy” comprehensive, real-time investment book of record (IBOR) illustrates the point. Cybersecurity remains key risk focus within the US and abroad, with new alerts being issued by regulators, and greater due diligence being conducted by counterparties and investors, particularly in the wake of COVID-19. While there are many paths to revitalization, let’s look at one popular approach many firms are considering: the combination of AI algorithms and access to alternative data sets. The center wishes to thank the following Deloitte professionals for their support and contribution to this report: Ankur Gajjaria, assistant manager, Deloitte Support Services India Private Limited; Rohit Kataria, assistant manager, Deloitte Support Services India Private Limited; and Kedar Pandit, senior analyst, Deloitte Support Services India Private Limited. Willis Towers Watson does not undertake to update the information included herein after the date of publication. Key issues to watch: Q2 2020 update. Successful operational transformation may appear elusive, but even so it should be attempted to achieve profitable growth.32 Firms that achieve their goals most often transform people, processes, and technology in coordination.33 Casey Quirk, a Deloitte business, conducted a study of more than 95 investment managers headquartered in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific, that shows that just 25 percent of investment management firms surveyed are able to grow profits and margins simultaneously.34 These successful firms employ an elevated level of technology spend as a percentage of revenue compared to counterparts with shrinking margins (figure 5).
The cumulative effect of fee pressure, a shift to passive investments, and concentration of success in gathering assets is driving many firms to continue to take bolder actions to find growth, operate efficiently, and engage customers. A lack of uniform ESG reporting standards may contribute to increased “greenwashing” claims alleging breach of ESG investment mandates and/or misrepresentation of ESG factors being incorporated into a manager’s operations. The strategist function in risk management has a seat at the table in formulating the response for the firm. Consumers across the globe are more mobile, read more product reviews, and buy more online than ever before. Client portfolio customization requirements recorded through the proposal stage may need to be operationalized. Last year, mounting pressures on profitability caused investment management firms to push boundaries in search of innovative growth solutions. 75% believe that there has been no consolidation of firms within the asset management industry in the last 24 months, yet 60% of people expect significant consolidation to occur. Rev. Email a customized link that shows your highlighted text. COVID-19 is a rapidly evolving situation and changes are occurring frequently. View in article, Business Wire, “Eagle Alpha launches alternative data solution for private equity,” press release, June 21, 2019. In fact, M&A transactions between investment managers touched a high in 2018.5 Deal activity continues to remain strong from a bolt-on capabilities perspective, while merger-of-equals transactions are slower to transpire. Other Facts You Need to Know About Asset Management.

Hier kommen Sie zur Registrierung. View in article, Baber Din, Varsha Dadlani, and Joel Peirson-Hagger, “Managing M&A integrations: A guide for investment and wealth managers,” Performance, September 2019. Im Virtuellen Dialog Asset Management standenfolgende Fragen im Mittelpunkt: Welche betrieblichen Fragestellungen kann Asset Management beantworten? Alternative data vendors have already come out with PE-focused solutions.31 Using alternative data strategies calls for a matching technology infrastructure, coupled with strong data governance and quality programs, to manage the large data sets. As individuals return to the workplace, there is the potential for an increase in claims activity, particularly within the Employment Practices Liability (EPL) landscape. Der Ticket-Shop wird Ihnen nicht automatisch angezeigt? Building in quality controls is an essential practice when the client is driving the process. As such, pressure is increasing on regulators to take action. The firm’s intellectual property is on display in the context of the client’s financial holdings. Robust and modern risk management practices can act as strategic enablers for entering new markets, launching new products, and revamping enterprise critical processes. View in article, Data sourced from S&P Global Market Intelligence. The traditional approach of standard portfolio reporting using emails of static documents or hard copies may have an adverse impact on the overall CX. In light of the recent market turbulence and the length of the bull market, some firms are launching ETFs that provide investors downside protection, although the funds limit the potential upside.23 Additionally, new megatrend funds focused on global challenges including urbanization, health care, and technology disruption have also recently been launched.24 These thematic approaches may draw a stronger connection with investors in 2020 than some previous classification systems, such as large cap value, which are devoid of emotional connection. In these instances, the calculation methods are context-dependent; for example, performance reporting may differ from regulatory reporting.

Insureds also should understand how their own insurance may respond to a claim caused by the acts of a third party service provider.

And while this is something that takes a long time, she said we are now coming out of this phase and moving towards what she called ‘Sustainability 2.0’, with efforts now directed towards “ensuring that ownership rests firmly with the investment teams”.

View in article, Vanguard, “Vanguard opens Dividend Growth Fund,” press release, August 2019.

The golden copy provides a real-time security position and cash view to front-, middle-, and back-office personnel alike. Considering 3 out of every 4 clients for the average asset manager is a company trying to increase their net wealth, it is interesting how there is so much success in this industry that is based on a first impression. These firms typically have investment minimums, so their clients usually have a high net worth. This ranks higher than even having an insufficient budget. Add to that the fact that privacy is the least desired trait in an asset manager and the focus becomes clear: money development. However, the details seem to tell a more complicated story. Many long-only managers could offer active equity management in an ETF wrapper in 2020. Centralized data storage can prevent clients from becoming frustrated and improve application conversion rates. This situation calls for firms to assess and modernize the three lines of defense (LOD) as operations are transformed.

Even PE firms, which typically have long-term strategies, have started adopting alternative data for sourcing deals and conducting due diligence, following hedge fund and long-only managers.

Investment managers appear up to the challenge of augmenting their risk management practices to support operational transformation.

View in article, Citigroup Inc., “Citi launches digital onboarding for institutional clients in Asia Pacific,” press release, April 11, 2019. Singapore is expected to be the top location to attract new assets to managed in the next 2 years. 2. By all accounts, 2019 will be an exciting year for China’s asset management industry. Danish online trading firm Saxo Bank and Allianz Global Investors are each making headway to improve the onboarding process. Therefore, a single “golden source” of information may be a prerequisite for client-directed custom reports. The firms that are expected to be most efficient in 2030 are planting the seeds today that will help them to be successful. As outsourcing has become commonplace and particular service providers dominate the market, the risk of systemic failure increases. Swiss Re nach neun Monaten mit Verlust von 691 Millionen Dollar - Swiss Re-Aktie legt zu, Nach US-Wahl: Wieso ein Sieg der Demokraten die US-Wirtschaft laut Morgan Stanley negativ beeinflussen könnte, SMI geht grün ins Wochenende -- US-Börsen schliessen schwächer -- DAX schliesst im Minus -- Asiatische Börsen letztlich leichter, SNB erzielt in ersten neun Monaten Gewinn von 15,1 Milliarden Franken - SNB-Aktie in Grün, Darum bewegt sich der Euro zum US-Dollar kaum - zum Franken etwas höher, LafargeHolcim steigert Betriebsgewinn trotz Umsatzrückgang - LafargeHolcim-Aktien gegen den Trend fester, Apple verzeichnet Rekordquartal - Apple-Aktie dennoch schwach, Lonza stellt für AstraZeneca möglichen COVID-19-Wirkstoff her - Lonza-Aktie in Grün, Riesiger Bitcoin-Kurssprung? Firms that have command of data and processing and keep client relationships at the forefront as they seek to expand their business, run operations with a “save-to-transform” mindset, and delight customers may attract a greater share of asset inflows. The best positioned firms also have higher revenue per full time equivalent (FTE) than the others. Let’s analyze growth through the lens of a two-by-two growth matrix.

3. View in article, Jason Mulvihill, “Expanding private offerings—Potential areas of focus,” concept release, American Investment Council, January 31, 2019. Asset Management ist, wie alle ungeliebten Kinder, nicht pflegeleicht. These firms may also refresh their offerings by providing compelling investment strategies with the desired portfolio wrappers (e.g., mutual funds, separate accounts, collective investment trusts, ETFs, models). Reviewing the time sensitive reporting requirements, as well as the breadth of cover for informal and formal investigations, within D&O/E&O policies is recommended. Firms are striving to integrate vertically and to offer clients solutions across the investment value chain, from financial data to advisory services and alternative investments.

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