Don’t waste time like I did and flip between multiple themes – pick one, stick with it and start blowing your audience away with amazing content. When sites take a long time to load, that can be a result of picking a WordPress theme that comes with an assortment of bloated plugins, hosting or a combination of both.

Here are a few of my favorites. I cant I Install LearnDash on my Site.

Some of these will be cleaned up by installing a caching plugin like W3 Total Cache which can minify Javascript and combine external CSS files. Do you have any experiences with converting an existing site into a site with ThriveThemes and the Thrive Content Builder. Elementor has a free version that allows you to customize posts and pages. With Divi, you can revert back to the default WordPress post format. Confused, if WP Astra Pro is the right theme for your WordPress website or blog?Don't look further. A custom theme is truly only worth it if you are looking to set yourself apart as a brand like Spencer did a few years back with the redesign of NichePursuits. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’ll be spending extra time learning how to build it out and how to set it up properly your first time around. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Customizing the theme can be a little bit more CSS intensive, so if you don’t have basic coding skills, this might be a challenge. I Love Nichepursuits all updates. Also, do you guys know any successful niche sites built from Divi? The Newspaper Theme by MyThemeShop is a theme that’s based on the look of ( I prefer to pick a theme that allows me to use a minimal amount of plugins to free up additional bandwidth and provide a great user experience. I found Norebro and now I’m using it. Like Focus Blog, they keep this theme coded lightly in order to improve performance and speed. If you switch themes, those pages don’t have a way to revert back to the original WordPress format, so you’ll be doing a lot of copying and pasting if you decide to change themes, or you can just keep the plugin so the pages function like they did before. Another theme I love here too which I’m also using is NewsPaper by MyThemeShop. It’s worth knowing that Astra is used by some of the most trusted names in the WordPress space, such as Chris Lema, GoWP and WP Elevation. Building your own custom theme is a great choice, but ONLY if you have the marketing budget to do it. For beginners this isn’t a problem. The reason I bring this up is because uses the Magazine Pro theme by Genesis.

What if website covers a lot of different categories and sub categories? I’ve used Arvixe myself and had similar speed results as I did on a shared hosting plan with BH, HostGator and SiteGround. If you run the same Pingdom test on (who uses Cloudflare as a CDN) you’ll see that the page loads are around the 1MB per second rule or less once the site is properly optimized.

It’s possible that they have made some improvements, but I never went back to test after seeing the success I have with had with other themes since that time. It all matters. There’s a reason they both used this theme when they first started out. Very disappointing to see 3 themes by thrive themes, makes me question the reliability of this round up. I was stuck between choosing one theme for my next website, but I find helpful advice on your article. You can get the Extra theme via Elegant themes through this link here.[su_divider].

Elementor has the strength here and Brady has done an extensive review on it. I also like StudioPress (which is why I have two themes from them listed here) but my only beef with them is the need for more experience with CSS. Usefuⅼ info. Here are a few authority sites that are using the Eleven40 Pro Theme today or in the past: You can get the Eleven40 Pro Theme from StudioPress by clicking here.[su_divider]. Loved the post. Yes, Thesis 2 is a bit easier but it still isn’t really for the beginner who wants to play around with things. Hey Oliver – You are most welcome! February 1, 2020 at 3:35 pm . Alex. The Featured Posts under the Primary Menu: It looks nice scrolling across the top, but when you build out your site, you’ll find that these images take up quite a bit of memory and download time. I’m not doing niche selection or building the site, but for people who have done that part, I’ll research a list of keywords and the types of content they should create so they can dive right into building content. You just shouldn’t lose sleep over it. Hey Remco – this is Jason (not sure if you meant the comment for me or Chris) but I’ll answer from my perspective. The viewing area alone makes this a fantastic theme to test out as an option on an existing site or a new site you are creating from scratch. Thank you for this wonderful list. Overall I have enjoyed using the theme and if you can produce high quality images with a higher contrast ratio, the theme can look really striking. You can customize them – no upgrades are required . Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes available with over 1,000,000 active installations. You can use it for display ads or your own banner for a signup or other type of advertisement for your readers. Thicker Margins around the Text:  It’s possible you can adjust this in the theme customization options, but I didn’t put in the time to figure out how to do it. Instead of purchasing a theme (no matter how inexpensive), I recommend getting the free version. ( A lots of thanks for sharing these helpful things. 13 thoughts on “500+ Astra Theme Examples | Astra Theme Showcase” URO. The folks at Astra … I honestly think it really depends on your niche. This is why picking the right theme for your audience is crucial when you are first starting your site. Thrive themes and their content builders have a lot of bells and whistles that are specifically centered around conversion that their competitors just don’t have. Hey Armand – good suggestion, I’ll ask my boss what he thinks! I love this theme because you can really do anything with it. Let's Talk! Hey Brad – this is Jake from Spencer’s team. If you are a seasoned WordPress veteran, it’s like learning an entirely new piece of software outside of the default WordPress functions. What I don’t like about Rise by Thrive Themes: Learning Curve:  Same example here as Focus Blog – The Thrive Content Builder has a learning curve. Loving Elegant DIVI for myself and all of my clients… as a marketer you’ll need to know some tricks of the trade to implement page layout strategies and DIVI is getting better all the time with its flexibility in order to allow you to do so. Lack of proper support is a deal breaker for me. Let me start off by saying that Divi is probably my own personal favorite theme. Thanks for this excellent theme comparison. Thankyou. If you are currently using LearnDash, or are thinking about choosing us for your LMS, then I have great news to share! Extra gets good marks just like Divi does when it comes to page speed. Because of the way it functions from a coding perspective, if you try and change themes, Divi leaves behind a lot of leftovers. Great ideas for post topics as well. I like the theme mostly because of the large content area viewing width and the minimal header. Haha – thanks Jason!
Some people will charge you a design per % of revenue earned and charge less up front, which is an option if you don’t want to shell out money out of pocket and already have a profitable site. But I am confused about Plugins, Which Plugins are mandatory for a niche site ? And the Magazine pro is what I am testing on. Niches that do particularly well in Magazine style formats are Fashion, Fitness, Home Goods, etc. What I like about Extra by Elegant Themes: The Page Builder: Extra’s page builder is familiar to me because I’ve used Divi for so long.

They are not populating. Overall, Extra has some really good features built in and also has some features that have driven me crazy when attempting to use it. If you are just starting out building sites, thrive themes does have a learning curve.

I’ve been using both Divi and Thrive over the past year and personally prefer Thrive. The one I prefer the most is the homepage layout as it comes out of the box, but if you like customization, there are options to add a sidebar as well which will give you a little flexibility when it comes to home page monetization. Hi Jason, This theme also scores under my typical goal of 1 second per MB in load time.

Hey Luke, thanks for the comment. While looking at a more expensive host may help, when you look at the other Pingdom suggestions, NichePursuits does have some areas where we can improve, even outside of hosting improvements. Eleven40 Pro is another StudioPress theme built on the Genesis framework. But now, you can customize your own theme without needing to spend several thousand dollars. But it’s not faster. I would not recommend she go out and drop 20-30 bucks a month on hosting when she’s still learning how to properly structure a website.
December 14, 2019 at 5:17 am. I have converted a theme away from Thrive, and I had to keep the Content Builder as a plugin for the site to function correctly. Customizable Category Pages: I usually like to customize my own category pages so I can add in an opt-in form or some ad code. What I don’t like about Extra from ElegantThemes: Home Page Customization: While you can customize your homepage, you are limited to more of a Magazine format. I saw REHub theme had some good comparison options to allow for multiple affiliate links on one product. Would be interested to know why you didn’t list Thesis theme in there by the way Jason? I second that. Site speed is a big deal. Does the site “feel” good when I’m on the site? Hey Oliver – yes, Thrive allows you to use customizable post grids with the Content Builder. These look great!

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