Sources: The Economic Impacts of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, ICF International, February 2015

This article was originally posted on 10 July 2015, and then updated on 22 January 2016 and 16 February 2016. By Karen Edelstein, Eastern Program Coordinator. The EIA overestimates Marcellus production by between 6% and 18%, for its, Five out of more than 70 counties account for two-thirds of production. To generate that much electricity with solar farms, utilities would need approximately 1.7 million acres of land dedicated to solar power generation. "The Appalachian Trail is one symptom of Dominion's irresponsible choice through this area, through some of the best remaining wildlands in the Southeast and through the protected lands in the national forest, national park and through the steep mountain slopes, which are really unsuitable for pipelines," Buppert said. Environmentalists have been vocal in their concern that were part of the pipeline to rupture, groundwater contamination, along with impacts to wildlife could be extensive. Environmentalists have been vocal in their concern that were part of the pipeline to rupture, groundwater contamination, along with impacts to wildlife could be extensive. Looking out over the patch of the Appalachian Trail that sits at the heart of the battle, he considered whether there was a point at which cost increases and construction delays could make the pipeline unrealistic. Unlike older pipelines, which were designed to move oil and gas from the Gulf Coast refineries northward to meet energy demands there, the Atlantic Coast Pipeline would tap the Marcellus Shale Formation in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania and send it south to fuel power generation stations and residential customers. In mid-May 2015, in order to avoid requesting Congressional approval to locate the pipeline over National Park Service lands, Dominion proposed rerouting two sections of the pipeline, combining the impact zones on both the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Appalachian Trail into a single location along the border of Nelson and Augusta Counties, VA. National Forest Service land does not require as strict of approvals as would construction on National Park Service lands. Field decline averages 32% per year without drilling, requiring about 1,000 wells per year in Pennsylvania and West Virginia to offset.,, An urgent need? The community should be able to claim some sliver of the income Dominion is expected to earn from the infrastructure build-out, said Craig White, a founder and board member of the newly formed Greater Union Hill Community Development Corp. To the frustration of the pipeline's staunchest opponents, the group has partnered with Dominion to secure a $5 million commitment for placing the project through Buckingham County. Privacy and Data Practices Policy   The route would have crossed the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge … "But we're not there.". Both Nature, in their article Natural Gas: The Fracking Fallacy, and Post Carbon Institute, in their paper Drilling Deeper, took a critical look at several of the current production scenarios for the Marcellus Shale offered by EIA and University of Texas Bureau of Economic Geology (UT/BEG). The “alternative” version of the pipeline route would traverse 62.7 miles of the same State Forests. Former Vice President Al Gore (second from left) visited the Union Hill community this year to voice opposition to the Atlantic Coast pipeline compressor station in Buckingham County, Va. P.O. In addition to the 550 miles of proposed pipeline for this project, three compressor stations are also planned. FERC's 2017 approval of the Atlantic Coast project and the neighboring Mountain Valley pipeline, designed to carry natural gas 300 miles through West Virginia and Virginia, triggered an unusual dissent from then-Commissioner Cheryl LaFleur. Atlantic Coast Pipeline EIS: Scoping Comments Scoping comments were due on April 28th, but FERC has indicated it will accept and consider comments submitted anytime. ALONG THE BLUE RIDGE PARKWAY, Va. — The drive up to Three Ridges Overlook is decorated with little blue signs that read "No Pipeline," emblems of a looming courtroom battle that could alter the face of this prized recreational area. Atlantic Coast Pipeline Discussion and Map. Contact Us. Community members contend in another 4th Circuit lawsuit that Atlantic Coast developers, federal regulators and Virginia officials neglected to consider the neighborhood's history and the health of vulnerable residents before greenlighting Union Hill as the site of the station. Buppert of the law center is focused on a future in which the justices toss the case, allowing the 4th Circuit's blockade to stand. Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time. The project was renamed the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) when a coalition of four major US energy companies—Dominion (45% ownership), Duke Energy (40%), Piedmont Natural Gas (15%), and AGL Resources (5%)— proposed a joint venture in building and co-owning the pipeline. View map fullscreen – including legend and measurement tools. A final report on the plans and process has been delivered to the State Water Control Board. Many more federal and state permits for the pipeline hang in the balance. A map of Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind test project. Atlantic Coast Pipeline Discussion and Map, OH Class II Injection Wells – Waste Disposal and Industry Water Demand, Largest Coastal Spill in 25 years [in California], clean-burning gas supplies to growing markets in Virginia and North Carolina, over 100 energy companies, economic developers, labor unions, manufacturers, and civic groups have joined, Dominion characterizes the need for natural gas. Our Interactive Map provides a look at the most up-to-date route, incorporating the numerous route adjustments made by the ACP project team.

To generate that much electricity with wind turbines, utilities would need approximately 46,500 wind turbines on approximately 476,000 acres of land. Once construction on the Atlantic Coast pipeline begins, the project is set to cut across the view at Three Ridges Overlook along the Appalachian Trail. For SELC and other pipeline opponents, the fight against Atlantic Coast runs deeper than the dispute over the Appalachian Trail.,, work prepared by an officer or employee of the United States Government as part of that person’s official duties. The University of Texas report, authored by petroleum geologists, is considerably less optimistic than what has been suggested by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), and imply that the oil and gas bubble is likely to soon burst. (The EIA has published maps of the depth, thickness and distribution of the Marcellus shale, which are helpful in understanding the variability of the play.

ยง 794 (d)), please call 800-592-5482. That creates an opening for the judiciary to impose a meaningful block on the project. Richmond, VA 23219. But whether or not the project disturbs hikers' enjoyment of that particular section of the trail is irrelevant if the law prohibits the construction in the first place. The justices understand that the government has a highly selective process for deciding which cases it will bring before the court, said Clement, who served as solicitor general under former President George W. Bush. Production in the “most likely” drilling rate case is likely to peak by 2018 at 25% above the levels in mid-2014 and will cumulatively produce the quantity that the Energy Information Administration (EIA) projected through 2040. Dominion characterizes the need for natural gas in these parts of the country as “urgent,” and that there is no better supplier than these “four homegrown companies” that have been economic forces in the state for many years. "Given the environmental impacts and possible superior alternatives, approving these two pipeline projects on this record is not a decision I can support," wrote LaFleur, a Democrat who stepped down from the commission last month. Importantly, ABRA is urging for a review that explores the cumulative impacts off all pipeline infrastructure projects in the area, especially in light of the increasing availability of clean energy alternatives. Some residents have taken issue with Union Hill's fight against the compressor station. The Supreme Court will soon decide whether to review a permit for the Atlantic Coast pipeline to cross the Appalachian Trail. Photo credit: Pamela King/E&E News, Once construction on the Atlantic Coast pipeline begins, the project is set to cut across the view at Three Ridges Overlook along the Appalachian Trail. INTERACTIVE WEB MAP : … Dominion characterizes the need for natural gas in these parts of the country as “urgent,” and that there is no better supplier than these “four homegrown companies” that have been economic forces in the state for many years. Regardless of the model we consider, production starts to drop off within a year or two after the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline would go into operation. View map fullscreen – including legend and measurement tools.
All other concerns should be submitted to FERC: Section 401 Water Quality Certification documents. "It was a mystery why Dominion would want to put the Atlantic Coast pipeline through one of the most undeveloped areas of wild land in the Southeast," said Greg Buppert, senior attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center (SELC). Slides and presentation to the State Water Control Board July 19, 2017 

The compressor station site sits about a football's throw away from his family's property, estimated Walker, who resides in Richmond and runs a nonprofit for individuals released from prison. The coalition asserts that the pipeline is essential because the demand for fuel for power generation is predicted more than triple over the next 20 years. Mailing Address: DEQ has authority over certain aspects of this project, and is coordinating its inspections, investigations and compliance efforts with other state and federal agencies. Size of this JPG preview of this PDF file: 800 × 543 pixels. Read more.

The utility predicts federal regulators will address the 4th Circuit's critiques on Atlantic Coast's biological opinion by the end of the year.

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