You’ll often find them by reception desks because when you’re waiting for an appointment or something, Minties are sure to ease the wait! Just like regular bread, except for fairies. Answer 1 of 16: Was wondering what are the food stuffs/tidbits/snacks that are popular/nice and must-buy in Australia to bring back home for friends and colleagues? Enlighten your friends with these tasteful treats because hey, the more people know about these snacks the happier the world might be! 19 Australian Snacks Every American Needs To Try Immediately. Considering Australia was only colonized by the British in 1788, this sugary snack’s officially fully ingrained in Aussie culture. They’re perfect for when you’re dozing off in long lectures and need a sudden burst of sugary energy. 219 Kallang Bahru, #04-00 Chutex Building, Singapore 339348. Sure it doesn’t sound great but just look at the picture! Now it’s my go to breakfast and I’ve never felt more Australian. Source: @leigha_94 “Mom care package from Australia”. Or at least eat as we do because we’ve got so many unheard of snacks or snacks with a little bit of Aussie in them that really should be a thing everywhere else in the world. Oh, Australia. If you aren’t going to judge a book by its cover, don’t judge Vegemite by its smell. Once the Tim Tam is soft enough, have a bite of it. You’ll definitely snag a few new friends with your local lingo while you enjoy this snack! … They aren’t candy either so you won’t have to worry about them lasting too long. These are like really delicious, creamy mint saltwater taffies. On top of that, the combination of soft bread, juicy meat and crunchy onions will definitely make you question why the world hasn’t quite caught up to Australia. They essentially taste the same as gummy worms and are just as colourful but why limit yourself to worm-sized sweetness when you can have python-sized ones? Lamingtons are layers of sponge cake coated in chocolate and rolled in coconut and they're basically the best thing you could get in your lunchbox. Some of the most popular takeaway snacks in Australia are hand-sized meat pies. Lol Oreos, stay in your lane. Fantales trivia: Fantales are called that because when they were first manufactured, their trivia questions on the wrappers were often facts and tales of famous movie stars, the people we were fans of! It’s a shame everyone else is living in blissful ignorance but here’s a list of 16 Australian snacks that can fix that! So there you have it, 16 must-try Australian snacks. If you’re one of those people who bite their mints, look no further. Honestly, you’re missing out! Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Australia's chocolate biscuit and chocolate creme layered creation is the holy grail of packaged cookies. Enlighten your friends with these tasteful treats because hey, the more people know about these snacks the happier the world might be! They aren’t chocolate either so you won’t have to worry about getting some on your teeth. No sir, they’re also to help you with some delicious facts on Australian trivia. Whether you’re with blue with sadness, green with envy or crimson with anger, a bite of this candy and you’ll be filled with red sweetness (as you’ll see on your tongue!). Many tourists would take the opportunity to buy fresh, sweet honey from Australia to bring back to their homes, not just for culinary consumption but also as a healing agent. Shapes are good enough to sell themselves. This raspberry-flavoured stick of happiness, AKA Red Skins, will fix you right up! These cubed confectioneries are also great when as ice cream or gelato topics and can be enjoyed melted and made into syrup as well! Apparently, the right way to eat Vegemite is to spread it onto toast with a 50/50 ratio with some butter. With flavours like BBQ, Pizza, Cheese and Bacon, Chicken Crimpy and many more, you’ll never get tired of them. There’s just no limit when it comes to how to enjoy this sweet treat.

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