Harley grinned. Harley let his hands explore the smaller boy's back, slowly moving downward. What will become of his old life, and will it come back to haunt him? He made it all the way in, noticing the bulge that appeared on his lower abdomen. Im weiteren Verlauf gibt es eine Menge Überraschungen, versprochen! (feat. Penny Parker never met Tony Stark and she never got the internship (shes still spider-women). WARNING: SOME CHAPTERS WILL CONTAIN SMUT! Peter's eyes widened, but he got up and hesitantly dropped his underwear to the floor. The game starts now.”---------The Avengers are kidnapped and forced to play Among Us----------. "So I heard you like dick," Harley stated, smirking. After Tony gets rid of the Sokovia accords everyone moves back into the tower. Harley stood Peter up, switching spots with him. Harley waited for a little while before stretching his fingers out, hitting a spot and hearing a surprised noise come from the boy on his lap. He engages in rocket science, fights with crime as a superhero and leads a world-famous company. Can he learn to embrace his humanity? Will Peter continue on his path to be king, or give it all up to stay with Harley, in a relationship he knows is forbidden? MJ and the infamous Crisis Notebook). It was tossed aside, both boys now shirtless. Their lips met, a soft, gentle kiss. "The man barely hears as the people erupt into applause and praise, the sounds tuning out as he focuses in on the man approaching center stage. Doch wie wird es weiter gehen, wenn es zum Kampf kommt? With the flames of revenge and a lingering promise in his mind, will Harley persue his plans to reclaim the throne, or will he push it all aside to be with Peter, the one he truly loves? No matter how cliché it may be, it's true. "It'll feel good in a moment, I promise." ", "The Spider-man has seemingly disappeared, or, according to spreading rumors, has become the killer who's caused those unexplainable attacks. Tony is bored and responds. "It was pretty good, wasn't it?" If you were told imposter, then you have to kill your friends. Harley started rocking in and out slowly, letting Peter adjust to his pace, once the smaller boy opened his eyes, he sped up. You?" Request by HummingBird4love, malatresnjica, and _ilomilio_0 (Wattpad), This took awhile but it's pretty long so sorry for the wait, I feel like if someone I knew irl ever read any of these smuts they would never look at me the same, It's kind of a continuation of the last chap but you do you. He kept pushing further, keeping an eye on Peter.

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