But watch statements and bills. A top session musician, Carol played on hundreds of hits by The Beach Boys, The Monkees, Frank Sinatra and many others. 1 on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart in … "[36] He later clarified that he had no interest in suing and felt "really honored at a similarity, if any". “My phone is on 24 hours a day. It should be noted that R&B singer Alicia Keys beat Mike Jones and Soulja Boy to the gimmick of using the artist’s real phone numder in a song. Find out how God and glam metal go together from the Stryper frontman. "We laughed about it for years," he said.[10]. The last was Lauren Bacall, who passed away in 2014. I assured him that he definitely doesn’t want that. The last was Lauren Bacall, who passed away in 2014. We have developed and are constantly adding threads to replace the boring, standard calls. That would be "Telephone Line," but no one would mistake that for disco. More than 100 songs have Numbers are kept only to prevent abuse. [7][8], Lead guitarist Jim Keller, interviewed by People in 1982, said "Jenny is a regular girl, not a hooker. You found me.”. I had the guitar lick, I had the name and number, but I didn't know what the song was about. Pop songs don’t play by the same rules as movies and television, though. Phone calls have been a favorite topic in pop songs for many years. Not sure who ELO is, but I'm looking for some samples to verify. Ever sleep through your alarm, but wake up immediately when your phone rings? [11], "There was no Jenny," Call also told a Tampa, Florida columnist in June 2009. He stopped by that afternoon and he said, 'Al, it's a girl's number on a bathroom wall,' and we had a good laugh. Every film star mentioned in Madonna's "Vogue" has since died. In a very Mike Jones move, Big Sean gave out his Detroit-area cellphone number, couched in the lyrics: “N---as say I changed, how they damn, how they do / Say I’m hard to get in contact with, oh, is that true? "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" is one of the few Bernie Taupin lyrics that is more about him than Elton John. When stations play it, they don't always include the beginning phone stuff. That being said, making a phone call to an inactive phone number sounds like it will work out a lot better than soliciting advice on starting a drug empire on the Internet. Nice. Find out how God and glam metal go together from the Stryper frontman. Phone + a simple contact management and personalization of incoming and outgoing calls. I haven't talked with her since the song became a hit, but I hear she thinks I'm a real jerk for writing it. It’s a real bummer for anyone hoping to have a heart-to-heart with the “IDFWU” rapper about what went wrong between him and former girlfriend Ariana Grande. However, in a June 2004 interview with Songfacts, co-writer Alex Call explained his version of the song's real origins: Despite all the mythology to the contrary, I actually just came up with the 'Jenny,' and the telephone number and the music and all that just sitting in my backyard. “It was more like 60 to 70 times a day,” lamented Turner. I have to admire the tenacity of a man who held on to the phone number after 11 years of steady harassment propagated by Alicia Keys and her Georgia-area fans hellbent on terrorizing an elderly man. "Walking in the rain with the one I love" the Love unlimited orchestra. Powered by, Top 40 Instrumental Songs: Best Songs Without Lyrics, Best G-Rated Horror Movies for Kids on Halloween, Funniest Whodunit Movies and Comedy Murder Mysteries, 20 Best Movies with Killer Plants and Trees, Top 20 Horror Movies that take place in Rain Storms: Scary Stormy Films, 40 Best Bug Movies and Killer Insect Films, Top 20 Songs for Autumn and the Fall Season.

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