Which media-training tip do you find yourself using most in “real” life? Für mehr Klimaschutz erhöht die Bundesregierung die Steuer auf Flugtickets - je nach Strecke um rund sechs bis 17 Euro pro Ticket. Q5: When Hunter PR was named by PR News as one of the “Top Places to Work in PR,” you were even more excited than when the firm received seemingly more “prestigious” awards. From Goldfish Crackers to Guesstures, and from Clue to Cold Stone Creamery, I’ve worked on campaigns large and small to remind moms and kids about great iconic family-friendly brands and to introduce new products for them to try and enjoy. You always know when you are in the midst of something special; the reward is seeing a great idea come to life with the consumer. Q2: Do stunts have a place in modern public relations? Little did he know, I was actually participating in a global food-sharing movement. At the time, we were fully dependent on the local media to come down and cover it and then hope they’d put it on their affiliate satellite or share across the wire. Mit Matomo werden keine Daten an Server übermittelt, die außerhalb der Kontrolle des Bundespresseamts liegen.

I was there for two years, and then I interviewed for a publicity job with National Dairy Products. © Copyright Hunter Public Relations 2012. Q2: The program you manage for Gallo’s leading Barefoot brand has cleaned more than 200 beaches across the country over the past several years, making them “barefoot-friendly” in partnership with the non-profit Surfrider Foundation. One of the greatest thrills of my life was wearing the Kool-Aid Man costume while riding in the back of a convertible in a parade through Times Square as part of an Advertising Week event. After 25 Years of Celebrating Brand Anniversaries, Hunter Public Relations Gets Its Turn | Hunter Public Relations: The Hunterpreter Blog.

For us, it’s just a matter of being aware of what that ‘value-to-delivery’ ratio is and making sure that we’re speaking to people in the right way. Ephfram Lawhorne 16. I truly have great partners within the agency, and I honestly don’t think I could do what I do as a mother and a business owner if it weren’t for the strong partnership that we have among the team here at Hunter PR. As marketers discovered what a difference a well-conceived campaign could make, more of their dollars were committed to PR.

I learned a lot during that time, and it turned out to provide a very good grounding for me in the food industry, which gave me a solid base for what I went on to do.    Marketing Communications Q3: You hold an MBA from Rutgers University. The experiences, interests and perspectives of Hunter PR’s seven agency principals are every bit as diverse as our client base. I found it to be always challenging, never dull and often fun.

In the mid ’90s, we constructed giant Flag Cakes in front of national landmarks on Flag Day, using Cool Whip whipped topping. What a different picture we see today. Q1: In your 15 years at Hunter Public Relations, you have spearheaded media relations for Motorola and 3M, two strong players in the consumer tech space. Whether she’s a mother of one or six, working or not working, her habits as they relate to product purchase and usage are very personal and specific to her needs and those of her family. During our orientation visit, a member of the Chamber of Commerce told us, “We never thought we’d hire an agency headed by women… But we’re glad we did.”. As a result, the business has grown in the very best way possible – through referrals. We ended up launching the Altoids Curiously Strong collection to support curiously strong artists.

It has been wonderful to return to my “home” here at Hunter – where I grew up in the industry – and be surrounded by the collaborative spirit and unparalleled creativity that are Hunter’s trademarks. We were the last to pitch and after we were done, we were asked to wait outside for a while. What advice do you have for young women who want to “have it all”? I used to go to public relations luncheons and there would be 200 people but there would only be 10 women. Es werden für den Betrieb der Seite notwendige Cookies gesetzt.

Working on luxury offerings in categories that are historically not considered luxury—such as breath mints—has provided some of the most interesting opportunities I’ve had at Hunter PR.
As a business owner, my job, first and foremost, is to have the best talent want to come here and work hard. Barbara Hunter and her sister, Jean Schoonover, were the first women to own and run a PR agency in the USA. CommPRO.biz Public Relations Why do industry awards matter? How has the practice of public relations changed in that time? What makes public relations a worthy profession? If our moms feel like brands are speaking to them in their own voice and really adding value to their lives, they are more likely to lend their powerful voices to our message, which we know can have tremendous impact. Adweek Advertising & Branding What advice would you give to a passionate student who is searching for an entry-level position in the industry? Yet they all share a hands-on approach to client service, as well as a love for the “work” and seeing the impact of that work on our clients’ businesses. Q3: In such a rapidly changing media environment, how does Hunter PR stay on top of digital and social media trends? Eventually, we took over the firm and ran if for about 13 years before selling it to Ogilvy & Mather. Born in Westport, N.Y.; earned a B.A., Cornell University; co-owner of Dudley-Anderson-Yutzy Public Relations; founder, Hunter Public Relations; president, NY Chapter, Public Relations Society of America (1980); trustee, Cornell University (1980-85); national president PRSA (1984); recipient of PRSA’s Fold Anvil Award (1993); current residence Walpole, NH. Q2: Is luxury marketing dead? In 1993, the PRSA recognized her contribution to the field by presenting her with the Gold Anvil in honor of her individual lifetime achievement in PR.

Today at Hunter Public Relations we celebrate our 24th anniversary. Read more…, As part of the Hunter Holidays 2015 countdown, we asked Hunter PR founder Barbara Hunter to share with us her favorite holiday cookie recipe. In terms of the economy, we’re definitely more aware that in all segments, even in our luxury practice, people are looking for value. Make sure you enter the required information where indicated. Certainly being fluent in Spanish has helped me as a communicator, but what gives me the most insight into this segment is where and how I grew up. As part of this Founder’s Day, we now share with you some of the questions and answers from our special visit with Barbara. Für mittlere Distanzen bis 6.000 Kilometern ist eine Erhöhung um 9,58 Euro auf 33,01 Euro vorgesehen. PR Daily Media Relations Speakeasy I am a brand manager! For example, my obsession with baseball trivia sparked an idea that linked water pitchers with baseball pitchers. We hired and trained young practitioners, some of whom now own the firm. Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names, do not spam, and do not advertise! Q4: You've been instrumental in several award-winning campaigns over the years. At the time, I knew someone who worked at Hunter PR, and he mentioned me to Barbara Hunter. I always considered applicants who had done at least some work in the field or at least made an attempt get to know the industry. Q5: You spent 15 months living abroad in Singapore. Lesson learned: After a few years, the situation changes completely. When Barbara retired in 2000, s… My love of trivia (oops, I mean random knowledge) comes in particularly handy when brainstorming. Her work ethic is inspiring, and we’ve really created the culture at Hunter Public Relations based on it. People are still buying high-end offerings, but it’s not about spending gratuitously. I still keep in touch with a number people I met in Hawaii thanks to Facebook and Twitter. Currently, we provide public relations counsel and support to Film Biz Recycling (FBR), a NYC-based not-for-profit that solicits cool, retro furniture and props from TV and movie production companies and donates them to local charities. Damit verstärkt die Bundesregierung die bereits gesetzten Anreize für ein umweltgerechtes Verhalten im Verkehr. Following Martin’s talk, there was a panel discussion moderated by Baruch College professor Caryn Medved. All Rights Reserved. In its initial stages, the firm focused efforts on national consumer brands in the food and nutrition sector.    Miscellaneous © Copyright Hunter Public Relations 2012. How has the economy affected Hunter PR’s approach?

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