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It actually calls back to Hooker's "Boom Boom" in the line "a-how-how-how-how," and the traditional rhythm has been heard in a few blues songs that preceded it.

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Sammy La Marca, Daniel Portman, Reecey Boi, Mistakes, Easy Luca Ballanti,

The song leads off with a faded-in soup of bass notes, laden with chorus, and fades away again after a heavy guitar section to a classical bass motif that is mixed low in order to get your attention.

When Jaco wrote his first solo album, he made the unselfish decision to write actual full-band songs rather than just recording a bunch of bass solos – and after the gobsmacking opener Donna Lee you’ll find this song, a laid-back funk/soul workout in which his bassline is prominent but never overpowering.


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Dxp, With two tracks simultaneously played on a bass guitar and a double bass, Herbie Flowers’ famous sliding line is known the world over, adding a subtle touch to one of the darkest pop songs ever written.

Tick Tock,

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Slice N Dice, Jus Deelax, True to the production values of the day, Ray Manzarek’s throbbing keyboard bass is all low frequencies and no mids, adding to its thunderous presence. Chorne, Cliff Burton, who died a few months after Puppets was released, wrote this instrumental, and it shows.

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Jack Bruce’s bassline walks languidly through this four-minute track, demonstrating – as all his lines do – that class is always effortless and that only fools show off. One of those rare songs – a long, multi-sectioned composition that doesn’t outstay its welcome – Iron Maiden’s sumptuous Phantom Of The Opera is, like all Maiden songs, a bass player’s dream.

You can understand the true meaning of supporting bassline with the song. Counterpointing the subtle backing vocals and synth wash, the line drives the song forward as it builds, leading to an understated overall tone which contrasts perfectly with Jackson’s emotional wails about the girl who is, famously, not his lover.

But the rhythm is the key of the song that you can beat easily. Maxdal,

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