However, they don't have an EQ so you won't be able to tweak their sound. <3. The music feels around you instead of shouting directly into your ears, and details come from the left and right of you. They also have a fairly balanced sound, making it easy to enjoy most audio content. To play/pause tap once on either the left or right bud. It's underemphasized across the range, which results in veiled vocals and lead instruments as well as dull sibilants like cymbals. The Sifi II has subtly more extended upper-mids and highs, providing vocals and instruments with more body and details. Pairing the E60 is only one step, take the buds out of the case and they will be available on your device’s Bluetooth list where you can select them. For disconnecting or forgetting the buds go to info then choose. They're made of dense and good-quality plastic which makes them feel solid. The sound quality is just fine. Their integrated mic captures voices that sound muffled and thin. We purchase our own headphones and Can cut down a lot of mid to treble-range noise. They also come with several tip sizes so you can find one that fits best. They're well waterproof, too - withstanding heavy rain. If you can achieve a proper fit and an air-tight seal using the assortment of tips, then you should be able to get a consistent bass and treble delivery every time you use the headphones. Also  case provides the option of being used as a portable power bank which is extremely convenient for there is a USB plug right beside the micro port. To reverse a track tab and hold for 2 seconds on the left. At lower volumes - which work great on the E60 because of the tight, noise-blocking fit of the earpieces - but also at higher volumes, where the sound remains smooth. They have a comfortable in-ear fit and they're stable enough for moderate exercise. As they're truly wireless in-ears, they're quite small and can fit into most pockets or bags. Their charging case also holds more charges and they support aptX codec. The ENACFIRE E60 have a slightly bass-heavy sound profile that fans of EDM and hip-hop can enjoy. Upon full charge the F1 will last for eight hours straight. I bought the Enacfire E60 TWS myself for testing and review purposes. The earbuds use touch instead of press technology so there are no buttons to be found. Like most in-ear, closed-back headphones, the ENACFIRE E60 earbuds have an outstanding leakage performance. Gain early access to all tests results for new products, Prices will now be listed directly in reviews and tables, Have 5 votes per product category to choose which product we’ll review next, Gain unlimited access to detailed test results in tools and results (no blurred results), Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds For Running, Best Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Under $100, Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Under $50, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $200, Best Noise Cancelling Earbuds And In-Ears, Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under $100, Razer BlackShark V2 Pro Wireless Test Results, Having trouble deciding between two headphones? If you prefer a different style, they come in several color variants like red or gray. The ENACFIRE E60 are alright for office use. They don't have access to an EQ or presets, so you can't tweak their sound. However, if you're primarily using these headphones to listen to music, they're a solid choice. While they have a comfortable and stable fit, they also come with six differently-sized ear tips to help you get the best fit. The ENACFIRE E60 Truly Wireless are slightly better truly wireless in-ears than the TOZO T12 Truly Wireless. You can also tap three times to activate voice assistant. Strengthened further with a gentle sub-bass rumble, the bass section feels nicely present, yet it's never overbearing. The Enacfire E60 TWS has a smooth, full sound that is pleasant to listen to at lower and higher volumes. They also have a fairly neutral but slightly bass-heavy sound profile, which is suited for a variety of audio content. Their charging case holds more charges too, and they support aptX codec. The F1 comes with 2 sets of silicone ear-tips while the E60 comes with 6 pairs of silicone ear-tips in two colors, black and white. The ear tips are made using soft material which allows you to use the earbuds for long without feeling pain. As a counter, the peak in the high-mids to low-treble pushes these vocals and lead instruments forward again, which sounds a little harsh or honky. The F1 charging case can be used as a portable power bank while the same cannot be done with the E60. Please support my research by buying via the links on this site. Here you can vote for our next review, Compare frequency and distortion of headphones to make a clearer and more informed decision. To play previous track double tap on the left bud. so that you can compare the results easily. The earpieces aren't lookers either. It also had light indicators that will show you the remaining power capacity. Wind noise is limited, but still, it's better to take a call with the Enacfire E60 indoors - not outside. The Nano-coating on the earbuds allows it to be used in any outdoor activities. The ENACFIRE E60 have acceptable treble accuracy. Without further complication here are the steps: upon single charge, the E60 will continue to work for 8 hours straight, which is as good as most of the earbuds in the market. Right under the L and R are the LED-lights, which happily don't blink when you're playing music. Although the bass response is fairly flat, the mid and high-bass are overemphasized. Due to their in-ear design, they bypass the pinna or outer ear, which is a big factor in creating an out-of-head or speaker-like soundstage. Changing the volume is possible too - increase it by holding the right earpiece, decrease it with the left. 160 St-Viateur Est, Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8. You can also use one earbud at a time while the other one charges but it can be a little tricky as you need to pair the earbuds separately. That said, the FIIL have a more neutral sound profile that delivers a bit more bass and treble as well as a companion app that offers 15 EQ presets. The Enacfire E60 ear tips extend well out from the buds themselves and made to seat deep in your ear. The Sifi II sounds slightly more refined than the E60, but the Enacfire wins on practical aspects: battery life and call quality are better. With a single tap on the left or right earpiece, you play and pause the music. With an in-built microphone, you will be able to make clear calls and feel as if you are talking one on one with the person. 10 Best Cheap Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Earbuds with... 5 Best Enacfire Earbuds: CVC-8.0 NC Technology Enabled... What is CVC Noise Cancellation? The ENACFIRE E60 are pretty low-profile truly wireless in-ears. Without activating the pinna, their soundstage is perceived as small and located inside your head rather than out in front. It's not that there aren't any higher tones to be discovered in the music, but they're edging towards the lower frequencies.

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