Transmitter (Temperature Gauge Sending Unit), Bearing - Fuel Injection Pump (20x52x15mm).

Copyright © 2007 - 2020, all rights reserved. A diesel, kerosene or petrol 2-stroke starting engine was more common in the Eastern bloc countries due to them being more reliable in the colder winters and batteries being expensive or simply unobtainable.

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The Belarus name suffered much during this time, but with a higher investment level in the 1990s–2000s the name had a significant "relaunching" and now offer a high-quality product that meets European and North American standards. Some 3 million tractors have been built in the Minsk Tractor Works since 1948.

One of the contributing factors was the fact that the factory started making tractors with compression ignition diesel engines matching the current emissions standards, including Tier 3/4i/4 (United States/Canada) and Euro 3a, 3b, 4 for emission standards in Europe.

MTZ tractors were originally designed for the vast State owned collective farms of the USSR, situated in the most inhospitable areas of Eastern Europe these collectives extended over many thousands of hectares and had little in the way of workshop tools and spare parts. These tractors are very well known throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States and are exported to more than 100 countries worldwide, including the United States and Canada. [2], In 2011 the Serbian company Agropanonka started assembling 3000 tractors per year for its local market. 40 HP to 99 HP Tractors.

Any use of Belarus or other logos and trademarks used on this site is intended for reference purposes only. There still remains a market for this type of tractor and Belarus remains the first choice for buyers looking for a basic and simple machine. MTZ 400-420 Service Manual. While blue with a black chassis is currently the livery for the more basic 2wd cabless models. Details. In February 2014, the MTZ brand made its first appearance at the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, Kentucky, with the MTZ 1220 tractor model. 300 0 obj <>stream

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. MTZ 400-420 PM EnFr.pdf. Since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 MTZ-Belarus tractors have become more complex and more advanced, mainly due to imported Western built tractors becoming serious competitors, so MTZ had to compete for the market and modify their designs accordingly. The Belarus 420A Tractor first came out at a price of $14,500 (1997), but you might be one of the lucky ones who found a good deal lower than that.

All these tractors were exported under the name "Belarus", but were of a different design to each other. [1] Belarus MTZ 400-425 Series Manuals. By 2017 the company’s capacity will be increased up to 1,500.

Sold Price: USD $3,850. Details. Download.

The design of the tractors has changed much since the 1990s.

%%EOF The Communist state ordered new tractors to be made at several locations within the USSR, the main assembly plant for MTZ being in Minsk, Belarus, with smaller tractors being produced in other locations, while other factories produced high-horsepower articulated and tracked tractors. For Sale Price: USD $5,900. We back our parts with a 1-year warranty and unmatched customer service. We have no affiliation, real or implied, with Belarus Tractor International, Inc. or Belarus Tractor of Canada. New designs were put into production during 1950, and the new MTZ wheeled tractor was born.

During the cold war, the Belarus tractors that were sold in western markets were infamous for their low quality compared to western manufacturers tractors. There are plans to export some of tractors produced in Tajikistan to other countries of the region. The three-point hitch is operated by a hydraulic cylinder, and is one of the few tractor designs that can apply "Down Pressure" with the three-point hitch. The tractors were built in such a way that even a novice could get the tractor working again with only basic instruction. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Within the Eastern bloc the tractors had no paint scheme, they were simply painted the same colour all over, red, green and blue being the most common. Until recently the tractors had either an air or liquid-cooled engine with a 4-cylinder diesel being the most common configuration, while larger 6-cylinder and articulated models were available.

MTZ 400-420 Operator Manual.

Production of the Belarus 420A Tractor started in 1983 and continued until 1997.
Download. Belarus («Белару́с», earlier «Белару́сь») is a series of four-wheeled tractors produced since 1950 at Minsk Tractor Works, MTZ (Мінскі трактарны завод; Ми́нский тра́кторный заво́д, МТЗ) in Minsk, Belarus. endstream endobj 268 0 obj <>>>/EncryptMetadata false/Filter/Standard/Length 128/O(>3,A��D�>��y��l9C .�@�����ב�A)/P -3392/R 4/StmF/StdCF/StrF/StdCF/U(W.

Often the tractor factories could not obtain quality materials, and these were made with inferior components. In December 2004 Ganja Auto Plant restarted manufacturing and the first car built at the factory was sold.
Up to the 1950s MTZ had not produced wheeled tractors, tracked crawler tractors being more common.

These tractors were built to the three main concepts of Soviet engineering: reliability, simplicity and value for money. 1995 BELARUS 420AN.

A variety of methods were used to start the engines depending on the model.

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These models are much the same as the tractors of the 1970s and have little in the way of comfort and extras such as power steering.

-o��]��8���D_��*mjK��b}b�K��\R"=���z��5�������L��K%���+.\ 40 HP to 99 HP Tractors. 1997 BELARUS 420AN. Auction … The air filter was of a washable oil bath type, the centrifugal Engine oil filter only required washing out rather than replacing, whilst the hydraulic and fuel filters were also of a washable design until the 1990s. 5. !�$��@rwB Fn'�Q� �\E��G�w�=��F{B���� �$���{��gݦv����dܙ�Zq�f)w�zo!A�:�h� *W��>��_cc�ka�}U��V������S/1�,iV�9�h"���3� 8p1�1|境 �m�o�L =m�c(s��#�S

0 MTZ 400-420 OMF.pdf.

Various adaptations to the tractor have also been made to aid starting in cold weather, including a lever to disconnect the hydraulic pump.

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