They claim low commissions, which is not true by any means. 1 2 Next > NeoTrader. The owner is really scared of these honest reviews so I'm sure he'll try to paper this over with some bogus 5 star review. The same woman on the chat answered the phone. I am very satisfied so far with their service. Sometimes they were good, sometimes badThe overall experience with AMP is excellentI use Sierra Chart/CQG combo (that is free of charge) and things are going very well. Avoid them. Excellent response and help at tracking down customers problems. and great platforms to chose from. I like to check back to make sure it's not just me who experienced this with AMP. I went on chat. Fastest Data feed To receive faster the market data is certainly the basis for successful trading. 7/28/2020, Pros: Very cheap commission. make you a looser then trade against you every time. Strange accounting. Agent was very rude acted as if I was a nuisance as she was very busy.Never have I encountered such a rude company. I use them for a while now. Very fast platform. The customer service is not good. Headquarters: 221 N. LaSalle Street, 25th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 USA AMP GLOBAL LTD - AMP GLOBAL (EUROPE) Cheap Metatrader 5 for Futures Free ACH In and Out. Time & Sales MF (Mani Forti – Strong Hands) is a special indicator by euSpeed which helps you reading the tape. It allows you to check the size of the orders that were placed before and after your order and subsequently understand the quality of the position of your order on the book. 1/3/2019, Pros: Futures and forex in one account Metatrader 5. by EsJay, Perfect for me. 8/18/2020. What can I say? See Terms Of Use In my opinion it is the best retail brokers out there. The priorities, delays of orders and more are identical to reality. You get what you pay for when you go with a shady broker like AMP futures. Also they just released Metatrader 5 for futures. by delmar, Would recommend. Pros: Cheap commisions. 6/1/2018, Pros: Responsive customer service, very low commissions and margins. I highly recommend Amp Global Europe. I thought, ok, it fell through the cracks somehow so I will give it more time. What can I say... you certainly get what you pay for. If you care at all about your money and where you put it, go somewhere else. by Magda Ruth, When I contacted the costumer service via Email, no one answered my question and they did not solve my problem at all. 3/21/2018. Pros: Customer service, very low commissions and $300 margins. by Victor Veega, I believe if you add to a position and change your target + stop quantities, it will count towards your margin for closing a position. They are my second broker.Hope they will add italian language support for thousands of italian traders the are still trading with ridiculous domestic brokersCheck AMP on Elite Trader board the largest trading community. I think they aim for the guppy pool overseas. Thanks so much i couldn't be happier with service. Their liquidation day restarts arbitrarily or whenever they update their end of day account reports. Pros: Cheap Margin, Knowledgeable staff, Great customer service, Low commissions, Many platforms to choose from. Or SEC if the accounts are not segregated. by Budini, I just opened an account with them. So I opened an account with them I'm wired ~US$800 into my account. Accounting errors. Would love to be able to resize the chart windows as well as RTH for futures, which I have requested for 3 years!! Nobody has Sierra Chart for free-- no volume requirement etc.. Just free. Horrible customer service. 12/30/2018, Pros: No intactivitiy fees no extra fees at all. For retail traders they are hard to beat. 1/14/2020, Cons: hard to find support, clunky customer portal. 12/21/2018, Pros: Futures and forex in one account very low pricing. by Ha - thats my name, A great choice for the retail trader! They walk me through a few steps on verifying that the data matches up to reality. - I mostly trade Eurex futures, and AMP offers the best commission for that. Please read our Risk Disclosure and Privacy Policy. Pretty rare solution all of fx, cfds, cryptos and REAL FUTURES on one screen. This feature allows the trader to test MarketQuotes and / or its operational strategy when markets are closed. by Otto X., Just want to say a few words about Amp Global Before Amp Global I was with interactive brokers. It got worse. they only sell the product. 1/16/2020. by Amber Fulerton, Every time I call customer service I'm on hold for 15 minutes, by Josh Barrons, What can I say, you get what you pay for. Good customer service, The cheapest broker, free platforms, great customer service, Incompetent customer service, fraudulent charges, misleading information. Good luck if you try to contact them about the fraudulent charges that make on your account because you will receive 0 response back from them. Bad customer service, when trying to investigate the stolen money no follow up or response. 10/28/2017. AMP GLOBAL GROUP ENTITIES: He also took the time to inquire into the details of my account and corresponded with other departments in setting my platform. I just recently started back trading and although AMP doesn't have crypto they do have all the majors and the excellent support staff to help you out. They are good with communication, very few tech problems and prompt when withdrawing funds. I also had accounts with TradeStation and IB but closed them because their service really sucks...- I am located in the EU and despite the different time zone I always got immediate response via online chat.- Customer service via email or phone is not great and a waste of time.- Accounts can also be funded in EUR.I had read a lot of negative comments about AMP and also with other brokers I have an account with (and I know their good service). Her reply,.......wait for it........."I will ask someone to review the application"!!!! I see some complaints guys are what i call operator error or lost in the woods..these guys are top notch or they wouldn't be the largest brokerage house around. I opened my account with them in 2010. Thanks to its extremly compact DOM, you can insert, modify or delete orders in one window, see you profit and loss in real time, read the tape and lot more things. I also like Amp Global commissions that are the lowest I could find anywhere, also their customer service is very fast and informative and helped me a big deal with setting up my MT5 with futures. Headquarters: 221 N. LaSalle Street, 25th Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 USA Simply the best company. I have a few technical issues with my old platform. 11/13/2019. Read the DOM features list here and the classic book here. Great selection of platforms and no issues with execution through CQG. 7/26/2017. Commissions are very low, since they are also a clearing firm. $300 margince Free Sierra Charts no strings, Metatrader 5 platform for Futures Free ACH In and Out and $300 margins even. by Hans B., by Gia Miriam, one way or the other. They are very quick to answer all my trading questions. Dozens of free platforms. AMP GLOBAL CLEARING LLC - AMP GLOBAL (USA) is authorized as a Futures Clearing Merchant “FCM” regulated by the National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, with license no. All rights are reserved. They helped me with my trading problems so much. They wound not be in business if that was true. a stop will be hit $500 below limit just for you,orders will appear that you didnt place and werent visable at the opinion they and cqg profile traders. 5/31/2020, Pros: The cheapest broker, free platforms, great customer service, I am with amp for 8 years. I will never do business with AMP again after my hellish experience. AMP GLOBAL LTD - AMP GLOBAL (EUROPE)is authorized as a Cypriot Investment Firm “CIF” regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, with license no. Designed by a former CTA, Wave59 is a powerful, advanced trading platform that delivers a competitive edge. My questions get answered quickly by phone/chat or email. they will get your money I promise you. Their commissions are very low. Best Amp Futures Platform? Pretty amazing conditions almost zero commission. No fees for order modification or cancellation.- All commissions are all-in (no hidden fees) and if one doesn't trade more than 10K lots a month, they are great.- A lot of great and free platforms (I use MultiCharts.NET and SierraChart).- Customer service via online chat is great (always immediate response, all problems were solved). Using these paramenters, the Buy & Sell indicator is able to show you the trend of the market. by Luis Feris, Very unhappy and would not recommend it to anyone. Also metatrader5 for futures and Multicharts also free amazin… Absolutely best retail firm. I opened an account with Amp Global in 2010. Bad attitude. $300 margins on ES.Just a few days ago I was having an ongoing issue with apparent data lag. by GoldTrader, ScalpTool is a trading system specifically designed for traders and scalpers who demand performance and agility in the market.

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