The exterior will not make your eyes sore – the chrome finish is stylish. Many models are built to secure firearms against extreme attacks. But on a daily basis, you might find yourself spending a lot of time trying to open your anchored safely. There are 2 things to keep in mind here. If your safe does not have a key override, determine if it has a change key. There’s rarely upholstery inside – most in-wall safes do not come with a soft lining inside meaning that your firearms are exposed to scratching. While you can store a rifle in most of them because they are wide, the number of guns you can store is limited.

Thick walls, solid locking bolts.

If you’re looking for a long gun safe that you can discreetly keep in your bedroom in case of emergency or break-in, you can’t find a better unit than this one. The capacity of the safe fits 4 rifles, however, those with a scope might be hard to store neatly and could require more space. One point to consider with manual locks is that they do require some maintenance. Customers marvel at the size and weight of the safe. What long gun safe alternatives can I use?

Choosing a mediocre long gun safe is simply not an option.

Considering the size of a long gun, the trunk would do fine. Sure, the quality and thickness may vary a bit but if you are getting a safe for personal use, how thick of a steel wall do you need? BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Safe Cabinet is one of the best gun safes for long guns.

For this model, it features a 5/16” thick drill-resistant lock hard plate. If the burglar tries to use drill attacks, then it is not going to be possible to get into the safe. Perhaps customers may not depend on it to keep burglars out. Mesa Safe 30 Rifle Gun Safe with Digital Lock. Customers fancy the safe for being fire resistant, thick, and sturdy. Below, we’ll review some of the top options on the market to ensure you’re choosing the right one for your home. The strong material used for construction makes it hard to drill and get past the door.

This is where you can plug in a dehumidifier to store delicate objects and not only guns.

In light of construction, consider the thickness of the walls and the body wields. So, it is a plus to have such a feature.

That’s because almost all products that you will encounter have a solid steel exterior and soft lining on the inside.

makes the list of one of the most favored and fireproof long gun safes. These same people then have to buy a second safe to meet their needs.

Steel Water Heavy Duty 45-Long Safe is just another awesome and best gun safe that you can also select for your home, ammunition store or office.It will be the best choice for your home if you own any firearms or guns.

This should often be enough for many people anticipating the occurrence of a fire. Since it is not the broadest safe on the market, you will be able to fit just 3 full-sized rifles even though there is a 12-position rack in there.

I've compiled a list of 5 of the best safes in this category with my recommendation and review. It is approved and tested by the California Department of Justice for safety, so you can rest easy knowing that your guns are not going anywhere.

Moreover, the locking system will keep children away as it has 2 locks per door and holds the firearms safely tucked inside.

Gun Safe 14 Long Gun fire Proof for 30 Minutes YS5520, It boasts of a well-carpeted interior and an inclusive door organizer, The best 14 gun safe hard plate is drill resistant, It is fireproof at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes, The interiors barrel rests maintain the proper conditions of firearms.

There are two ways to lock it: program your passcode with the digital keypad on the door or lock/unlock manually with keys. Tactical flashlights could find a home too in this safe.

If you want to anchor your safe to the floor or wall, choose a unit that has pre-drilled holes.

Being ETL-verified means your valuables will be able to withstand up to 1750 degrees for 60 minutes in case of a house fire. They say that it is perfect for use in any room and easily mounted to the wall or floor, so while there is easy access, no thief could come into your home and steal it. The safe is packed with additional storage for accessories such as ammo and jewelry. Weighing at 50 pounds, however, may come at a disadvantage if frequently moved. Very few large safes at this price point are able to make that claim. Access is easy, and you don’t have to spend all day under the bed trying to open the unit.

Such features raise the price of the unit, but it is debatable if that gives us good value.

This is pretty handy to have against forced entry. Since you can’t see them from the outside, there’s no way thieves can remove or tamper with them.

Barska AX11652 Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe, Blue Dot Safes Second Amendment Fire-Resistant Gun Safe, Stack On GCWB-10-5-DS 10 Long Gun Security Cabinet.

The door is 4 ¾” thick! From just checking out its construction, you should find the model sturdy enough. They all come with impressive features that should make people comfortable buying them.

This comes at a cost, though. What To Do If Someone Tries To Breaks In Your House? The biometric features ensure that nobody will be able to interfere with your valuables and that only you will be able to access the safe. Long gun safes are some of the most versatile gun safes you can get.

There are a few points to take into consideration with electronic locks. All the best long gun safes will also have drywall fire protection. You can have an easy time mounting the model into the floor and keep it anchored. One of the best values for the money, the Stack-On SS-22-MB-C has a rated capacity of 22 long guns. You can save your gun safe with all of its contents within such a time frame. The locking mechanism features a digital keypad and 4 1-inch locking bolts. Good for you if you purchase your safe from manufacturers who allow their customers to extend the warranty period. Mechanical locks, on the other hand, are the more reliable ones. The most outstanding features of the Old Glory B.R. They also typically have top class lining and padding on the inside. The Modular Safe features 8 1-inch steel locking bolts for optimal security. There are tons of gun safes out there, and we’ve reviewed hundreds to find the best choices for safety, functionality, and style.

It should be pointed out that electronic locks are indeed quicker and easier to access. The unit itself will hold up to three shotguns and has a patent-pending barrel rest that will ensure that your guns don’t get scratched and dented in storage.

The model also has reinforced steel bolt down holes. Such safes have a combination lock with a dial, but they also come with a key lock and extra keys. On average some users can store up to 16 long guns, which is still high capacity. While they can access it readily, thieves don’t have the slightest chance of getting in. Stack-On’s Stand-Up Home Defense safe is so slim and sleek, you’ll hardly notice it when you enter your room.

People say that their satisfaction with this safe is beyond their expectations. The more characteristics you get, the more you pay, but that’s not necessarily bad.

You just enter your code, and the safe door will click open. The best part is that the fireproof features have been verified by an independent lab. Other gun safes might require space or renovations such as cutting holes in walls. Biometrics is the most advanced additional safety feature that we can come up with.

The spare keys will save you in the event of forgetting the combination.

Build a gun safe vault in your pantry or closet.

How can I choose the right long gun case?

While the side walls are not the thickest gauge steel, they are rarely targeted by thieves. One can enjoy a wide array of inexpensive features packed in one unit. The so-called locking bolt technology is a universal one, but it goes very well with mechanical locks. It has been designed in order to accommodate AR-15 types of rifles.

Your email address will not be published. Of course, you will need to pay extra for this feature. With this capacity, you should store all your best guns without any issues. The main difference between them is the degree of the door opening.

Its sturdiness and heavyweight are also additional features that enable the safe to withstand anything. The anchored version doesn’t give you flexibility – this can be an advantage to an extent because in the event of a robbery the safe can hardly be stolen.

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