Saguaros can live up to 200 years and grow as many as 25 arms. Foliage appears during the winter rainy season.

Offered as : A 5 gallon sized plant to U.S. mail order locations only, pictured above are examples of 5 gal.

Native Plants • Drought Tolerant Plants • Water Fountains • Unique Accessories. Available at specimen size, the Organ Pipe cactus rises from the ground in several narrow stems. Plants can also be picked up at our walk in nursery location simply click the link below for more info.
BOOJUM TREES. For sale at our North Phoenix nursery. Boojum trees are rare in cultivation, and VERY slow growing. Boojum tree is usually deciduous or leafless during the summer.

Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery Inc.

It is illegal to harvest wild plants as the Boojum Tree is protected by the Mexican goverment. Average Landscape Size: Extremely slow growing up to 50 ft. Key Features: Deciduous Tree. Easily identified by their tough, thick, blade-like leaves, Yucca come in many varieties. Watering Needs: Moderate water when in leaf. We also offer full-service landscape maintenance services to  help you take care of your outdoor space so you can come home and enjoy its benefits without worrying about its upkeep! Due to the size and nature of these … © 2009, All rights reserved.

This mounding succulent grows to only about 2 feet tall but as wide as 6 feet. Thank You! We offer the branching Cardon cactus in all sizes. The plants grow slowly, putting on less than a foot of dimension per year and wild harvest is prohibited due to the protected status of this cactus.

Available at specimen size, the slow growing Boojum tree is a cousin of the Ocotillo.

Please sow the seeds on the mineral soil.

Gardeners who wish to try growing Boojum trees should have deep pockets, since purchasing even baby plants can be quite expensive.

Desert …

ICE PLANT . Boojum trees are quite rare due to seed disputes and their protected wild status. Large selection of Cactus and succulents : Click for Detail: Carnegiea gigantea (Saguaro) Container Grown. The nursery encompasses 2 acres of Sonoran Desert west of Tucson, AZ. Visit for our current selection. 10650 W. Barney Lane Share : Email; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Arizona's premier plant nursery & landscape design company. Sun | 9am - 3:30pm. Established 5 gallon rooted plant(s) up to larger specimen sized plants may also be available for shipping within the U.S. only or for pick-up as most are very large, so sorry but no international shipping of large plants. We offer several colors of the showy, hardy, and fast growing bougainvillea. Ideal for indoors, this cactus-like succulent has dark greeN, fan-shaped branch clusters. germination instructions Fouquieria columnaris - Boojum tree – cirio: There is no pre-treatment of the seeds required. We have many satisfied customers in Cave Creek, Carefree, Glendale, Peoria, Paradise Valley, Northern Scottsdale, and other cities in the Northern Phoenix area of the valley. This is a good time to transplant … Also known as the Spring Cactus, these cactus have numerous, vividly colored blooms in the spring. We grow and sell only boojum trees and are open by appointment. For Sale: 3 ft. ($85 per ft) $255.00 4 ft. ($85 per ft) $340.00 5 ft. ($85 per ft.) $425.00 6 ft. ($85 per ft) $510.00 7 ft. ($85 per ft) $595.00: Qty: Phoenix cactus nursery. Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. skillfully adds beauty to outdoor spaces of any size, from the minuscule to the massive! Boojum Trees like full sun. We offer a wide selection in our cacti nursery in Cave Creek. The plants of Fouquieria Columnaris Aka The Boojum Tree offered here are anywhere from 10 to 15+ years from seed. Mon-Fri | 8am - 4:30pm Visit Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery to see our current selection of indoor succulents for sale. Boojum Unlimited Create a sense of peace and harmony in your outdoor space with the creative vision and selection of Desert Foothills Gardens, Inc.! After the plant is six years old, in late summer to early fall, it develops fragrant, tubular, creamy yellow blossoms … BOOJUM TREES, Fouqueria columnaris, have one double - one head 30" long and one …

Simply click the link below for info. Sat | 9am - 4:30pm Boojum Unlimited ( has been in business since 1976.�The nursery encompasses 2 acres of Sonoran Desert west of Tucson, AZ.� We grow and sell only boojum trees and are open by appointment.� Due to the size and nature of these plants, we do not ship, but have been known to deliver with the proper incentive. BOUGAINVILLEA. © 2004 - 2020 Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery Inc. All Rights Reserved. A true miracle of the desert, this fairly bizarre, spiny, dry deciduous tree from the Sonora Desert of northwestern Mexico forms a thick, succulent, columnar, usually unbranched trunk to over 15 m tall with many narrow, MESA) $650. Boojum trees grow well in the southwest US, in areas with similar growth conditions, and in properly maintained greenhouses designed for desert plants. Boojum Unlimited is also available as an information source on the natural history, propagation, and horticultural needs of these unique Sonoran Desert plants.
A Sonoran Desert native, Ocotillo branches very heavily at its base before rising as tall as 10m. The caudex on this plant will be a minimum of about 2" tall, and 1" wide. We offer several colors of the showy, hardy, and fast growing … Website Design, Hosting, Maintenance & SEO by, 33840 N. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, Arizona. Boojum Unlimited ( has been in business since 1976. Bigger seeds need to be covered with the mineral soil, small seeds should remain on the surface. Twiggy spikes occur along the entire trunk of this specimen, all the way to the top. container $12.00 7 gal container (15-19 inches) … It is now illegal to collect boojum tree seeds or plants from Mexico without permits from the Mexican government, which are all but impossible to obtain. Drought-resistant, animal-resistant, and a lover of the sun, agave is native to the Southwest. The Spanish name for the tree is Cirio, which means taper or candle. If you are searching for “cactus nursery” or “desert nursery” near me in Phoenix, Cave Creek, Carefree, North Scottsdale or Anthem, Desert Foothills Gardens, Inc. can help! (Pictured below are examples of mature Boojum Trees as example of the growth once your plant matures ). It flowers yellow. The drought tolerant cacti are perfect in the southwestern landscape and provide vertical appeal that is enhanced by thick-leaved succulents and other xeriscape plants. Blue Myrtle.

If you searching for where to buy cactus in Phoenix, look no further.

Desert Foothills Gardens Nursery, Inc. expertly beautifies outdoor spaces of any size from the minuscule to the massive! They love heat and do most of there growing in the winter season. Contact us for more info. Cave Creek, AZ 85331, Our Hours: Robert H. Perrill, Owner

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