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I've added some other collapses in it and made shure that all the ID's unique and it works fine except one small thing about the closing other sections when one … There are two possible solutions to this problem.

Implement Expand/ Collapse Feature in Material Datatable. At the moment I have it displaying correctly, but it does not function between 981 pixels and 1126 pixels. Bear with me as I explain it. // 2018的第一天 var pop_num =24; I have tried to implement a modified version of this answer, but can't get it working. What's the name of these graphic elements at the end of an article? Hides a collapsible element.

For example, if someone expands the keys section and then expands the attributes section, they have to scroll below the keys section.

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The Bootstrap accordion is a component that organizes content within collapsable items. } Bootstrap 3 example with side by side buttons below the content. (similar to traditional accordion behavior - this is dependent on the, Toggles the collapsible element on invocation. var hours = (days - day)*24; Examples of Bootstrap Accordion use include: bootstrap accordion example with expand/collapse all, Your expand/collapse all button handler needs to completely override that normal accordion behavior. If you are using Bootstrap 4, and you don't want to change your markup: bootstrap collapse panel with icon, Improvement on Bludream's answer: You can definitely use FontAwesome! To add accordion-like group management to a collapsible area, add the data attribute data-parent="#selector". javascript - Twitter Bootstrap - Nav collapse bootstrap accordion with icon, Bootstrap accordion. I am having trouble with a bootstrap. javascript - Multiple bootstrap accordions with collapse other when clicked on one accordion I've implemented Bootstrap 3 Collapse. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. jQuery(function(i){var g="ad_pop"+myDate;var c="ad_pop_month"+myDate;var j="ad_poptx"+myDate;var h="ad_poptx_month"+myDate;var e="ad_poptxAdd";var f="ali";var b=promotionUrl;if(1!=ad_get_aCookie(g)){i("#ad_pop").show();ad_set_aCookie(e,"1",pop_numAdded/24)}else{if(1!=ad_get_aCookie(e)&&1!=ad_get_aCookie(j)){f="tx";b=promotionUrlTx;i("#popDivStyleId").attr('style',styleTx);i("#popBigImgUrlId").attr("src",popBigImgUrlTx);}}var d=false;i(".ad_pop_close").click(function(){i("#ad_pop").hide();if(f=="tx"){ad_set_aCookie(j,"1",pop_num/24)}else{ad_set_aCookie(g,"1",pop_num/24)}var a=false;var m=false;var k=ad_get_aCookie(c);if(k&&1==parseInt(k)){a=true}var l=ad_get_aCookie(h);if(l&&1==parseInt(l)){m=true}if(!d&&(!a||!m)){d=true;if(f=="tx"){ad_set_aCookie(h,"1",30)}else{ad_set_aCookie(c,"1",30)} if(co){}}});i(".ad_pop_left").click(function(){"")});i(".js-open-close").click(function(){i("#ad_pop").hide();});i(".ad_pop_left_txy").click(function(){"")});}); function initLeftDay(){ //initLeftDay(); If your control element is targeting a single collapsible element – i.e. bootstrap accordion, Note that Bootstrap’s current implementation does not cover the various keyboard interactions described in the WAI-ARIA Authoring Practices 1.1 accordion pattern - you will need to include these yourself with custom JavaScript. I am making a Rails app, and am trying to achieve a particular functionality relating to Twitter's Bootstrap collapse.
Bootstrap 4 collapse component tutorial to create different styles of collapses using href, data-toggle attributes, multiple targets, accordion style and with collapsible body content. I have Array of objrcts so i'll iterate using *ngFor="let data of dataArray" I have the example to achieve this using accordion. How to expand/collapse table rows with Bootstrap, it is the one bootstrap offers us a simple table, bootstrap the doc with only data-target and collapse, How to expand/collapse table rows with Bootstrap, How to Cucumber : Test Reporting Plugin with Maven and Java, Unity3D - Reducing the APK file size of your build for mobile device, Responsive Button with Bootstrap : Toggable Text, How to Photoshop Script: Export Layers to PNG Files, How to Cucumber : Test Report Plugin 2 with Maven and Java, How to Unity3D - Why Use UI instead of GUI / IMGUI, Software Architecture – “Train wagons” – Be agile and prioritize your stack, How to Photoshop Script: Translate Text Then Save PNG for Each Language, How to Photoshop Script: Export Layers to PNG Files, Unity3D – Reducing the APK file size of your build for mobile device, IndieGame – Using Trello for Project Management. I was able to figure that out. The better solution, I think would be to have it so that when keys is expanded, the buttons to the right move down to the bottom of the keys div, and when attributes is expanded, the edit details button moves to the bottom of that div.

If you stick to HTML structure and proper selectors according to the Bootstrap convention, you should be alright. var seconds = (minutes - minute)*60; return day; The current set-up works, however is a little awkward. @jagmohan To fix your problem simply use 'show' or 'hide' instead of 'toggle' as arguments of the collapse() function as described in the.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Figured it out. Nihil anim keffiyeh helvetica, craft beer labore wes anderson cred nesciunt sapiente ea proident. What happens if a motor draws more amps than a battery can provide? If I move the buttons to be right above the view they expand/collapse, then the buttons stack on top of one another. Via data-* Attributes.

var co=false; Solution: you must prevent the expand/collapse from triggering when a button is clicked. 4核8G 5M ¥3002元/3年(强烈推荐) Be sure to add aria-expanded to the control element. Usage. Problem: The collapse does not work with a TR tag for target. It was caused by a conflict created by the old prototypeJS library. We must therefore integrate bootstrap collapse component and stylish buttons.

(强烈建议买3年,不浪费新用户的高福利!) 22. 查看&关闭× However, you can add the .in class to show the content by default: The following example shows a collapsible panel: The following shows a collapsible panel with a list group inside: The following example shows a simple accordion by extending the panel component. var promotionUrlTx=''; It works BUT JavaScript lags on expanding/collapsing when there are dozens of roww and sub-rows on the page and there are duplicate code. css - How to center an icon in a circular background Why aren't fixed build platform 3D printers popular? W3Schools is optimized for learning and training. How should I request a professor to restrict communication to email? I have Array of objrcts so i'll iterate using *ngFor="let data of dataArray" I have the example to achieve this using accordion.

They return to the caller as soon as the transition is started but before it ends. In case, we have expanded elements and I want to expand all, it collapses the expanded one and expands the others. ( Log Out /  2核4G 3M ¥698/3年(热门推荐) The expand/collapse all click handler must keep track of the last state (expand all or collapse all), because the Bootstrap Collapse component is seperately handing the state of each single panel (only one open at a time).

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bootstrap: collapse other sections when one is expanded, There are two possible solutions to this problem. javascript - setting start date limit in bootstrap datepicker

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