There's honestly enough rice for 3 people. I've never really had a remarkably good meal in a mall either, but I guess you're not really going for the food. I am hoping that they didn't add any sugar or high amounts of sodium to it. Fast Food Restaurants, Japanese Restaurants, Restaurants. Stuff has been added to the menus and it's made easier to order now because they have an easy combination menu that everyone can read on the overhead. American Takeout Sandwiches Lunch Pickup.
I love chicken teriyaki and have eaten at countless Sarkus and this location by far is the stingiest when it comes to the amount of chicken that they give you. Martha Garrett-Shaver MD Magnolia Arkansas, Kyi Kyi Thwin Win Md Inc Lake Arrowhead California. After your meal at Sarku Japan, don't forget that Fayetteville has a ton of amazing restaurants to try. Less sustainable if you ask me. My question should probably be if the food is even safe to eat? Trending Categories. The single order won't do anything for you. Still alive and never had any stomach problems after a meal at any Sarku location. The sautéed veggies which consisted of predominantly cabbage that were thrown together on a flat top were surprisingly tasty. No more. They've forgotten to be generous with their customers. I would say it's at least 50% less than at other locations. Search for “food near me” Enter your address to find Sarku Japan near you, browse the menu online, and choose what to eat. This was my go to as a child many many years ago, but looks like things have been changing. Never met such a cheap worker before. It would have definitely benefited from a few shakes of salt and pepper.As the only restaurant with a long line, even on a weekday afternoon, Sarku Japan is miles above a similar restaurant two stalls away. If you're craving some fast food in Fayetteville, then you've come to the right place! No more. I'm sorry, but I f*cking love Sarku. Anyway, the entire food court here looks recently redone. And yes, it's pretty much Chinese/Taiwanese and not Japanese. Tiny portions of chicken. I just feel bad for newcomers LOL. There is a nice variety and plenty of vendors to choose from, but I had a desire for a beef bento box, so Sarku is where I ended up. The food is good. Is it amazing? I can't stand going to the mall......ANY mall. Sarku Japan serves up the a pretty standard mall chicken plate. I got food poisoning on Dec. 17 and still have stomach problems. Ah, and yes, asking for extra sauce is always good. They've forgotten to be generous with their customers. Still a good option but many more out there. I understand business have ups and downs on the quality but this is certainly not acceptable. They were out of napkins, and even though there was a guy overseeing the napkin area he did nothing to replenish them. But it's good and it's convenient and obviously I'm not the only one that thinks it's good because they always have a line here. I didn't get the greatest look because they were rushing me and the guy in front of me to pick up our orders.

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