There is probably better but not for the price. Hi Shrews, if you post a thread in the guitar section stating that you want to get a tone like Steve Jones using a Katana & whatever guitar it is that you have I am sure that someone far more experienced than me will give you some pointers. There is a workaround on the 100, which is to assign a volume boost to the FX loop. This is a deal breaker for me…regardless of how good the amp sounds… Hey! Now I go through a BOSS ME-80 direct to the clean Katana 50. It was amazing, and the dude could play! Of course, if that doesn’t work for you, then it’s a bit of a wash. If you want to get involved, click one of these buttons! So I think this is the best combination, as you have said. My past experience with solid state amps is that the lows are flabby and if you turn them up to any degree, it’s like throwing a blanket over the cabinet. Everything is constructed tidily, with not a glitch to be seen. Treble 0 My main setup is a Line 6 HD147 half stack, running into a DI box to the desk… sounds great, but I’m tired of lugging it around…. Volume 10 Honestly? Tone Bone Score: 5 Maybe it’s my initial infatuation talking with this amp, but I’m loving it! Also, note that running the BOSS Katana 50 with any onboard overdrive/distortion would mean you wouldn’t be able to run an external delay without getting a horribly messy/distorted tone. amzn_assoc_region = "US";
It was also about maxing the master on my BOSS ME-50 to get the strongest signal possible into the Katana 50. an original Ibanez Tubescreamer). I’ll get a cover. The Katana series is rapidly expanding (full details here), so if you need a head, MIDI, a 2×12 or a portable amp, you’re catered for. You may already have read our reviews of the Boss Katana-100/212 MkII and Katana-50 MkII digital combos with onboard effects and tone-editing via USB. It sings in its own voice, and that voice is very pleasing to me. …. The Cornford just didn’t live up to the hype. Learn how your comment data is processed. Damn! Not to mention the dynamics of the amp. Other manufacturers have done it (See the Marshall Code below) as well as BOSS themselves on the new Katana Air. Once I’d backed off the MIDS, I had a superior clean tone, with the bark provided by the external OD. Finally, with power attenuation of 50W, 25W, and all the way down to 0.5W, this amp will perform in any kind of venue. For me it is enough to my pleasure and my music of Jazz. My Katana 50 Combo cut through as well as any valve amp I’ve used. At that venue, I was all about maximum clean headroom. My first exposure to the amp was in a local Guitar Center the other day. Intuitive, well thought out, simple and useful. The Katana series is rapidly expanding (full details here), so if you need a head, MIDI, a 2×12 or a portable amp, you’re catered for. That’s on the 50W mode, clean channel, gain just less than half, volume the same, and master maxed. Very detailed and informative. What settings would you advise for Sex Pistols. It was still loud enough to gig with, and unlike the 100, has the 25 W power mode which is ideal for my gigging needs. But when it has come to amps, I have – up until recently – been of the mind that no solid state amp could even come close to the sound and performance of a tube amp. Adding the OD of your choice gets you into whatever ballpark you desire. A tinkerer’s wet dream. Not so with this amp. This feels like a deliberate ploy from BOSS (along with GAFC switching) to steer customers to the bigger Katana 100, or maybe it’s to bring the Katana 50 down to its extraordinary price-point? Now some have commented that the attenuator is a little redundant and doesn’t make much sense since the amp has a Master volume. That’s the same as a high-end pedal. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
Now, I’m decided to buy one. I’m more fair than that. The issue I did have with my Blues Junior was headroom, it just didn’t have enough oomph to cope with volume hikes for solos. Luckily though, the amp has built-in ouput power attenuation. It’s all about confidence, and the BOSS Katana 50 grants you just that. That’s definitely something to giggle about. This amp isn’t trying to be a Fender or Marshall, and this is what endears it to me so much. To give you an idea, I gigged the Katana in 50 W mode, which was a nice clean, controlled, balanced tone, but, when pushed I like my amps to sustain into harmonic feedback, and get a little ‘out of control’ when required. It was rather inconsistent, sometimes the cut was there, other times it faded into the background, mushing out into nothing. The ultimate practice/experimentation amp, utilising all the features of BOSS Tone Studio, a one-stop recording solution, and, to top it off, a tremendously small, light and loud neutral clean pedal platform for live use. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";
Cons: The ONLY disappointment I have with the amp is that it doesn’t have a line out which is included with the 100 Watt models. In fact, given the volume to spare, you could also opt for the 25W mode, cranking both volumes for a little extra sustain and punch. It would’ve been nice to have an FX loop on the Katana 50, just to be able to use the gain channels live. Several reviews out there have called the Katana a modeling amp, probably because of the built-in effects and gain settings which seem to mimic a modeler. But then the question really is: Does it really matter if it’s a modeling amp or not if it sounds and performs this well? The Fender loses out on tone but again makes up for it in digital wizardry (It’s also a great looking amp), and the Vox is the most threadbare when it comes to features but packs a classic tonal punch, at an increased price. The headroom won’t allow for this in 50 W mode, it’s loud but too polite. More Guitar Amplifier Reviews @ The Blogging Musician : Cornford Roadhouse 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier Review, Laney LC30 Mark I Guitar Amplifier Review. I didn’t think solid-state breakup could sound this good. I’d love to help out if you are set up for affiliate sales, but want to make sure I can from the states. In an A/B Test, maybe the BOSS Katana 50 would maybe fall short of my old Cornford (see my review here), but in a gig situation, I honestly didn’t find it lacking in the slightest. Boy, was I wrong! amzn_assoc_linkid = "ede891684894c9d7ccbb1b184a95ce44";
. Thanks Brian. Wah and tuner went through the front. And make no mistake. My regular usage has been at weekly church services, and it has performed remarkably well in that venue. Ok, the BOSS Katana 50 isn’t going to quite get you those crystalline valve-driven Fender highs, but it will get you a perfectly good neutral, full-bodied clean tone as an ideal pedal platform, with headroom to spare. BOSS definitely got it right with this! I have had my Katana 50 for about 4 months now, & as a home practice amp I can"t really fault it TBH. The BOSS Katana 50 has an almost embarrassing array of features. The BOSS Katana 50 has no valves to worry about, and it’s built BOSS, a manufacturer renowned for reliability. Gain, Volume, 3 band EQ, Master. But I’ve spent the last 5 or so hours playing a variety of guitars through the amp – both electric and acoustic – and after dialing in the EQ for each guitar, I just haven’t found a bad sound yet. Very easy to dial in, which makes it super-easy to get a great tone for whatever guitar you place in front of it. Even now it still seems too good a deal to be true, so much so that any guitar player would be a fool to ignore it. Will I just be able to plug in and play, twiddle a few knobs and get a decent sound or do I have to do a load of twiddling and manual reading to get it to sound any good? Very nice touch. It’s uncanny, but it’s true. We play reggae-inspired music as well as guitar-centric classic rock style music and, of course, soft, inspirational music thrown into the mix. For me the TS-Clone of my ME-80. One thing’s for sure, the BOSS Katana 50 can cover a LOT of tonal ground, from squeaky clean to layers upon layer of filth, with or without adding in the internal boosts, distortions etc. The BOSS Katana 50 wasn’t miced up, and all my gain/fx was provided by the BOSS ME-80 Mult-FX (Ibanez Tubescreamer (TS-clone)). on BOSS Katana 50 Guitar Amplifier Review, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Top Ways to Promote Your Music Online in 2018, How Practising Mindfulness Can Help Musicians, BOSS ME-80 Guitar Multiple Effects Review, Guitar nut height adjustment - 7 easy steps, Yamaha Pacifica 112J Electric Guitar Review. You’ll have to go into the software to program it out. So I can mic the amp at a pretty low volume, then let the board do all the reinforcement work. Just tweak your settings and when you’re happy, hold down the channel button you wish to assign your tone to. When I bought my Katana 50, I originally went to the store with the intent of leaving with a JC22.

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