Peter Radovich and Gareth Hughes are the producers. [Ken Norton, Jr.: It’s all about the eyes. [Wanetta Gibson: I mean, I will go through with helping you, but at the same time – all that money they gave us – I mean, gave me – I’m not going to give back … that would take a long time.]. Daniel Ferreira: We believe the recantations of the witness, we do not believe Mr. Banks did the crime that he plead guilty to, and therefore, justice has been served. Run it time, let’s go!]. Visit 60 Minutes on CBS News: Watch the most successful television broadcast in history, offering investigative reports, interviews, feature segments, episodes and profiles. It was Wanetta Gibson, the same woman who had accused him of raping her. We touched. But he also knew instantly what kind of opportunity this might be. Let’s hang out.”. That he was free. He was kicked off the football team and expelled from school with all hope of a scholarship, and NFL career, suddenly vanished.

The truth is out.” I honestly wanted to stand up and walk out of there, there was nothing else to talk about. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. Brian Banks: My main focus has just been on me. Outside the courtroom, Brian and his defense team celebrated and Deputy District Attorney Daniel Ferreira explained the court’s decision …. Brian Banks: “We got it.” Just, “The truth is out. But Carroll felt Banks deserved a chance which is how – just 14 days after leaving the California courtroom – he found himself in Seattle this past June alongside dozens of other Seahawk hopefuls under the watchful eye of Pete Carroll and his staff, which included former NFL all-pro Ken Norton, Jr. [Ken Norton, Jr.: Spin out when you come at me!! Brian Banks: I ran down the field and got blindsided and got knocked out of bounds. The following is a script from "60 Minutes Presents: Mob Stories" which aired on Dec. 27, 2015. Brian Banks: And I immediately just– I froze. Brian Banks: We made our way to this area, and pretty much began making out. [Ken Norton, Jr.: Let’s go, quick, quick, quick! Detective: Just so I could- did he rape you? What are you doing tomorrow? Just to see him in the courtroom and the way he responded, it was the best news I’ve ever had.

Pete Carroll: I was hoping– I was really hopeful that something good was going to happen. And, at this moment, Banks is in negotiations with several NFL teams for this upcoming season. You’re not free when you have an ankle bracelet on your ankle. For its part, the school district has not reached out to get it back. Seattle was one of six NFL teams that gave Banks a tryout, but ultimately, he didn’t make it onto any NFL rosters. In 2007, after five years at Chino State Prison, Brian finally got out of jail at age 22, after serving 85 percent of his sentence. Banks went straight home that night where, as this cellphone video shows, he wasted no time in getting rid of the device that he had been wearing for five straight years. You know, we kissed. Because he wasn’t free before. Brian Banks: A few days after I was exonerated, I got a phone call from a 213 number. At that moment, a 10-year nightmare was over for both Brian and his mother. Amid the many long shots, one player, in the number 43 jersey, stood out because Brian Banks had not played organized football in 10 years. But in the workout, you could see that he just couldn’t make up the ground. Initially, Brian’s prospects appeared to be looking up: DNA samples from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Office came back negative – as he insisted they would. [Ken Norton, Jr.: You cheat to the offset back really good.]. In addition to the criminal prosecution of the case, Wanetta Gibson sued the school system for a lack of security, winning a $1.5 million settlement.

The following script is from “Blindsided” which aired on March 24, 2013. I’m, like, “Hello.” And the voice on the other end goes, “Yeah, I’m looking for a linebacker. Once a running back sees you running real fast to the left, he’s going to cut back, he’s not going to run right to you. And those 10 years, I don’t know who could have.

Though Wanetta admitted to not wanting to give back the money she won in her civil lawsuit against the school, she was willing to meet a second time and it was then that Brian and the investigator worked to get the ultimate admission on tape. Rhop Sneak Peek: Is Wendy Osefo Gossiping About Karen Huger? You know where I can find one?” I said, “Yeah, yeah, you got the right number, but who is this?” And he says, “It’s Coach Carroll.”.

Brian Banks: Yep. And I didn’t accept the request. The last time Brian played football, he was in high school. | Κέλσος, THE ADVENTURES OF A BEGINNER POLITICAL ACTIVIST, Comments on: TV Memories from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Brian Banks: If it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t define me. And with the help of a friend’s father, a private investigator, they set up a meeting with hidden cameras. Then last year came a turn he never could have expected when one day, searching for work online, he got a friend request on his Facebook page. He may not have been able to get past an NFL practice field, but that wasn’t the end of Brian Banks’ football season. James Brown: You were surprised that she showed up? The same Coach Carroll who’d been interested in Banks ten years earlier as head coach at USC. Copyright © 2020 SAVE: Stop Abusive and Violent Environments, 60 Minutes: Blindsided, the Exoneration of Brian Banks. Watch: '60 Minutes' Report About Brian Banks, Whose Story Lee Daniels Will Turn Into A Feature Film You’re not free when you can’t go to a park, or you can’t go to your niece’s birthday party because of other kids are around.

I’ve already won. And I’m just so thankful to God that he’s free. Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks. A little more than a decade ago, Brian Banks was a star linebacker at Poly Tech High School in Long Beach, California. InnovaBiz, Delta and Wheels Up partner to make private aviation more accessible to individual and corporate, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Official Multimedia Network, New Kickoff Rules Will Require Adjustments, By: Video Follow-up to the 10/42 Apologetic! But we never had sex. THR reports that Daniels has signed up to direct "The Brian Banks Story," which, as you might guess, is about Brian Banks. Today, at 27, Brian Banks hasn’t given up on his hope to play someday in the National Football League.

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