See Blue Ridge Mountain EMC's latest deals and use this detailed availability map to see if you live in one of the 9 cities and towns across Georgia and North Carolina where Blue Ridge Mountain EMC has fiber internet service. This determines the ISP for which the map will be drawn. With the necessity of broadband in rural areas, BRMEMC continues to grow our fiber optic network. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC . Use the below toolbox to copy your embed code(s) to paste your award(s) onto your website and download your assets for marketing use. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC offers service in 2 states. Share your experience to help other users. Our review policy is simple: be helpful, be relevant, and be specific. Office hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Mon. Verify terms and availability with Blue Ridge Mountain EMC. As of 4:40 p.m. today, Blue Ridge Electric Cooperative had 10,371 members still without power.  0 Customer reviews are an essential part of our mission to make choosing a broadband provider easy. BroadbandNow Internet Service Provider Awards 2020 Official Announcement and Methodology, Setup: $75.00 (Includes basic installation.). 0.00 Stars Reviews that have been considered useful, but contained bad language or content that could lead to legal issues, have been edited to display only relevant information. Reviews featuring irrelevant statements or all-caps “rants” are removed, since they are not helpful to consumers looking for fact-based insights.

Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. 2019 © Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation. Members Serving Members with affordable, reliable electric and broadband services.

BroadbandNow is supported by commissions from some of the providers listed on our site. Only one script tag is required per page. Disclaimer: All trademarks remain the property of their respective owners, and are used by BROADBANDNOW only to describe products and services offered by each respective trademark holder.

On August 1, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC released a new automated outage texting service. BROADBANDNOW is a comparison and research website that does not offer internet, TV, or home phone service.

When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. Social Media Policy, Online Member Dashboard and Paperless Information, Current BRMEMC Security Services Subscribers. To report an outage: 1-888-BLUERIDGE As of September 2020, Blue Ridge Mountain EMC’s national average download speed is 26.94 Mbps. No rants will be accepted. For context, wired terrestrial Internet connections generally perform in the 5–70ms range. Please do not report an outage on our social media sites or web site as these are not monitored 24/7 and could delay your outage restoration. Please note we only publish reviews that are: helpful, relevant, and specific. If you have any questions, send an email to Are you a representative of Blue Ridge Mountain EMC? © 2020 Blue Ridge Electric Co-op. Something went wrong and the NDT test didn't load! When writing your review, please support your rating with specific, detailed reasoning. Are you a current or former Blue Ridge Mountain EMC customer in a Blue Ridge Mountain EMC service area ? Customers Tracked: 56,482 Utility Outages: 0 Top 5 Fastest Internet Providers in North Carolina, Top 10 Customer-Rated Fiber Service Nationwide, Top 10 Customer-Rated Business Fiber Service Nationwide, Top 10 Fastest Internet Providers in Georgia, Top 3 Fastest Fiber Providers in North Carolina, Select your award from the list below by year and category, Select a size that fits the section of your website where you intend to display your award(s), Copy the Embed code and drop it into your site's HTML, broadband internet from Blue Ridge Mountain EMC. Select the address where you're experiencing the outage.

3. For additional Technical Support, please contact us at 706-379-3121 (Option 2). Blue Ridge Mountain EMC offers internet service within Georgia and North Carolina. 1. These modules will display results on download and upload throughput. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC offers service in 9 zip codes nationwide. Fiber-optic internet from Blue Ridge Mountain EMC is available to an estimated 47,000 people.

Satellite connections, on the other hand, are often in the range of 500–800ms. Blue Ridge Mountain Electric Membership Corporation is an equal opportunity provider, employer and lender. MagicMail Server is brought to you by Internet Services 1360 Main Street, Young Harris, GA 30582 2. Blue Ridge Mountain EMC has been a pioneer in getting broadband service to our local region for more than 17 years.

 Reviews. This speed test will determine the quality of your Internet service whether you use Blue Ridge Mountain EMC or another provider. Many co-op’s around the Southeast have reached out to BRMEMC for information and consultation regarding broadband.
href: Source page. BRMEMC offers this service FREE to its members, but standard text messaging rates still apply. All Rights Reserved. Plans may not be available in all areas or to all customers and can expire at any time. Network latency: 0.0 msec round trip time. By working together, Touchstone Energy cooperatives stand as a source of power and information to their 32 million member-owners every day. Congratulations Blue Ridge Mountain EMC! data-widget: The type of map that will be drawn. Email us @ Blue Ridge Mountain EMC offers fiber internet access.

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