For a 1A charger, it means the electronic devices in the charger can handle 1A before they break. Does that mean you can’t use a 5V/2.1A charger, or even a 9V/2A charger (in the case of USB-C)? If your device is rated at 2A and your USB power supply gives a maximum of 2A or even can’t reach 2A, it means it is working at 100% and will heat up. A 1A device means that, for a power supply at a certain voltage (5V for USB), the device will "ask" for 1A from the power supply. In the worst case it could even catch fire so don't do this. So if that is 1A it will draw 1A whether you use a 2A or 2,000,000A charger. The smaller rated 1A charger is likely to overheat when used in this manner. I accidentally-on-purpose used a 5V 2A adapter with a 12V 1A device and the device conked out on me. Under the same voltage, if your device is rated at 2A, it will only take around 2A from a 3A output of the USB power supply, leaving a 1A of headroom. Basically, all modern batteries are built with with a chip that regulates the input—they will allow what they can handle. In fact, a higher amperage charger will likely charge your phone even faster, and it can do so safely. So, plugging a 1A device into a 2A charger will be fine. Using the 5V 1A charger to operate a device that is normally charged with a 5V 2A charger is a bad idea. Not at all. However, the charger will only supply as much current as the device it's powering is asking for. The device will only ask … So, as long your device needs less power than the USB power supply can provide, no need to worry. The device that the charger is plugged into determines the current drawn from the charger.

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