Canoe and Kayak Rentals with access point and campsite delivery services. 1111 Victoria Street, Petawawa, ON, K8H 2E6, Phone: 613-687-5536 - Fax: 613-687-5973. Plan your next motorcycle ride along the hand-crafted roads of Ontario’s Highlands. I don’t have to worry about overheating, nor will I find myself pushed to my limit while trying to outrun a swarm of deer flies for 20 kilometres (true […], So you’re not ready for camping season to end? For more info email:, WMA course sponsored by The Boundless School. Unfortunately, when the cranberry sauce is gone, the turkey’s […], So you’ve seen the Instagram posts of friends or family seated around a rustic campfire, enthusing on the beauty of nature and a rugged camping experience, but you’re thinking “That’s totally not for me?” Hey, don’t sweat it, you are not alone. Includes equipment and canoe rental rates, fishing information and links to related sites. The North Canoe Rental Program is an opportunity for local community groups to access the three 21' north canoes formerly part of the Ottawa River Canoe Brigade. Sheffield Conservation Area in Lennox and Addington has a boat launch on Little Mellon Lake, where you can paddle along and bask in the quiet solitude. Stand up paddle boards, kayaks and canoes are available for rent on site. The sky is faintly brightening with the coming of dawn, and the natural world is gradually blossoming to life. Petawawa Post. Seasonal Activities. Pack your own lunch or have us do it for you. Call for more details - 613-758-2165, Ontario Recreational Canoeing and Kayaking Association, Governing body for canoe and kayak instructors in the Province of Ontario, We have an Instructor Trainer offering courses in: Moving Water, River Running, Kayaking, Canoe Tripping and Canadian Style Paddling, We can offer their tandem whitewater canoeing certifications, ©2020 by Madawaska River Rentals. Disconnect from the everyday with a snowmobile trip through Ontario’s Highlands. The rambling rivers that cut through dense forest provide a unique opportunity to view the fall colours as you meander at a comfortable pace. Summer adventure of mountain biking awaits at Sir Sam’s Ski & Ride. If you’re a thrill-seeker looking for a bit of whitewater, the parts of the Ottawa, Madawaska, and Petawawa Rivers draw in whitewater aficionados all year round. Learn to climb or brush up on your skills with an epic ice climbing adventure at SOIceFest 2020 in Maynooth, ON. Highway 60 & Major Lake Rd, Madawaska, ON, Poutine made with original Quebec cheese curd. Let us worry about the details such as campsite bookings and getting your gear ready. 276 0 obj <>stream 1008 Cannon Road, Sharbot Lake, On K0H 2P0, Canada | 613-279-2952 h�b``�a``�����dy�A��X؀�c���:!�l�g6�ٰvtt0Dtt4�倀���y2�V bE� �!���C� �&c���>p� A three-day Freedom Finder Route to clear your mind and make your adrenaline sky-rocket. CONTACTLESS CANOES AND GEAR RENTALS FOR 2020! Discover these top lakes and rivers in Ontario’s Highlands to discover the beauty of fall colours from a canoe. The vistas on this route are stunning, from the Ottawa Valley to the Madawaska Valley. 10 Item(s) Expedition Kevlar . Do you prefer digging in off-road, pedaling hard for speed and distance, or just a light taste with a short meander? We also provide an excellent variety of guidebooks, maps, lake charts, park souvenirs, camping supplies and much, much more. Explore the sweet moments and ageless beauty of Perth, Ontario. endstream endobj startxref Bring your canoe or kayak in for a repair estimate and evaluation. All rentals include: boat, paddle, pfd, water-safety kit. The North Canoe Rental Program is an opportunity for local community groups to access the three 21' north canoes formerly part of the Ottawa River Canoe Brigade. M�0Ic���*O]FX�7����Js�@�x"� After a long Canadian winter, spring getaways are a time-honoured tradition for families here in the great white north, and haven’t we earned a little fun in the sun? North canoe rentals available. We have the best selection of Algonquin fishing gear used by local anglers and park regulars. Climb to new heights at the Medeba Ice Wall and enjoy the unique view from the top. Canoes, Kayaks, Tents, sleeping Bags, camping stoves, cooking kits, backpacks.. we got it all. Thick […], Remember when your whole summer was devoted to swimming, playing, catching frogs, and finding adventures? To sign up contact, WMA course sponsored by The Boundless School. A tale of one person’s thrilling weekend battling the whitewater rapids of the Madawaska River in Barry’s Bay. Vanderwater Conservation Area in Tweed sits along the Moira River. Wander the waterways of Hastings County with Cruising Canoes. A bike ride can be what you want to make of it, which is part of the fun, isn’t it? It may seem like you could cruise forever on this roadway, but everyone […], Now more than ever we are drawn to our community, and the places that help us to unwind and get outdoors. Watch JR Alli’s video and see what he discovers when he allows himself to just wander. We can offer WMA courses for your group! Explore roads of Ontario with these drives that make you reach for your hairbrush. Camping isn’t for everyone, and who says it should be? This short, beginner trip is designed to be a no hassle way to experience an Algonquin Park canoe day trip.

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