Design BAZDAZZLED Holiday By CatherineMartin On September 9, 2014. Why bury ''Romeo and Juliet'' amid all this creative ferment? Directed by Baz Luhrmann; written by Craig Pearce and Mr. Luhrmann, based on the play by William Shakespeare; edited by Jill Bilcock; music by Nellee Hooper; production designer, Catherine Martin; produced by Gabriella Martinelli and Mr. Luhrmann; released by 20th Century Fox. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. The exuberance of the Halloween party in the large Capulet mansion set the tone for Romeo and Juliet's meeting.

Their classic mafia inspired look is used to secure their standing as the street lords of Verona Beach.

Academy Awards, USA 1997 Nominee Oscar: Best Art Direction-Set Decoration ... Catherine Martin (production design) Doug Hardwick (art direction) Brigitte Broch (set decoration) Satellite Awards 2007 Nominee Satellite Award: In an interview with the Tribeca Film Fesitval, she states that Luhrmann is a visual director and explains how that influences her work with him. Your email address will not be published. The Montagues act jokingly and don't seem to take the fight seriously, whereas the Capulets are brooding and intense; these characterizations span across the entire movie. Log in. And…, Hello Ana, and thanks so much for this.

The Capulets, led by Juliet's cousin,Tybalt (John Leguizamo), are streamlined in all black garments and tough bad-boy swagger.

The film moves from excitement to tragedy, which is accomplished through varying settings that complemented the acting and costumes. Unless otherwise noted, all images are the property of their respective owners. Costumes:  Catherine Martin, the production designer for this film as well as Baz Luhrmann's Moulin Rouge!, has won four Oscars for her work. Wonderfully styled, her design is stippled with cheeky references to Shakespeare – like the billboard ad for Propsero Whiskey.

* Please note: by subscribing to our site, you are consenting to receive mailings from us. It calls for pink hair, screaming billboards, tabloid television stories, music-video editing and a little hot dog shack called Rosencrantzky's on Verona Beach. With an opening sequence edited in the high-voltage style of a movie trailer, this ''Romeo and Juliet'' does not initially promise much in the way of sincerity. Pete Postlethwaite, as a tattooed Father Laurence, and Miriam Margolyes, as Juliet's zesty nurse, are among the actors who successfully compete with the scenery. By the same logic that turned Juliet's balcony into a Manhattan fire escape for ''West Side Story,'' this film draws on watery settings so that its lovers can quite literally take the plunge, and it nearly turns the Capulets' costume ball into ''Priscilla, Queen of Verona.'' Dressed to ravishing effect as a knight and an angel, Romeo and Juliet meet here and bring the film to a much-needed mood change. The film begins with a fight between the Montagues and Capulets, taking place at a gas station. Inevitably, their two families pay the ultimate price for their grudge.

Joining in is, I hope, easy: we all find the film on…, Bringing Up Baby | Lockdown Theatre Club 16, The Go-Between | Lockdown Theatre Club 14. They remain rapt and earnest even when some of the film's frantic minor players might as well be speaking in tongues. In keeping with our Valentine theme, we would like to leave you with a selection of our romantic and whimsical prints for our trend group. This gang is defined by their bad boy swagger and all black streamlined look. WHILE Shakespeare spins, the madly flamboyant film maker Baz Luhrmann (''Strictly Ballroom'') invents a whole new vocabulary for a story of star-crossed young love.

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