More…, An exceptional gold-mounted bow in unused condition by one of the most esteemed German makers of the 20th century. R. PAESOLD ‘192’ Bubenreuth. Most members of our service staff are musicians themselves, which puts them in the perfect position to help you with everything from your choice of instruments to maintenance and repair issues. Color-Coated Strings: Some coatings have coloring agents that can add some spice to your instrument’s visual impact while also offering extended life and smooth playability. and 83.3gr. Nickel-mounted synthetic frog.

81.9gr. More…, Eugène Sartory is probably the most popular maker of all time, and his bows are the mainstay of professional musicians the world over. In spite of their lightness his bows are much in demand for their luminous tone. RODERICH PAESOLD*** Exhibition model by master Harald Wonner, Bubenreuth. Cadenza BC301. This will give you a precise measurement when shopping for strings. J. M. LUTHI Atelier Finkel, Switzerland. Brazilwood stick, nickel-mounted. Violin Bows Octogonal pernambuco wood stick, nickel-mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and triple adjuster. 81.7gr. But keep in mind that ancient, rusted strings are likely to infect your frets and pickups with corrosion—causing damage that’s far more costly than a new set of strings. Octagonal brazilwood stick, nickel-mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and triple adjuster. If in doubt, check your manufacturer’s website or measure the length between the nut and bridge saddles. Wooden bows are the standard for cello players. Another option is to add a piece of felt as a makeshift mute to your bridge that produces more deadened string response. PAESOLD ‘108’ Bubenreuth. Round pernambuco wood stick, silver-mounted ebony frog with eye and triple adjuster. There are some signs of use but generally the bow is in excellent condition. W. S. LUBY Czech. Brazilwood stick, nickel-mounted. CHINESE Brazilwood stick, nickel-mounted ebony frog, eye and triple adjuster. OTTO SPENGLER Bavaria. When the player pulls the bow across the strings (such that the frog moves away from the instrument), it is called a down-bow; pushing the bow so the frog moves toward the instrument is an up-bow (the directions "down" and "up" are literally descriptive for violins and violas and are employed in analogous fashion for the cello and double bass). Stainless steel offers brighter, louder sound that enhances slapping and popping techniques. Octagonal pernambuco stick, silver-mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and all-silver adjuster. Contact, Bowspeed10 Perry Road (Park Row), Christmas Steps, Bristol, BS1 5BG, UK, 0117 3309090 A. CARLESSO Joao Neiva, Brazil (Pernambuco region), modern, round pernambuco stick, gold-mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and triple adjuster.

We never pass information to anyone else and you can unsubscribe at any time. & 79.1gr. Pernambuco, nickel-mounted. RODERICH PAESOLD*** ’468’ Bubenreuth. 80.9gr. Here we have a fine cello bow made in the French style, and in unusually pristine condition. Cello Bows. Stamped “Vtor Fetique a Paris”, round pernambuco stick with the maker’s stamp, silver-mounted ebony frog with eye and triple adjuster. Up to four cello bows may be sent to you on 14 days’ approval. eye, Paulus’ eagle crest and silver adjuster. 80.3gr. Featuring Mongolian horsehair, pearl eye and slide, leather grip and nickel/silver ferrule, this bow is a strong and comfortable stick that's ideal for the beginning stages of any cello journey. Now, as your cello playing improves, you might want to consider making a bow upgrade. With that in mind, arming yourself with any one of the cello bows from this selection will give you the confidence needed to deliver a breathtaking performance - and very possibly a standing ovation. The type of winding affects both the feel and tone of the string. GERMAN Bubenreuth. A very dense stick, giving a lot of power for the weight – not brand new but with minimal wear. Roundwound: By far the most popular, roundwound strings have round wrap wires made of stainless steel or nickel. Round pernambuco wood stick, silver-mounted ebony frog with eye and triple adjuster. R. PAESOLD ‘190’ Bubenreuth. A. R. REICHEL Bubenreuth. Octagonal pernambuco wood stick, nickel-mounted ebony frog with Parisian eye and triple adjuster.

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