Here is the cemetery layout as of August 2018, a pdf created by Peter Vermilya from the scans done by Topographix. And here is a link to the full Topographix report: Click to access topographix-report-general-ward-cemetery-1.pdf. From paying respects to compiling genealogical research, cemetery burial plot maps provide an uncomplicated and easily understood diagram to help you meet your goals. Perhaps you'd like to share what you come up with? If you still have trouble finding your ancestor’s grave, check with the cemetery office to learn if lot numbers have changed since your ancestor’s time. This side commemorates Andrew and Diana Ward, their daughter Roxana who married Eli Foote, Roxana and Eli’s oldest daughter Harriet, and Eli’s brother Justin. Schematics should be created and looked over to ensure optimal use of all space provided and to ensure safety and security for all cemetery … Each grave is noted by a rectangle over the plot where it is located. Justin Foote, died Dec. 8, 1810, age 48 With some luck, you may find the cemetery … This is usually done by a professional surveyor to accurately map the space. You’ll see other hikers usually walking near there. ( Log Out /  Lawrence Godkin 1860-1929. Classroom is the educational resource for people of all ages.

When creating a cemetery plot map it is of the utmost importance to have an accurate understanding of the exact placement of each grave. Graves, according to ICCFA, are to be eight feet by 2.5 feet. Most cemeteries use uniform sizes for single and double plots. Find and compare top Cemetery software on Capterra, with our free and interactive tool. We welcome donations from members and from the public. Thread starter DDH; Start date Jun 28, 2012; D. DDH Well-known Member. Sections are to be at least three times longer than they are wide. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Diana Ward Sumner, born July 28, 1873, died Jan. 23, 1936

24, 1902, age 61. Current board members have come up with a layout showing what stones there are as of 2015.

This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s sons Andrew Ward Foote and William Henry Foote, who died as teenagers after carrying a coffin to the Guilford Green;  their daughter Mary Ward Foote, who married John James Hubbard;  their daughter Roxana, wife of Lyman Beecher; and their additional daughters Martha (died age 12) and Catharine (died age 19). Each grave will have a marker as follows: Lot, Section, TierNorth, Grave_. Andrew Ward, died January 10, 1799 age 71 Add a preliminary grid over the map of with the specific size of each plot. In Florida, plots after 2005 must be 42-by-96-inches with 12 inches of soil over the burial container, unless the cemetery is a religious institution built prior to 1976 and five acres or smaller. Len Strozier is the owner of Omega Mapping and will be happy to answer any questions you have directly at [email protected].

Plot maps break down the layout of a cemetery, allowing you to visualize where you’ll be researching in a cemetery.

Make sure you after you walk over the bridge to take a left to follow the path north along the river just a short way, then it turns right to go up a short hill. This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s son Samuel E. Foote, his wife Elizabeth Betts Elliott Foote, and their son Harry Ward who died at age 28. Henry W. Foote, died Sept. 5, 1822, age 5 Draw out a map using the surveyed measurements. Samuel E. Foote, died May 4, 1887, age 44 The map view is helpful for those looking for directions to a certain area or to get oriented with the cemetery layout. I’m looking for burial information about my great-great-grandfather James Carrigan and his wife, Rose. To tell the truth, I don't think it can be attached here.

Jun 28, 2012 #1 I am trying to find a template for a layout of a cemetery… Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I don't know any file sharing web site, but if anybody would like the Excel file they could give me their e-mail. ( Log Out /  The General Andrew Ward Cemetery Association includes among its members the descendants of General Andrew Ward and their families.

Change ), a website for the General Andrew Ward Cemetery Association. Harriet Foote, died April 18, 1842, age 68. Here is the cemetery layout … Here is the cemetery layout as of August 2017 (click to view). Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Press Alt+Enter to move to a new row in a cell. Some areas have regulations on the size of each plot, and some cities have space issues.

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This allows management to have a clear understanding of the space that is used versus the space that is still available.

( Log Out /  However, in the state of New York, there are no mandatory plot sizes. I started this new Facebook page about my colonial ancestor, and 9th great-grandfather, Andrew Ward (1597-1660) – in 1905 there was an Association of Descendants of Andrew Ward and I am looking for more information about it, does it still exist anywhere?

See disclaimer. The second one was prepared by Harriet Ward Foote Taylor. George A. Foote, died Sept. 5, 1878, age 89 Knowing the general location of a grave is helpful, but it still leaves you wandering around looking for your loved one’s specific gravesite. Harry Ward Foote, born Aug. 5, 1844, died June 28, 1873.

The entire lot is sketched out, including older burial plots, distinguishing natural landmarks and roads. I have been trying to locate the Foote-Ward Cemetery, but have not found it yet. You can park a little ways up Bear House Hill Road just before you get to the Foote Bridge (where car access is not allowed). All donations go directly to the upkeep of this special place.

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Spaces can be entered one at a time (usually used for unusual shaped sections) or by block. Lets you control where the words wrap. Just a quick review of the map and you are already on your way. According to Marc Santora of "The New York Times," Trinity Church Cemetery in New York only has space left for people with long-held reservations or for "extraordinary circumstances." With an accurate cemetery burial plot map, patrons are able to know the exact location of the grave they are searching for with little to no hassle. A cement block prevents cars from going further. The 2018 08 05 Map of Cemetery. Even in places where there is more available land, many considerations must be taken to lay out cemetery plots because of regulations or if the land is an awkward shape. Charong Chow has been writing professionally since 1995. I would like to visit the cemetery. I’m sorry, I don’t know of any current Association for the Descendants of Andrew Ward. Could I possibly get the exact location? The 2018 08 05 Map of Cemetery.

This side commemorates Eli and Roxana’s son John Parsons Foote, his wife Jane Warner Foote,  their sons Edward Warner  and Henry Ward who died young , and their daughter Mary Ward Foote and her husband John Shotwell. This, by ICCFA standards, provides four to eight graves within a lot. To enter by space, click on Per Spaceon the right side of the window. Eli Foote, died Sept. 8, 1792, age 45 [buried near Murfreesboro, N. Carolina] Use Ctrl + F to launch the ‘Find’ dialog.

Alfred Perkins Rockwell, died Dec. 24, 1903, age 68 The detail view allows a line drawing or lot map to be placed over the satellite image for more accuracy in viewing. Grave Mapping offers multi-plot cemetery mapping, record and website synchronization.

George A. Foote, Jr., died Nov. 13, 1869 Thank You. He graduated with an Associate of Arts in agricultural business from Cosumnes River College, where he is continuing his education in computer technology and computer information science. Andrew W. Foote, died Sept. 20, 1794, age 18

Scaling up your cemetery’s operation can be quite difficult. Many cemeteries, especially historical ones, are running out of space for new burials. Using a state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar equipment and GPS/GIS data collectors allows Omega Mapping Service to provide extremely accurate burial plot maps to cemeteries across the nation.

It also indicates some future reserved plots, and missing stones. One of the obelisks is almost entirely illegible, but fortunately the wording had been captured in earlier times. Keep clicking ‘Next’ to sequentially view all plot numbers that have the same plot number assigned (as there are some duplicates in the system) Andrew Ward Foote, died Dec. 16, 1880, age 47. Eliza Spencer Foote, died Aug. 29, 1908, age 96

Divide each section into a lot.

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