You would catch my mother with her maids making dinner you know? But she fled to Miami where she sold drugs as a godmother of the drug trade. You used to slang. Charles Crosby is/was the police from the beginning of their journey together.

So anything that was cloaked or tried to be hidden from me, it was very easy to understand what was going around. I knew money wasn’t a thing, so it was in my nature to grow up how I grew up. That's it? We are the fathers of Hip-Hop. Cosby was enthralled by the Godmother.

In 1992, Osvaldo was shot in the leg and shoulder by one of Pablo Escobar’s men and would later bleed to death in hospital. Charles Cosby was lucky enough to land a gold mine and was even more lucky to get out of that Gold Mine before it caved in on him.An amazing story. I believe in Jesus. The second time he saw Blanco, they retreated into a prison closet for rapid-fire sex.

My mother always took care of the boys and from there me and my brothers were the head honchos of the family and we told everyone else what it was. Dose the word phrase Low-Profile mean anything to you dumb Black Americans? In 2012, her last living child, Michael Corleone Blanco, was on house arrest after a May arrest on two felony counts of cocaine trafficking and conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. Law enforcers want to nail her for all those murders, and they have the right person in custody: Blanco's favorite hit man, Jorge "Rivi" Ayala. People saying he never snitched but he snitched during the entire documentary he was in. In the doc they kept cutting back to when he was young running his mouth, saying the same shit he saying as an older guy now.The whole story is interesting and pitiful at the same time. I got a jewelry line called Blanco Diamonds as well. Dose the phrase Low-Profile mean anything to you dumb Black Americans? You speak on that show as though you are proud of what you have done with your life. THEY STOLE THEM FROM AFRICA AND FORCED THEM TO COME YOU DUMB FUCK. The old guard wouldn’t deal with Blacks but as far as the Colombians from the 80’s it was nothing but love. Why hate on the man In the words of Too Short "You Should Be Gettin It"...Just bc you were a wack ass broke drug dealer don't hate on the next. Both, though, were able to squirrel away enough cash to retire, Cosby says.

Help, Don't have an account yet? Did you hesitate to embrace him? It’s all about the business. A hating no game, small Di@k coward would say something negative just so he could feel better about his pathetic life! Having taken the Godmother mantle to heart, she thought it fitting to name her boy after Al Pacino’s character from The Godfather. Blanco paid to have Sepulveda assassinated in Colombia, and her son returned to her in Miami.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. So that tells me he ain't lying about everything he have said about all the drugs and the money he was earning for doing it!

Blanco was merciless.

Almost immediately, they became lovers, thanks to the help of paid-off prison staff. Meanwhile, fans were clamoring for more information about La Madrina. Just take a look at foreign blacks who move to this country and see how well there are progressing with higher education, while the lazy American Ghetto Blacks must bragged of being rich the moment they accrued a few thousands of dollars by illicit means, must find the need to show off their short-lived 15 minutes of fame.

Gangster right? Griselda Blanco: The Full Story Of The “Cocaine Godmother”. This apparently caused the Godmother to have a nervous breakdown. When you high strung, you’re high strung as it is.

Wow...I see some really racist peoples comments on here...on both sides..I watched it a few times...I believe Charles...but I also believe he had to tell his story to avoid decades in prison.. Charles Anthony Cosby, Just saw Cocaine Cowboys II. People need to know how "snitching" doesn't really save you from jail, because when u work with the Feds they will whore your ass out and have you doing shit that you probably would wish you would have took your time. Despite this, Ayala inadvertently killed Blanco’s youngest victim. Michael Corleone Blanco: The Son Of Cocaine Cowboys’ Griselda Blanco Speaks! Get over it.". Before she could be indicted, however, Blanco escaped to Colombia. Maybe they are under exaggerating, maybe they are over exaggerating.

THOSE PROGRAMS ARE A RESULT OF SEGREGATION AND WHITE POWER. Michael Corleone Blanco: Yeah since I was a kid, I feared for my life. Whichever account is true, Griselda Blanco’s autopsy indeed revealed she had a bullet scar on her torso.

When she was just 11, she allegedly kidnapped a 10-year-old boy, then shot and killed him after his parents failed to pay the ransom. Either way, Griselda Blanco was soon laid to rest — in the same cemetery as Pablo Escobar. He was like a support system; he was around me when I was growing up. By November, Bravo’s nephew was arrested because he was a potential threat to the DEA’s arrest of Blanco. If it is right then only God can judge it.

Generalizations much?

The story of Charles and Griselda, though, is at its core a love story. Blanco had Trujillo killed in the 1970s — the first of her three husbands to meet a similar end. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more. He made his millions with Rayful Edmond.

You ARE NOT a legion. They had a direct line to the white powder in Colombia which took a hefty chunk of business away from the Italian mafia. They only show one side of this lady.

Wow another dumb cracker lmao. Upon the death of her second husband, she earned a new title: the “Black Widow.” More importantly to Blanco, she was now in full control of her drug empire. You not a real nigga bro. At one point the legal guardian happened to be a minister and he taught me a lot about the Lord. That’s the lifestyle kid, it’s real, this is what it is and get over it.

We are the fathers of Hip-Hop. Blanco had so many enemies, it is too difficult to determine.

How many white people or other races which were heavy involved with drug trafficking back in the 70s, 80s, 90s and to present day are showing off how much money they have accumulate like Charles Cosby and the other dumb idiot “Freeway Rick” from Los Angeles did ? You and yours will get NOTHING from me EVER AGAIN, and I will continue to do my best to open America's eyes to the pathological nature of America's blacks.

Charles was 10 years older than Michael and 3 years younger than Oswaldo, but they were like brothers. Back then there were only landline phones. In early 1984, Ochoa’s body was found dumped in a canal. Christmas came around and I got my first Porsche at six years old. Well I mean I was a pretty fast learner when I was growing up. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Vida por plata o plomo you get silver....then lead. I honestly can't stand Obama... Let me guess, right now the first thing in ur mind is that I'm an uneducated racist but I'm not I hate his political policies and opinions the same as all the liberal white people that think the same way... so before you trash this "Rich white supremacy government" maybe you should look and see what the rich white people have done by freeing slaves and furthering the civil rights movement and putting all kinds of welfare and food stamps and inner city programs in place to help minority's... because this country is run by rich white people and look how far we've come since the 1800's... and I'm done now... your welcome for the enlightenment!
She hosted parties frequented by a who’s who of the drug world. However, the case collapsed, largely due to technicalities, and Blanco was released from prison and deported to Colombia in 2004. Or where they pretty much right on?

[3] Did you attend regular schooling?

But it was certain things that maybe shocking to other kids to see and understand but to us, that’s it. Xtorxion is my label and it is based out of Miami but it is much bigger than that. When news of her imprisonment was televised, Charles Cosby, an Oakland crack dealer decided to contact Blanco. When news of her imprisonment was televised, Charles Cosby, an Oakland crack dealer decided to contact Blanco. You got to understand, she is my mother. Gangster right? Wikimedia CommonsDrug queenpin Griselda Blanco posing for a mugshot with the Metro Dade Police Department in 1997. Nevertheless, Blanco became the focus of not only her enemies but also the DEA. That's why Charles is so important.". According to legend, Blanco pulled a pistol hidden inside her ostrich skin boots and shot Bravo in the face, just as he fired a round from his Uzi into her stomach. We’re a legit organization, everything is on paper.

Meanwhile, Blanco expanded the empire in New York. In Hustlin', we learn that Blanco was a slum rat in Medellín who first killed a human being at age 11 and who worked as a teenaged prostitute. She has always been a mother figure. I never knew anything about the higher echelons.". It’s nothing but real motherf***ers on it, real individuals that are relating to certain individuals with last names whether it be anyone from Harlem up north or down south in Miami. Michael Corleone Blanco: No it is not right on. *blank stare*Charles has been working with the Feds. REAL gangsters don't make documentaries.He may have a story to tell but him making a documentary tells you all you need about his character.

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