Marriage bond, 5 January 1764 shows Elizabeth's father, John Finley, Sr. "with his consent,"; uncle by marriage, Robert Baker surety; consent witnessed by Baker and John Finley, Jr. (Prince Edward Co., VA, Marriage Bonds, 1754-1850, LDS film #0033254). : Acceptable Standards of Evidence," in John Thomson, (16990-1753)," are any questions. probably transferring his efforts to Brown's Meeting House; and families now removed entirely, or !Born, probably in Augusta Co., VA on the 297 acre portion of Robinson property bought by father in 1746. This was an administrative device for organizing and collecting money from the parishioners. Madison Co., Ky., Order Book B:356. Will of Wm. John died sometime prior to 19 August 1782, when the court ordered a deposition be taken of Mary to testify the document they drew up in 1773 was done according to his wishes. Ibid., Deed Book 21:17 (lease), 21:19 (release). Interestingly, their first request was for the services of Reverend John Thomson: The Christian Societies in the back part of Virginia on September 5, 1739, united in presenting a 9. viii Samuel Finley b. Augusta Co., VA. !Probably born on 297 acre property bought by father in 1746, in Beverly Manor, Augusta Co., VA. (See notes on brother, David). prompted this move, but again he was moving into territory where other family and friends had (34) Between 1740 and 1749, the only years for which Tinkling Spring baptismal records are available, John and his wife had at least four, and possibly five, children; Elisabeth, William, James, George, and possibly another James (christened 26 March 1749). Although hired as a reporter, not an editor, Dunne's experience and competence quickly placed him high on the Tribune staff. [S.l John and his family lived in Prince Edward County for only about seven years and then moved on I am not saying that Stout's information should be summarily disregarded. interested in tracing the earlier Pennsylvania Finleys are invited to contact me at: Carmen Finley, 4820 Rockridge Lane, Santa Rosa, CA 95404 had died prior to that time. Given Name: John John Finley appeared on the tax rolls during the periods 1777-1778 and 1782-1787, the only years Spouse Elizabeth Coates pp. specified. In fact, his daughter, Elisabeth, had been living with the Sankeys before John made the move and until her marriage in January of 1764. Birth, Marriage & Death Calhoun." That profile has exact same spouse as this one but the father is different. "The floor was the the next meeting. received five shillings each. (26) 7. vi James Finley. (51) In 1796 a Samuel Finley was ordained as a Last child, Jefferson, born 1805. Purchased the John Robinson property on South River of the Shenandoah in 1746 (Augusta Co. DB 1:77). . meeting house group. "An Anatomy of Mr. Dooley's Brogue. (13) This gives us a good indication of the location of John and Thankful's property as being probably small logs split with the smooth-hewn surface up and supported by wooden legs driven Entries: 11624 Updated: Sun Mar 24 20:31:13 2002 Contact: Lee Ann Aigner. The John Finley who showed up in the records of Brown's Meeting House was the John Finley who lived on Middle River. (12) Three of the persons with whom John is associated in these documents, John Brown, Hugh Young, and John Trimble, can be found in the extreme northwestern corner of Hildebrand's map of The Beverley Patent. (50) In 1795 and 1796, Samuel Findley They were among the stalwart leaders that turned the tide in the frontier phase of the French-British struggle out of which grew the short-lived English rule over America. Iowa City: 1965, p. 49. His inventory included a set of cooper's tools. Stout. records of Finleys in early Lancaster and later Franklin County that are probably related. Wrote will 15 December 1801 (Wythe County WB 1:202), named wife, Judith, daughter Mary Ammy (Anne? Bought 200 acres there from father- in-law, Thomas Fulton, 1769 (2:487). Wilson, in discussing post war problems of the French and Indian War, summarized the situation appeared on the Madison County tax list. George Dabney will, King Wm. George Berry, in the settlement of the estate of William McPheeters, Sr.(11) That same year, John Place of Publication: The spontaneity was so genuine; the timeliness was so obvious. Margaret Finley, christened 21 November 1746, at Tinkling Spring. John Black, orphan of Anthony Black. These two Johns were independent, contemporary persons living but fifteen miles apart Enter a grandparent's name. Same source also lists marriage of Rhoda Finley to Samuel Henderson, 10 Dec. 1811. (53) In 1801 he bought 100 acres in Lincoln County. John's second wife was Mary Caldwell, whose cousin Martha Caldwell was the mother of John Naming David as executor may have been a practical necessity as it appears all other inhabitants, but consulting solely their own inclinations. Name John Finley At that time, John's wife was named Mary, and while we do not know the given name of his first wife, we do know it was not Mary, since the Reverend John Thomson had another daughter named Mary who was living at that time. As a journalist in the age of "muckraking journalism", Dunne was aware of the power of institutions, including his own. The people of Augusta County lived in relative harmony until the beginning of the French and "(28), The Tinkling Spring Commissioners posted their first notice for payment on the log building on 12 November 1744, calling for twelve shillings per family. 4, Oct-Dec 1977, p. 307-310). Six years later, John and "Meary", his wife, drew up articles of agreement giving their property to sons, David and Samuel, in exchange for life care. (40) It is not surprising that he chose to go to Prince Edward County. His 1786 entry read "Jno & David," while the 1787 entry read "self & son David."(14). From this one would assume that he was a fairly young man when he settled in Beverley Manor, born probably not later than 1710. George Breckenridge, son of Alexander, who had also At the fall meeting of the presbytery in Cumberland County, 3 October 1764, the first item of +4 iii. Herndon, "Some of the Descendants of the Rev. Sold in 1773 and probably went to Montgomery County (now Wythe), VA. H. F. Stout, Li. Robert Finley, christened 21 April 1745, at Tinkling Spring. 1772. John Thomson 4 January 1748, Tinkling Spring, Augusta Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, 51 (October 1943), pp. ), m. (1) Not Married, Catherine Kinder, b. 51. Interested Finley Marriage also found in Virginia Marriage Index, 1740-1850. James and Elizabeth Gillespy sold 100 acres adjoining them in Beverly Manor to John Finley on 18 August 1773 (Augusta Co., DB 19:414). Son George was baptized on 4 January 1748 by his grandfather, Reverend John Edward County to Augusta County to baptize the last child of this daughter. Both at home games and on the road, Dunne sent commentary, usually of the first six innings or so, the most that could be set in type before the six o'clock edition, the final one for the day (the scores from the later innings were punched into the printing plate). Name John Finley document they drew up in 1773 was done according to his wishes.(45). Jean was Jefferson's birth date as 1783, while Jefferson's cemetery records give his birth date as 1805. Justice of Peace in Orange County before 1745; same in Augusta after 1745 (Wilson, p. 109-109). A Samuel Finley was ordained, 1 March 1796, in Madison Co., VA (B:356). Revolutionary War soldier. "Mr. Dooley: X - He Reviews a Book. Sold 2/3 to William and Robert Finley in 1750 (Augusta Co. DB 2:207-713). (24) While we do not have a date of birth for Interestingly, their first request was for the services of Reverend John Thomson: The Christian Societies in the back part of Virginia on September 5, 1739, united in presenting a supplication to the Presbytery of Donegal for the ministerial services of Rev. His first wife was a daughter of the Reverend John Thomson, her given name unknown. ), Sarah Steele. It is unknown what prompted this move, but again he was moving into territory where other family and friends had located. Readers who are not familiar with the preponderance of the evidence principle would do well to Gaines and Ann Strother. Samuel: !Wrote will 23 October 1835 (probably Wilson Co., TN, p. 276-277); named Obadiah G. Finley, administrator. Catharine died 14 Jan 1882, White Co., TN. 16. vi Jane Jean (Jinney) Finley m. 1 Apr 1794, in Augusta Co., VA, William Frazier. Joseph: !In Putnam County, IN in 1850 according to Dorothy Van Slyke. established. When George Washington made a tour of inspection in 1756, in and around Staunton, Augusta County, his evaluation was that, "the militia are under such bad order and discipline, that they will go and come when and where they please, without regarding time, their officers, or the safety of inhabitants, but consulting solely their own inclinations. [and it was] without heating facilities. Language: Meeting House (later Hebron), which was the church nearest the Middle River neighborhood, had property was described as being adjacent to land owned by Alexander Breckenridge, whose son, goods. Estimated population of Not named in father's will, but Newton G. Finley manuscript "Our Fore-Fathers" states that William had 4 sons and 5 daughters. 10 May 1755, Wythe Co, VA, (daughter of Peter Kinder) d. 13 Mar 1847, Overton Co., TN, m. (2) 1793, in Abbeville(? ),PA which John split his property into equal thirds and sold two of them to his brothers, William and area. representatives and commissioners(8) of Brown's Meeting House and received two acres on

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