You can add some heat with a spicy mayo or wasabi if you’re feeling adventurous. Check out my Instagram food blog where I talk about them more and will add pictures when I got… With a mix of Japanese and Mexican, if you like spicy try some of their unique dishes. Coming from San Diego California I wasn't expecting to find a good sushi place in Texas, let alone an inland city. Ask for the "Hurricane.'

It was surprisingly entertaining to eat. took its place. Being a loyal fan of The Counter, I felt betrayed when it closed and this crazy fusion restaurant called Cowfish (what is a cowfish anyway?) I think it would pull in plenty of customers.NEXT TIME: I want to try the tacos myself and the Rainbow Roll. Not. Rainbow Roll* at The Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar "Overall, novel combinations of burger ingredients with sushi ingredients that work!

Heads up: From now on, other Yelpers will be able to see how you voted. Some of the best I've ever had! Happy eating! Solid reviews and I'm always looking for new sushi joints.

Both were very savory.For our entree we ordered a rainbow roll, spring roll, cali roll and shrimp sashimi. Some of the rolls I'd recommend are the rainbow roll, picante roll and yellowfish roll.If you eat at the restaurant you can BYOB but they do have a $6 corkage fee. Try our Fire Cracker Roll, BBQ Salmon Skin Cone, or Chirashi Don, a bowl of assorted sashimi on sushi rice. I ordered it to go so by the time it got to me, it was on the soggier side but it was still enjoyable. We saved the sushi roll for last, I selected 'Mark's Roll' which was spicy with jalapeno and siracha and very well-made. I could see how some people would be put off by the combo, but I loved it!

)As for as the best sushi options in the medical center, I would say either Yellowfish or Wasabi! Our bento boxes arrived soon after finishing the appetizer. Swimmingly, like swim? I want to try that sushi burrito next time! Got the miso soup for checking in on Yelp. Not life changing, but well endowed with fish that was very fresh. There are several choices included in the special so you'll have to ask what they are. Which paired well with the crisp bacon. * Notice : Consuming raw fish (Sushi, Sashimi, and Rolls) may increase your risk of food bome illness. In Japan, Futomaki is cut into 2cm (0.8inch) thick pieces. The tuna was fresh and all of the toppings tasted like they had been sliced and prepared to order. $3.95 View: ... Order classic & special roll online from Sushi Sakura - Portland for takeout. All were super fresh and delicious. Loved the variety and unique flavors. I can't stand over cooked tuna!

The other rolls are pretty good too. Quick and inexpensive, they have a lunch menu which includes plates that have a slider and a sushi roll, served with your choice of sides and extras like edamame and salad.You can't go wrong with any burger--but I recommend the pimento cheese burger... and get some of those fried jalapenos on the side along with those sweet potato fries.

My boyfriend had the rainbow roll which was not as good as my roll but still very good. Futomaki literally means futo (thick/fat) maki (roll). I really enjoyed Cowfish and I'm looking forward to my next visit! Yum! I will definitely be coming back to Yellowfish Sushi. Drove across town from 'the Sam' to give this place a try. Just a little too inattentive for me to rave about it. And don't forget your sushi, my favorite? If you like rainbow rolls and want to try something a little different, I recommend the c-roll! The crawfish was small and according to her, did not taste fresh at all. Want to chime in. I recommend it if you like your standard special rolls on the heavier side due to cream cheese and tempura. Disappointed.And talk about outstanding service--Marcus, one of the owners, is simply wonderful and LOVES to interact with his customers. It's 12.50 and completely not worth the price. Enjoyed the juma roll, Crawfish lava roll, and the rainbow roll. I love that there  is a survey with every check delivery about your experience--they want your feedback! Can't wait to explore more of the menu.The boyfriend and I recently moved to Charlotte and Cowfish was very high on our list of places to checkout. What a cute little place! Had to ask for wasabi & ginger; for me, these things are customary accompaniments.

It was served in a small water glass...makes drinking a hot beverage dicey.

The flavor of the ingredients and textures complemented each other well. I want to try that sushi burrito next time! The fish is very fresh and tasty although sliced fairly thin. My friend ordered one and the sizes were pretty decent! So, how could we not love Cowfish?! Our order included gyoza, angry edamame for appetizers. You won't believe your eyes (or your tastebuds). Loved the Samurai Roll with fried crawfish! Everything was delicious, but the taco taco was definitely a new favorite--a must try if you like yellowtail.

Can't wait to explore more of the menu.The boyfriend and I recently moved to Charlotte and Cowfish was very… The best Sushi in Portland, OR.

Will be back again to sample the other rolls!

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