Or reserve the last ten minutes of the day for a brief reflection or for cleaning up any work areas. In reality, the basics of most classroom management plans are the same: You set expectations, explain them to your students, and then follow the plan. Once students feel that they have some degree of ownership over the rules and guidelines, they’ll be much more likely to follow them. Born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, he has been teaching for the last nine years in the Denver area. ... Communication helps in any relationship and situation, and the middle school classroom is certainly no exception. But at the same time, they’re young enough to be open to working with different students. 2. Powerpoint on class rules 1. I like to change up the layout of my classroom every once in a while. Taking them out of class for this is important because it prevents the student from escalating their behavior simply to entertain their peers. 2. follow classroom rules. Students benefit from clearly defined classroom rules for elementary school. The bonus with middle school students is that you can think a little more creatively, since they’re old enough to allow for some more unique configurations, in terms of desk or table arrangement, to promote discussion or group work. Photo credit: Monkey Business Images / Shutterstock.com. Act in a responsible manner in everything you do. RULE 1 – BE PUNCTUAL“Procrastination is the thief of time”– Edward Young ARRIVE ON TIME AND GET TO WORK IMMEDIATELY. Middle schoolers are entering an age where they stop blindly following adults and authority figures and need to know “why?” for everything. Especially during this developmental stage, it’s critical to give students the chance to feel heard. Instead, incorporate teaching methods that are well suited to various types of intelligence. Tactile learners may benefit from matching games, such as for the capitals of countries around the world. This could also be done weekly if that works better within your schedule. So on the second redirection of the student’s behavior, I’d ask them to step into the hallway.

If done well, this can even lead to you achieving that elusive self-policing classroom where students actually hold one another accountable. Beth Lewis has a B.A. If you follow these five strategies, you’re bound to have a successful, well-managed middle school classroom. 2018’s top 8 classroom challenges, according to teachers, The 3 main challenges teachers face in today’s classroom. in sociology and has taught school for more than a decade in public and private settings.

Once you really know your students, their learning styles, and their preferences, you could try to arrange collaborative desk groups and putting together students who each bring something different to the table! Try a few of these in your classroom and adjust as necessary!

There were teachers who would approach this “hard age” with a stony exterior, always ready to hand out a punishment. And then comes the most important part... you must be consistent in enforcing them all the time, with every student, using predictable and delineated consequences. TURN IN ALL WORK ON TIME HOMEWORK …

There you have it! At this age, students understand appropriate class rules and expectations, so these should be discussed and agreed upon openly. Even though you’re the teacher, you want to establish yourself as a leader and facilitator rather than a dictator whom students fear. When I used this in the past, I also made sure to respond to each student in the margins of their journal page so they knew I was reading each post — even a simple ‘Sounds great!

Classroom Rules: 1.

There’s comfort in routine. If a teacher applies a plan to one student but not to another, then the plan will fail. Here are six strategies that will help your classroom management in the middle years. I understood the reaction to a certain degree.

Like any grade level, middle school is full of students with unique learning styles.

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