The lantern is not stamped U.S. Another Coleman kerosene lantern, this is Model 237B. The valve wheels on these lanterns are brown plastic and there is no decal on the side of the fount. This 220B dated March  ’42 was marked for the U.S. Forest Service in the Olympic National Forest with USFS painted red on the bottom, and now nearly worn away, and with the red band around the bottom of the fount. It’s a work in process trying to get the different globes dated and this should not be interpreted that the globes in this timeline were produced for all of those years. Over time we will be collecting pictures of the globes to make the archive complete, and we will add new information and edits as we go. Its green base differentiates it from normal 242s, and it is equipped with a matching lid reflector acquired directly from a Coleman factory representative. This lantern is in Scott Wallis’ collection. The lanterns on the left and right are in Shirley Willard’s collection. It lacks the Coleman decal under the filler cap which Coleman started using a couple of months later, as on the right which is date stamped October, 1951. JAVASCRIPT IS DISABLED. He sent me many globe masks… and always included extra. He designed many of the last few years ICCC globes… and he documented the history of when globes were changed and the different styles used so others could learn. The later version of Model 243A has a ball nut to hold the ventilator in place. This was the last version to have a nickel plated brass fount and the pump is held in by two small screws, not a spring clip. Coleman continued making the 242C lantern until December, 1950, even though they were making the new Model 200 above. This Coleman 228B, dated October, 1937, is unusual in having a brass tag and painted letters on the bottom identifying it as belonging to the WPA (Works Progress Administration), a federal agency created in 1935 to employ workers for public works projects. Complete with the #330 globe, this model is in Fred Kuntz’s collection. This lantern is in Dan MacPherson’s collection. These are the earliest 220BX/220C lanterns that I have seen; they are date stamped Nov. 1942 (left) and Jan. 1943 (right). The 234 is all original and dated February, 1936. 660 size globes don’t appear to follow the normal timeline. A Brief and Shining History of the Coleman Brand By Steven John November 16, 2017 Coleman U.S.A./Facebook A few select brand names serve as de facto stand-ins for quality. The 235 in the middle has the original globe, is stamped LQ on the fount… Model 243A was made for several years beginning in 1937. Model 228C has the same features as Model 220C above including a green painted brass fount, screw-on pump cap, and yellow lighting instruction decal. Model 220B (right) is date stamped November ’42, has a steel fount, and a number of other parts are steel. By April ’51 the Coleman 200 (right) had a green painted brass fount, no decal, and unpainted metal collar. Coleman kerosene lanterns, Model 234 (one mantle, 175 cp) on the left, and Model 235 (two mantle, 300 cp) in the middle and right. ’57 and has a metal burner cap. The two piece stamped burner (lower image) was used on a number of lamps and lantern models for a short time after WWII before Coleman returned to cast burners. This lantern is in Nick Loe’s collection. 36 “Handy Pails” made for Junior size lanterns. Note the two pegs in the bottom bracket of the reflector to engage the corresponding holes in the globe cage bottom for attachment.

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