Analyze the meaning behind the title, see if you can gather the setting and any characters and make guess about the story. You also have learned that you get the most stressed when you feel pressured with time because you have waited for the last minute to write an essay. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

About the Instructor.

Looking back on that technique and thinking about the idea of it being a staple in your writing process, makes me think, “Oh, that’s so high school of you.”  You’ve grown enough, as a writer, that you do not feel the need to create an outline to create a successful written paper. The skills learned in English Composition 1 are going to be the basis for in class essays, research papers, and argumentative papers. Search this site. It’s unbelievable of what a learning experience your first semester of college has been at The University of Akron.
These types of papers may revolve around any student pursuing a degree at The University of Akron, and they must realize the importance of where their foundation of the skills learned that allow them to be able to write a comprehensive paper, and that is English Composition 1. You came to college a procrastinator and unorganized student; and you’re finishing your first semester the complete opposite way.

Your independence has truly grown compared to when you first arrived at college, over such a short span of time. Look at the author’s background, gather information based off of it, and make guesses about the story.

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Others may not realize how important it is to strengthen their writing skills in order to make the most of their college careers and succeed, no matter what their major is, though you have.
( Log Out /  This class should be a strong step forward in anyone’s college career and that is solely up to the work of the instructor and student, combined. Annotate, underline, check, question, circle, make brackets, and connect things using arrows.

Make predictions based on all information gathered.

It’s safe to say that when it came to writing papers throughout high school, you would wait until the night before it was due to finish a four page research paper; however, throughout your first semester, you have learned that is the easiest way to stress yourself out and instead time should be invested for days prior the due date to succeed. Writing Help.

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