Unfortunately, this means that it can attract groups and individuals looking for opportunities to launder cash obtained from illegal and subversive activities into clean money which cannot be traced back to its original roots. How can I transfer cash into my ISA? This is the same level of encryption as is used for secure Credit Card transactions, etc. Contact details for this office are as follows: Computershare P.O. How do I know if the company I hold shares in offers a DRIP or SCRIP?

Once you are an Investor Centre member and have activated your account, you will need to log in with your unique User ID and password to view and download your electronic tax voucher. In accordance with our procedures we are unable to send an Indemnity to any third party without written authority from the shareholder. Is there a minimum number of shares I have to sell when I use the telephone dealing service?

Individuals wishing to join the Approved Group will need to satisfy the criteria established by the Registrar and DMO to strengthen their money laundering regimes. Our ability to execute your limit order if the price is triggered will depend on the Automated Dealing Size (ADS) available in the shares at the time of dealing. Alternatively, you can send us the personalised change of address form which is attached to the top of your share certificate or if you receive your dividend / interest payments by cheque, the change of address form on the reverse of your tax voucher. For a Change of Mandate Instructions form to be sent out to you please select the 'Contact us by email' button below to complete our online form. 356. Should you choose the latter, we will only invest the dividends when the aggregated amount exceeds £200. It is numbered 2003/48/EC and deals with the taxation of savings income in the form of interest payments. We are asking affected users to update it. You are completely within your rights to end the telephone call if you feel pressured in any way. 116. Please refer to the Cheque Replacement section of this FAQ for more information. However, please keep in mind that any email you send to us which is NOT sent through our secure Email Centre facility on our website, will not be protected. We do require that all DRIP/SCRIP termination requests are in writing. Are your policies inline with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Share Dealing Service on the Share Dealing page. 244. You can also contact us to discuss this further. If your shareholder number appears to start with the number '1', it is actually the letter 'I' for India.

Our Telephone Share Dealing Service offers you a quick and simple service where you can sell shares that you hold a certificate for OR that are held by Computershare on your behalf in one of its nominee accounts. How do I calculate the value of my stock? You can locate current information from the Companies corporate website. May I sell shares online the same day I purchase them? If you wish to transfer shares into the name of another person or party, you may arrange a non-market transfer. How do I access recent prices for shares and securities? 220. Do I have to use cookies to access your site? Either by checking with your bank/building society or by contacting us. Certified - A certified copy is one which has been stamped and certified in ink by a solicitor or notary public to confirm it is a true and complete copy of the original. see when this is happening in Microsoft Internet Explorer because a

349. If you are unsure of what action to take you should seek independent financial advice. Do I require a Small Estates Declaration form or a Grant of Representation? I live in the Channel Islands and my tax year ends in December. We are not able to disclose any information relating to a holding without the written consent of the shareholder or of their legally appointed representative. You can deposit cash into your ISA by cheque, or you can call us on 0845 330 1238 with your direct debit card details, or by setting up a direct debit to make regular monthly payments.

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