"Whiskey and Rain" is the lead single off the hitmaker's forthcoming third studio album, following 2018's Amos. Enjoy your week and thank you for stopping by! Whereas on Earth we have rain made of water—okay, sometimes dirty polluted water—other planets have far more bizarre weather. Have a good week. 29. In this 2000 country song, the narrator doesn't fight it but rather welcomes the challenge because tomorrow is another day. Rain can be nourishing, soothing, and its soft sounds make for terrific sleeping. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on August 07, 2017: MD - Thanks for your suggestions! - Rabindranath Tagore, Bengali polymath, Kate McDonald via Flickr, CC-BY-SA 2.0, modified by FlourishAnyway, The couple in this 1992 power ballad is approaching the end of their relationship. When he was going through the worst period of his life, friends were scarce. With her powerhouse vocals and semi-autobiographical lyrics, Adele recounts love gone wrong in this 2011 hit. They have a song on the same album as "Wild, Wild West" that is called "Only the Rain" (1988). It's now #119. Great song! This song is everything I love about country music -- traditional country music, like Tim McGraw and Earl Thomas Conley and I want to bring that back,” Michael says in a statement.

I added it at #99. I love the way you are able to dig up all the "places" that apply to the song topic of your articles! The times that I've visited Washington and Oregon it was always raining, but I loved it. You could have it way worse. He faced his fears and became a role model for others going through difficult circumstances.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on December 07, 2019: TempestACE - Thank you for these suggestions which I have added. Shannon Henry from Texas on September 22, 2018: Are "Every Storm Runs Out of Rain" by Gary Allen and "Never Liked the Rain" by Clint Black on your list already? The whole world isn't gray and dark, just his world. The narrator can feel that there's been a change in the way his girlfriend feels about him, and he's struggling to hold onto her. I assume that's the one you're talking about? Taking one step at a time, realize that you may stumble but eventually you can stand tall and overcome your challenges. Be both happy and safe in this perilous time right now. Thanks for stopping by. iTunes Top New Country Songs. Thanks for reading.

Kevin Winter, Rick Diamond, Getty Images. Thank you for your comment and for sharing this on Facebook. Dylan guessed their ages correctly as 12 and 35. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on September 04, 2020: Macie Moulton - Unfortunately, after searching I wasn't able to find what you're looking for. I love the rain and especially going with a GF with a thunder shower on. Additionally, this song's intro -- "I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you" -- wins this countdown's "best pick-up line" award. Some say it's about the coming end of the world, as The Purple One was very interested in the apocalypse. Listen to TOP COUNTRY SONGS NOW 2020 in full in the Spotify app. Rain on the Roof - Lovin' Spoonful is on the list twice. Am writing from Kampala Uganda. Walkin' in the Rain With the One I Love, Herb Alpert (featuring Janet Jackson & Lisa Keith). I was happy to see Garbage and Blind Melon make this list. New Releases Now - Sign up to find top new songs of 2020 and videos from the best new 2020 albums! Hi, great list! A former girlfriend got married today, and the guy in this 2003 song is an emotional wreck. Play on Spotify Ironically, this No. Thanks again for your contributions. Have a terrific week. I didn't see David Nail's "Let It Rain" on your list. Perfect day for this list here. Guess why? It was a limited edition, DJ version, special release or something like that. When I published my recent hub about rain I had many of these songs come to mind. One of my favorites is missing: Mandolin Rain by Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 31, 2020: Terri - That’s one of my favorites too (#13). However, Rod Stewart's 2006 version represents a particularly noteworthy effort.

FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on July 28, 2020: ValiJamalPhD - People often use rain as a metaphor for sad feelings, so it should not be surprising that many songs describe lost love. This sentimental 1980 song is a survivor's anthem. To relax and rejuvenate he hopes that Sunday brings rainstorms so that he and his partner can spend the day under the covers getting reacquainted: Your love is like religionA cross in MexicoAnd your kiss is like the innocence Of a prayer nailed to a door.Oh, surrender in much sweeterWhen we both let it go.Let the water wash our bodies cleanAnd love wash our souls.

Trending: Tyler Farr; ... 2020. Sad news makes her feel good, as do sad songs, and she smiles only in the dark. For a song to be listed below it must have a release date no older than two weeks from the current date and it must rank among the top 200 best selling country … While most women probably wouldn't need an excuse to "hide under the covers all afternoon" with Urban, the wonder from Down Under is praying for foul weather in this 2003 hit. I never heard it or saw it again outside of that club. Thank you and have a great weekend.

You didn't even think of Purple Rain? Others believe that purple rain is a metaphor for spiritual euphoria. and I for one, really love it. Have a great week ahead! The sweet memory involved her boyfriend and laying out under the stars when a sudden downpour occurred. Supposedly, the “official" explanation of how this song got its name: A woman and her daughter came into the recording studio out of the rain. Ivey awards grants to assist ALEA with crime tracking. What he's probably ignoring is the danger of being out in a thunderstorm, but who am I to diss his bliss? FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on August 01, 2018: Jesse - Thank you for that addition. If it's raining by you, enjoy! Paula - Thank you for your kind comment. I hope the morning sun won't come up soon. FlourishAnyway believes there is a playlist for just about any situation and is on a mission to unite and entertain the world through song. There isn't enough information to go on. Have a wonderful week! Bill De Giulio from Massachusetts on October 04, 2016: Hi Flourish. "When it rains, some people get down / They're sporting a frown / So I fit right in." Unfortunately, the rainy season is close at hand! Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on April 29, 2020: "Singin in the Rain" by Gene Kelly is such a happy song. Answer: Thanks for the song suggestion. (1970) CCR Creedence Clearwater Revival 39 - Falling Like Rain (1989) Tina Turner 38 - Rainy Days and Monday (1971) by the Carpenters 37 - Blame it on The Rain (1989) by Milli Vanilla 36 - November Rain (1992) Guns 'n Roses 35 - No Rain (1992) by Blind Melon 34 - Rain (1992) by Madonna 33 - After the Rain (1991) by Nelson, also the funniest video on MTV Thank you so much for your contributions! I am glad to see Gary Allan made your list! It just happens to be raining at this moment (and has been for the better part of the day & night.) It just adds to his regret about letting her go. I have added some of them! Im trying to figure out the name of that song and the artist. There's Something Sexy About the Rain, 74. Larry - Me too. VinnyJH on March 28, 2020: Note that Cindy Bullins came out as transgender and changed their name to Cidny Bullins in 2014. It's astonishing how many there are on this one topic! At least I don't live where I am surrounded by flood when it rains like this anymore. Going over the list, I couldn't find a single song that I don't like! If you're one of those rain complainers, perhaps you need a little bit of perspective.

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