This article is about the status of the outbreak in different locations by continent and conveyance around the world. How do daily per capita case figures look when we average over several days? The only exception were casualties, which are not included as recovered. Cases were reported in all North American countries after Saint Kitts and Nevis confirmed a case on 25 March, and in all North American territories after Bonaire confirmed a case on 16 April. How do total confirmed COVID-19 deaths and cases compare when we correct for each country’s population?

As the country is witnessing the second wave of Covid-19 several states have been registering a record number of daily cases, prompting authorities to impose various restrictions to curb the spread. The coronavirus was first reported in South America on 26 February when Brazil confirmed a case in São Paulo. [367], On 26 March 2020, the U.S. became the country with the highest number of confirmed COVID-19 infections, with over 82,000 cases. Please consult our full legal disclaimer. The data on testing was collected by us – more detail can be found here. This page has a large number of charts on the pandemic. Confirmed COVID-19 cases by country.

It is also helpful to think of the positive test rate the other way around: how many tests were conducted per confirmed case? Total and daily – country by country. Africa's first confirmed case was announced in Egypt on 14 February,[346][347] and the first confirmed case in sub-Saharan Africa was announced in Nigeria at the end of February.

That's Only Part of the Problem", "One continent remains untouched by the coronavirus: Antarctica", "What life is like on Antarctica, the only continent without a case of coronavirus", "Pacific islands, Antarctic bases: coronavirus-free living in some of Earth's most isolated places", "Realizan jornada de limpieza en vagones del Metro de Panamá", "UPDATE 1-Tajikistan confirms first coronavirus cases", "Exclusive: More than 2,200 Indonesians have died with coronavirus symptoms, data shows", "Coronavirus: Are the bodies of victims undermining Iran's official figures?

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Below is a list of these countries, ordered by population. Click to open interactive version. Thank you for subscribing to our daily newsletter. [365], The first cases in North America were reported in the United States in January 2020.

The first confirmed case was in Melbourne, Victoria, on 25 January. At its height, Brazil was registering more than 45,000 cases and 1,000 deaths per day. As of 30 Jun, Brazil is the second country in the global ranking with about 1.4 million cases. The purpose of this page here is simply to lists all our visualizations on the pandemic.

Research and data: Hannah Ritchie, Esteban Ortiz-Ospina, Diana Beltekian, Edouard Mathieu, Joe Hasell, Bobbie Macdonald, Charlie Giattino, and Max RoserWeb development: Breck Yunits, Ernst van Woerden, Daniel Gavrilov, Matthieu Bergel, Shahid Ahmad, and Jason Crawford. See them plotted against each other. [5], As of 14:24 UTC on 31 October 2020, a total of 45,725,640 cases are confirmed in more than 227 countries and territories,[4] and 26 cruise and naval ships. The data on confirmed cases and confirmed deaths shown in these visualizations is updated daily and is published by the European CDC, the best available global dataset on the pandemic.

1,267 deaths have been reported in the region: Australia (907), Hawaii (216), Guam (79), French Polynesia (29), New Zealand (25), Papua New Guinea (7), the Northern Mariana Islands (2), and Fiji (2). Among the worst affected regions of the US is the Midwestern side where weather is the coldest. India is the second country to be badly hit by the spread of the coronavirus disease. In the box below you can select any country you are interested in – or several, if you want to compare countries. For an analysis in mid-March we compared available global data sources. This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 15:16. As of 13 March 2020,[update] when the number of new cases became greater than those in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) began to consider Europe the active centre of the pandemic. How do total test figures look without adjusting for population? Reported Cases and Deaths by Country, Territory, or Conveyance. As of 19 May 2020, the Spanish government does not publish the number of recoveries. While all of the above will be updated and maintained by us we will not maintain this source comparison. As of 1 July, the other South American countries with the high number of cases are Peru (285,213), Chile (279,393), Colombia (95,269), Argentina (64,517), and Ecuador (56,432). The COVID-19 pandemic began in Asia in Wuhan, Hubei, China, and has spread widely through the continent. ▶️ Une suspicion d'épidémie de #Covid19 à bord a motivé la décision immédiate de @florence_parly d'anticiper son retour alors qu'il avait déjà atteint ses objectifs opérationnels.

[375] No cases have been reported in the territories of American Samoa (unincorporated territory of the United States), the Cook Islands and Niue (associated states of New Zealand), Norfolk Island (external territory of Australia), the Pitcairn Islands (British Overseas Territory), and Tokelau (dependent territory of New Zealand).
It was a worldwide record reported by the world’s top health body.

Note that these territories are distinct from the Ukraine-administered regions of the.

Indore, Here is the list of top five countries worst-affected by the Covid-19: More than 7.6 million people in the United States have been infected with the deadly Covid-19, including the country’s President Donald Trump. The number of deaths also includes untested cases and cases in retirement homes that presumably died because of COVID-19, whilst most countries only include deaths of tested cases in hospitals. It is recording more than 70,00 new cases daily for the past few days. [369] As of 12 October 2020 the total cases of COVID-19 are 7,740,934 with 214,108 total deaths.[370]. They are not sums of the figures for the listed countries and territories. 5. Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi, Gujarat are some of the states which are reporting the major chunk of the total tally. Jaipur, The resurgence in infections has come after schools reopened September 1. Before this, the number of daily cases used to hover around 90,000. The worldwide totals for cases, deaths and recoveries are taken from the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center.

Since then, governments across the region have taken an array of actions to protect their citizens and contain the spread of COVID-19.

", "Brasil supera los 100.000 casos de covid-19, con más de 7.000 muertos", "Number of confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in Latin America and the Caribbean as of May 4, 2020, by country", "Thousands on cruise free to go after virus tests", "Coronavirus outbreak: four cruise ship passengers test positive in UK—live news", "Coronavirus still wreaking havoc on lives of Westerdam passengers despite no cases on ship", "Cruise Ship Carrying Persons With Coronavirus 'Will Not Be Permitted To Dock, "Coronavirus outbreak: How the 2019-nCoV is affecting the cruise industry", "Coronavirus: Where will be the last place to catch Covid-19?

[372] Many small Pacific island nations have thus far avoided the outbreak by closing their international borders. Other charts can only show the data for one country at a time – these charts have a ‘change country’ option in the bottom left corner of the chart. Last update: October 31, 2020 (10:30, London time). Lucknow, Patna, As of 23 March 2020, the UK government does not publish the number of recoveries. 425 - 79th COVID-19 Fatality Reported", "Casonan di Corona Virus na Aruba pa 30 di October 2020", "Coronavirus: 166 new cases announced on Friday", "The Gambia COVID-19 Outbreak Situational Report", "COMMUNIQUES DU MINISTERE DE LA SANTE ET DES AFFAIRES SOCIALES SUR LE SUIVI DES ACTIONS DE PREVENTION ET DE RIPOSTE FACE A LA MALADIE A CORONAVIRUS", "Visualizador de casos coronavirus COVID-19 en Uruguay", "South Sudan now has a cumulative total of 194 cases with 2 recoveries", "Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation reports", "Benin: WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard", "Коронавирус в стране Республика Абхазия сегодня", "Guinea-Bissau: WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard", "The Ministry of Information and Communication – Sierra Leone", "Ministère de la Santé Publique du Tchad", "National Public Health Institute of Liberia-NPHIL", "Évolution du Coronavirus au Niger en temps réel – Coronavirus, Covid19", "TRANG TIN VỀ DỊCH BỆNH VIÊM ĐƯỜNG HÔ HẤP CẤP COVID-19", "USS Theodore Roosevelt resumes operations more than two months after COVID-19 outbreak began", "Florence Parly s'exprime devant les députés de la commission de la Défense nationale et des forces armées", "Le 13 avril au soir, tous les éléments du groupe aéronaval ont rejoint leurs bases.

More of CNN’s coronavirus coverage. Cases and death rates are as reported by the Johns Hopkins University Coronavirus Resource Center. 1,357 people who tested positive have been voluntarily repatriated to their respective countries and are not part of the confirmed case count as a result the Government of Botswana does not include the transferred-out cases. Total confirmed COVID-19 cases. ... How do daily per capita case figures look when we average over several days? Cases include clinically diagnosed cases as per CDC guidelines.

Asymptomatic cases were not reported before 31 March 2020.

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