1/5                  C. 5                      D. 25, A. I2R                  B. IR2                  C. VI                  D. V2/R, A. temperature                             B. material. IIT - Super 30 Team Live Class. It is represented by ‘I’

0000011845 00000 n are prepared by our panel of highly qualified teachers who follow strict CBSE guidelines to get rid of any confusion among children regarding the content of the course since CBSE keeps on updating the course every year. In practical application, resistors are used to increase or decrease the electric current. Electric current is carried by moving electrons through a conductor.

Electric Current: The flow of electric charge is known as Electric Current, Electric current is carried by moving electrons through a conductor.

This sheet of pdf consist of short notes , formula , important bullet points of science class 10th prepared by expert faculty members of entrancei for quick recap of the entire chapter-Electricity of class 10 science . Such materials are called bad conductors.

0000002755 00000 n unit of Electric Potential is JC-1 or volt (V).

The filament of an electric lamp draws a current of 0.4 A which lights for 3 hours. Substituting \(\frac { Q }{ t }\) = I in equation (i), we get, This is the cause that thick copper wire creates less resistance to the electric current. зv6ǯ+4ö}[IJ�]X��{��,��"׊������i�aʐ>RIe�I ������¯Aan�8�yT�j�'Y��a�k�����U��~j3��2�� ����O}��=;Z�Rj�%��;-Ť��:/�|�I6]8e�}�&)v��n���ӭ��U2�a�z�eQ7�e ��j��m��� 1 mA (milliampere) = 10-3 A Electric Current Electric current is expressed as the amount of charge flowing through a particular area in unit time. Electric Current: The amount of flow charge through any cross-sectional area of a conductor in unity time is called Electric Current. It has a large number of free electrons. PDF download free.

The filament of an electric lamp draws a current of 0.4 A which lights for 3 hours. Password? We know that I = \(\frac { V }{ R }\) I = \(\frac { V }{ R }\) I = \(\frac { 1000W }{ 220V }\) = 4.5 A It is a scalar quantity. Resistance: Resistance is a property of conductor due to which it resists the flow of electric current through it. In parallel combination, the potential difference across each resistor is the same and is equal to the total potential difference.

P = I2R Answers of assignment are given at the end of each assignment with complete solutions. unit of length is m. Hence, unit of resistivity (ρ) = \(\frac { \Omega \times { { m }^{ 2 } } }{ m }\) = Ωm 15 Ω = \(\frac { V }{ 15A }\) Thus, work done in moving of charge (Q) of potential difference (V), e�f-z�>�5�phX�7����Wz��[`��b�$�\��K�~���ں9������v��|ƍ�ٲs��IYúk�x 浍�Ed�_k�2�޴�_�w�1 0000012304 00000 n 1 coulomb = 1 ampere × 1 second. Itotal = 6A + 48A + 30A + 12A + 24A = 120A.

P = (\(\frac { V }{ R }\))2 × R = \(\frac { { V }^{ 2 } }{ R }\) Watt

Let three resistors R1, R2 and R3 connected in parallel. In this combination the current across every component is same but potential across every component is different.

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NCERT Class 10 Science Books in English PDF Download. Combination of resistors (Series and Parallel combination), the heating effect of electric current and electric power. Electric Current is a scalar quantity. Electric potential difference is known as voltage, which is equal to the amount of work done to move the unit charge between two points against static electric field.

So P = IR × I

An electric iron draws a current of 0.5 A when voltage is 200 V. Calculate the amount of charge flowing through it in one hour. Explain the meaning of the terms e.m.f., terminal voltage and internal resistance of cell. Class 10 NCERT Science Books are created by the best professors who are experts in Science and have good knowledge in the subject. Chapter wise Sessions.

S.I. While some other materials create more hindrance in the flow of electric current, i.e. 0000009199 00000 n

Rate of flow means the amount of charge flowing through a particular area in unit time. 0000001171 00000 n

Electric Potential and Potential Difference ������}g��`3-� Ba�. R = \(\frac { V }{ I }\) 0000004371 00000 n 0000010750 00000 n Higher the resistance, the electric current will generate higher amount of heat. h�bbd```b``�"}�� �, ���$c������� ��H(%�30f�0 ��� Find the amount of charge that will pass through the cross-section of the conductor in 30 s. How many electrons will flow in this time interval if the charge on one electron is 1.6 × 10 –19 C ? 0000004957 00000 n CBSE Class 10 Science Notes Chapter 12 Electricity. It offers high opposition in the flow of current. 0

This means potential difference V varies as electric current. ⇒ I = \(\frac { V }{ R }\) S.I.

enter They have a resistivity in the order of 10-12 Ωm to 10-8 Ωm. 1. NCERT Class 10 Science Books are provided in PDF form so that students can access it at any time anywhere. Electric Power = \(\frac { Electric\quad work\quad done }{ Time\quad taken }\) Science Notes for Class 10 Chapter 12 Physcis Electricity pdf. B. current. Some examples are as follows : When electric energy is supplied to an electric bulb, the filament gets heated because of which, it gives light. h�l�_k�0ſ�}���]H��-l{���!�� �iI�p�~it���$����B)�΁�ȟ0N`���VR;x����Nծ�'B0�TM� ���ی1�e'�_��l8�g�RD�qwM���Nt�Ju�I �.�46_0\;�o=%n~F'>�F7��b��$ɞ1r�-3a���7���P+��N�T[u{��X��������N. According to new CBSE Exam Pattern, MCQ Questions for Class 10 Science pdf Carries 20 Marks. Electric circuit is a continuous and closed path of electric current. 105 0 obj <> endobj Electricity: Electric current, electric circuit, voltage or electric potential, resistance and (Ohm’s law).

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admin@learnersplanet.com. Solved Electricity numerical for class 10 1. The filament of bulb is generally, made of tungsten metal, having melting point equal to 3380°C. trailer << /Size 164 /Info 122 0 R /Root 124 0 R /Prev 271506 /ID[<995e39dfa9c80b8a5214648fe21304d5><6b7a1f59381c7be82fa150d100996f02>] >> startxref 0 %%EOF 124 0 obj << /Metadata 121 0 R /Pages 117 0 R /Type /Catalog /PageLabels 115 0 R >> endobj 162 0 obj << /S 1007 /L 1153 /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 163 0 R >> stream

P × t = VI × t = VIt ……(iii) Voltage or electric potential difference is denoted by V’. Unit of Electric Potential Difference (Voltage) ���]�K�������Y�]?H�fŢ��'� �PP庻�dk�_�ª�U���Zsp:���agMx(��(�桤�&8��I�)`��R����,��L\�T��қ ̲eу����.��kS���\C`���C_���8|�NvYW�,��1g������LjJ�\����6y���8�K�)ᐍV�[xYmӕ�)y[t�/P9��s�;��Tq���>ڪ5�8a��/�vq'_9x1q���*���I�f]=QޡUY�����R�!�)`��2t�[ɿ�#`�"�� !K�J��-p����2ǂ�ƥ�[�6ZM����Һ��A�H��'�=�G��6�X�vR�+C���₋���VzJU�Zqn��h��+�ܣ�����J��]�j@ Aţ����(XCC�2����+�� D���%- ��������� r`��hL!���1\��LP\b6D.

x��}ےǑ�;�����cB!���5ݗk36E��y A��. Potential diffrence (V) = ? (i) Positive charge.

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