We want to ensure that making a return is as easy and hassle-free as possible! For additional security, durability and beefiness, we: Sturdy’s first ever security finishes.

Whether you store your hunting equipment indoor or outdoor, a CustomMade artisan will help you design gun cabinets & hunting storage that works and looks good.

The exterior of the whole door (with cutouts around hinge area for possible removal of the door) and the interior of the whole roof is covered in 3/16" non stainless steel.

Get the glitzy styling of old Hollywood with this finish.

*3/16" plate American Flag in the front, which is accented in white and red paint. days of receipt and we'll cover the cost of return shipping.

get more patriotic than this.

We have night vision scopes that co-witness with your regular daytime scope. Because of the speckle it's easy to touch up without noticing and it doesn't shows smudges so cleaning the safe will not be needed as much as solid color changes.

Most orders ship within … West Coast Safes displays and stocks a complete line accessories for your safe or gun safe, ready to be purchased in store or shipped via UPS.

Our gun safe accessories help you organize your gun safe so you can store more guns!

Goes perfect in any hunters room, collectors room, cabin and more.

We left the back wall non stainless since most customers are anchoring the safe down, backed up against a wall. It's the ultimate in security for torch resistance (or any other cutting tool) without all the weight of resorting to a cement filled safe.

Shop gun safe accessories at Safe & Vault Store.

4ft in height for the 60"h safes and 5ft in height for the 72"h safes. Perfect for those who want to stop high powered tools (grinders, sawzalls etc.) A hard plate comes standard with every Sturdy Safe however, this option is designed to keep locksmiths out.

Choose a size, finish option, steel thickness, fire lining, lock set up, interior and more! *Weld rivet detailing around added 3/16" plates and 8x12" stainless upgrade.

*Added a pull bar with diamond shaped ends.

Gun Safe accessories and safe accessories for all safes and gun safes, all in one location.

Widths of the side shelves and gun capacity will vary based on the division and gun rack you choose.

No gun rack. Four shelves straight across. If for any *Kept the natural condition of the steel, so no two safes will look alike. With all the accessories offered today by companies like Liberty Safe, Fort Knox and American Security, you can really set up your safe or gun safe just the way you want it and for the best usage of the space inside your safe. They let you get the most out of your safe investment by allowing you to use your safe's … Accessories for all types of safes, major brands.

Come in or call one of our safe experts today.

As well as other suggested accessories, the gun-cabinet interior lighting system is a very useful add-on.

Not only is it dangerous to have a firearm falling over, but it can also ruin a pistol or rifle. 800-262-0023. For additional security, durability and. *3/16" plate American Eagles on the right and left sides.

These are warranted for two years including locksmith entries. We're here for you. These are much better than door organizers simply because you do not need to cut down the gun rack or shelving about 4" to accommodate them. 4 times the security with only twice the weight. Due to the cost of stainless, we strategically placed it where it matters most and placed the non stainless as a back up everywhere else. This speckled semi gloss enamel color changes look amazing. Don't wait until after a disaster to accessorize your gun safe.

Vinyl coated and made in the USA! One top shelf that holds about 150 lbs., 1 gun rack of your choice, 1 side shelf that can hold about 150 lbs. Gun safe accessories allow you to customize your safe to fit your specific needs.

With so many options, you 'll never make up your mind. THIS OPTION DOES AFFECT THE WARRANTY! If you ordered a package with a 3/16" thick plate added to the whole door, the safe will have weld rivet detailing around the perimeter of the door.

**All packages with 3/16" reinforcements will have these reinforcements visible inside the safe if if the fire insulator is not ordered.

We heavily weld 4-5ft of 3/16" plate to the back wall, sides and jambs. Please call to talk about you specific requirements: 800-299-6929 Can't get anymore bare bones than this, yet still be a few steps above the competition.

The added plates cover the whole door, right and left wall, as well as partial door jambs. You will also find that the electronic locks of today, like the Securam and Sargent & Greenleaf electronic locks are far more reliable than the locks of the old days.

Our most famous finish is now available in clear to show the steel's natural battle scars without purposely being distressed. These are the most popular options customers order.

Both spin dials need to be in working condition in order to get in, and are S&G group 2 model 6730 (in the easy read black).

This package is tailored for the customer who wants to stop non-powered tools (ex: pike axes, crow bars, sledge hammers), from breaching the safe.

You are able to remove the side shelves to gain the full gun capacity of the safe. *Added a pull bar to the door and tie down rings to the sides. Fax: +1-866-534-3097 Largest Display of American Made Safes & Gun Safes In So Cal !

Accessories for safes are important in facilitating a weapon owner’s management of his firearms.

Store your pistols with 100% use of your shelving space.

One dial does not override the other. Dehumidifiers, racks, cabinets and more. *Added 10g diamond plate around the top and bottom door edges as well as front right and left jamb. There is no order for a custom size safe until you get a quote from us and make a down payment over the phone. The interior is stuffed with 2.5" Of 2300° 8 lb.

We can do virtually anything to personalize your safe so let us know what you're looking for.

If you wanted to add plate to the roof, floor and back wall, reach out to us for an estimate. Fewer parts = less potential to break. If you wanted a 8x12" Stainless DIAMOND Plate, you will need to request it over the phone (comes with a $25 added charge). *3/16" plate on the top and bottom door jamb. Customers like this gun rack because it takes up less space and holds more guns than a rotary rack (offered by third parties). The closer you stick to one of our standard sizes, the better the price. Gun safe accessories like pistol pockets and door organizers, allow you to organize your handguns on the door of your gun safe in holsters. We're here for you. Lighting Kits. Goes perfect in the living room, bedroom, man cave and more. Gun safe accessories add personality and functionality to your secure weapon storage.

These security accessories provide an easy way to visually inspect the contents of a gun safe.

They're an opportunity to organize your valuable collection exactly the way you want. Our tripods give your high power binoculars a stable view when gazing upon the stars. Pistol hangers come in the form of metallic rods that can be easily hanged inside …

It protects the primary linkage being locked out all the way to its source. >Read More. If you do not see a combination package you like, contact us.

3/16" Stainless performs like. This option is great for safes located next to an outlet.

Bringing the side wall and jamb thickness to a total 7/16" thick.

4ft in height for the 60"h safes and 5ft in height for the 72"h safes. It's the ultimate in security for torch resistance (or any other cutting tool) without all the weight of resorting to a cement filled safe. It's happiest in the bedroom, but it'll go well in most other rooms too.

These type 1 electronic dials by S&G have less moving parts and boast a longer lifespan. Call For Pricing! This 3/16” steel plate measures 4ft x 4ft, weighs 120 lbs and comes with bolts welded to the surface where they will align with the safes anchor holes. The first dial is the original spin dial (S&G group 2 model 6730 in black) that comes with the safe and the other dial is the Electronic Lock (S&G D-Drive) This option has additional benefits such as ease of access (by leaving the spin dial in the unlocked position and just using the electronic to get it). It's a diamond/carbide bit resistant machine tool pin hard plate that is as hard as ball bearings.

Not only do they add weight to the safe, they make the dimensions of the safe large enough to prevent the safe being able to go through average size door ways. The most custom gun safes in the industry. Vault Pro offers a large selection of options and accessories to customize your gun safe.

THIS VOIDS A A SMALL PART OF THE LIFETIME WARRANTY by requiring the home owner to pay for the locksmith entry, if ever one is needed. A Gun Safe Accessory will help you boost the performance you get from your awesome gun safe. After you find your favorite gun safe with the assistance of our Gun Safe Guide, it's time to make your firearm safe work its best for you with these firearm safe accessories. Gun safe accessories add personality and functionality to your secure weapon storage. Dehumidifies the safe by regulating the temperature inside.


Standard Gun Rack is shown here.

What macho man can resist black diamond plate?

If you do not add this option the safe will have no fire insulator. . Email Only Sun. From handgun hangers and wire shelving to dehumidifiers and hygrometers, we have the gun safe accessories you need to customize your safe to perfection.

If moisture builds up in the safe, it could ruin your rifle. Anchoring down before use would be a requirement to prevent injury or death. Nationwide Shipping Available. The side wall ceramic is compressed from 2.5", down to 2.25".

A Gun Safe Accessory will help you boost the performance you get from your awesome gun safe.You invest so much in your firearms and then you outfit it with the best new equipment, from riflescopes and red dot sights to weapon lights and gun slings, so you're smart enough to get a gun safe to keep it protected from theft or falling into the wrong hands.

Learn more about our Return

For additional security, durability and beefiness, we: If you ordered a package that includes the 8x12" Stainless Plate around the dial, it will come as pictured here, but the 8x12" Stainless Plate is not automatically included in this finish option.

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