Maul scolds Obi-Wan about his survival after the Naboo incident nearly a decade ago. Some members of Death Watch joined Maul, while Bo-Katan and other loyal members rebelled and fled. The entire Darth Maul story finally explained. Species: Conceding that they were outmatched, Kenobi told Ventress to make for the cockpit escape pod. Being an enemy to both the Jedi and the Sith — while having far fewer resources than either — has really left Maul stuck between, ahem, a rock and a Darth place, and he finds his allies abandoning him left and right. Obi-Wan didn't reconize him at first, but Maul spoke of him killing his master and how Obi-Wan left him for dead on Naboo.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: The Sith Hunters, Sam Witwer as Darth Maul on Star, Darth Maul's encyclopedia page on,

But Sidious congratulates him, telling him that the Sith were "born in defiance," and that Maul has "embraced the very nature of" their order. While regathering on Zanbar, another crime family joined them, The Pykes.
It might be somewhat of a throwaway scene, but this brief holo-call with Qi'ra is Maul's first onscreen appearance in a theatrical film since he was chopped in half back in 1999. Maul eventually escaped Sidious' clutches with aid from his Mandalorian loyalists. Sith Lord
They traveled to Mustafar to make a treaty with the Black Sun for supplies.

The former Sith Lord begged his master for mercy, but Sidious continued the onslaught, subduing but not killing him, as he still had uses for the fallen apprentice. Darth Maul's leg was shot off while fleeing from Hondo Ohnaka 's pirate gang.

During the following siege, Ahsoka and Maul trade lightsaber blows in one of the best duels in Star Wars history before Ahsoka wins the battle and takes Maul prisoner. Kenobi, alone had engaged the brothers, weakening Savage until a lightsaber deadlock had occurred between the three that cost Savage his left arm in the process. Powers and Abilities. While Maul claimed he built his empire in the hope of returning to his side, Sidious saw past his deception with the sight of Opress and began to duel the two brothers. (For the record, Maul's other brother, Feral, is also a character in Clone Wars.) She saved him from a fatal drop, one he was more than willing to take, with Maul howling "Let me die!" Darth Maul's leg was shot off while fleeing from. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies.

Having narrowly escaped the crash, Kenobi and Kryze were taken into custody by Maul and Savage. But then, Sidious pulls a move from Maul's playbook and separates his two opponents, tossing Maul aside with a Force push so that he can fight Opress one-on-one. However, Kenobi was able to escape off-world with the aid of Satine's sister, Bo-Katan and her Nite Owl renegades. Along the way, Maul starts referring to Savage as his apprentice, teaching him the ways of the dark side.

Maul then agreed to help them reclaim Mandalore. And even though Maul is defeated and forced to flee, Ezra finds that his time spent with Maul has forever changed him, as he got a taste of the power that the dark side can bring. Ahsoka and Maul's subsequent fight rivaled Duel of the Fates, and ended with Ahsoka coming out on top. Talzin told Maul to raise an army from the Shadow collective and his old clan; the Nightbrothers . Cookies help us deliver our Services. They also start recruiting allies, such as the criminal organization Black Sun, the radical Mandalorian revolutionary group Death Watch, and the forces of Jabba the Hutt. The stranger corrects him, saying that he was "formerly Darth, now just Maul." After a meeting with Vos, in which Han learns that his childhood friend Qi'ra is now Vos' second-in-command, Han comes up with a plan to make things right. Filled with rage, Obi-Wan fights more fiercely than ever, and through some tricky, Force-assisted acrobatics, manages to chop Maul in half through his waistline and send him tumbling down a seemingly bottomless shaft.

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