The first, entitled Warrior Names from Afrika, is a compilation of African warrior names and their meanings. How & when did you come up with that concept for a song? WE HAVE LEARNED HOW TO ARGUE PRODUCTIVELY, TO FORGIVE EACH OTHER, TO RAISE THE BAR WITH EACH OTHER, TO CHALLENGE EACH OTHER AND TO MAINTAIN UNCONDITIONAL BUT PRINCIPLED COMRADE LOVE FOR EACH OTHER…CAUSE WITHOUT THAT..THERE WOULD NOT BE NO DEAD PREZ. [2] He currently resides in Atlanta with his wife and sons. STIC: YEP. Isra Allison is the Campaign Manager for Cori Bush for Congress in Missouri’s 1st District, and the former Executive Director of Brand New Congress. THE BOMBING AND KILLING OF BROWN FOLKS, KATRINA VICTIMS STILL WITHOUT REPARATIONS, THE LAND GRAB IN NEW ORLEANS AND HAITI, MUMIA STILL BEHIND BARS, THE EDUCATION SYSTEM IS TERRIBLE U NAME IT. ( Log Out /  In 1998 their song “D.O.P.E. I HOPE NOTHING BUT LIGHT AND LOVE FOR THE OBAMA FAMILY AS FELLOW BLACK PEOPLE BUT THE POLICIES THAT BARACK IS SUPPORTING AND PUSHING THAT ARE AGAINST OUR LIBERATION I WILL FIGHT 100% WITH THE PLATFORM I HAVE. (Drugs Oppress People Everyday)” was featured in the movie Slam. Asante, Jr. and narrated by Maya Angelou. 1, followed by the release of Turn off the Radio: The Mixtape Vol. I KNEW I WANTED SOME TRUNK RATTLING BASS AND DRUMS AND NOT TOO MUCH ELSE. Guru from Gang Starr recently passed away unfortunately. Your classic album “Let’s Get Free” came out in 2000. Do you and M-1 ever take time apart & work on separate issues and struggles individually? IT’S A NEW DAY FOR DEAD PREZ IN SO MANY WAYS…IM EXCITED BOUT OUR NEW MATERIAL AND EXPECT NOTHING BUT STRUGGLE AND SUCCESS FOR OUR FUTURE. As an important component of Chinese traditional culture, the I Ching's influence throughout history has been profound. AS MALCOLM SAYS…WHEN THE MASS’S HOUSE ON FIRE THE FEILD NEGROES WOULD PRAY FOR A BREEZE….I’M PRAYING FOR A BREEZE. In June 2006, the cable movie network Starz In Black began airing an original documentary called dead prez: It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop, directed by John Threat. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. The mixtape is hosted by DJ Green Lantern. JUST BEAT BASS AND VOCALS. [7] was arrested at a Crown Heights photo shoot in 2003 after refusing to show identification to police officers. [14], with dead prez at Resistance Festival, Athens, 2009, "Courting success often puts rappers' lives in danger", "POP REVIEW; An Old Fugitive's Hideaway Warms a Hip-Hop Night", "Wakulla rap controversy is really about respect", "Testimony: of Dead Prez Finding Faith in Martial Arts", " and M1 Bypass the Purist Hip-Hop Border Police", "Dead Prez Member Arrested For Bringing The Noise", "M.K. WE FATHERS NOW AND ARE STRIVING TO BE MORE RESPONSIBLE IN OUR WORDS AND ACTIONS WE BUSINESS OWNERS WE HAVE ON THE JOB TRAINING IN THE GAME NOW AND WE HAVE A STRONGER TEAM THAN WE’VE HAD IN A LONG TIME I DEFINITELY FEEL I’M MORE SPIRITUALLY AWARE OF MY PURPOSE, THRU THIS MUSIC AND AS A MAN I STOPPED DRINKING AND SMOKING FOR OVER A YEAR NOW. IT NEED TO BE MORE RIDERS STEP UP NO MATTER WHERE WE FROM THO CAUSE WE ONE PEOPLE AND THE STRUGGLE IS UNIVERSAL. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. The duo maintains an ethical stance against corporate control over the media, especially hip hop record labels.
[citation needed] He studied at James S. Rickards and Wakulla High Schools. STIC: WE NEVER TOOK AN ANTI-OBAMA POSITION. He is also featured on the song, "Angels & Demons" on Immortal Technique's compilation album, The Martyr, along with dead prez counterpart M-1.

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