The Internet can expand the learning environment far beyond the walls of the classroom and offers particularly promise for engaging and differentiating content for children. Carol Ann Tomlinson and Marcia Imbeau present these in Leading and Managing a Differentiated Classroom (2010): Misunderstanding Reality Differentiation is a set of instructional strategies. 0000004215 00000 n 0000013047 00000 n 0000006550 00000 n 8 1. 0000011218 00000 n �p��G�x���t��X:�i�|��j �nElo��y���(����O)$��Grs�\�'b�Ď]Od�79��v��~ 0000001096 00000 n 0000033107 00000 n 0000009919 00000 n 0000018307 00000 n 0000012197 00000 n However, when technology, differentiation, Constructivism, and the student-teacher relationship work together then a relevant and personal learning experience is obtained. 0000010400 00000 n

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These factors can render even the most well de-signed curriculum ineffective. Organising your classroom 5 What might a differentiated classroom look like? 0000005794 00000 n 0000002714 00000 n classroom. 0000011302 00000 n

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%��������� Classroom differentiation strategies can also be greatly enhanced by using the Internet in a variety of creative ways. c�DE,IL��`vL{O'�LD�l��Y$������k�Jۅ�a0$��?���ͦ"W�|�%b?��o��1ֆL�S���S K���d�*.1�Q�V�\�����FQ��Q�d�Y�te;�e�9�מs��a��Q�A{��*�\�%�D�j���yʿ��$�{@0�0P�g��l�5�w�0��퍳ὓe�h�z��s

Knowing your students 4 2. ]C� 0000035606 00000 n stream 0000003795 00000 n %���� /Filter /FlateDecode � ��N. 0000005482 00000 n trailer <<2D3E1C9CA54F4E7491FFDB348C290DD9>]/Prev 301633>> startxref 0 %%EOF 111 0 obj <>stream ͑ߊn��]��gÄ�������,��d�!M���|��k�]����wXbi��r�J��έӳs�Vq�`d�.�Y�� 0000011706 00000 n Success for All Abilities �l����2Ҏ�ѽ�ʲ] ����#,�q�e�.

H��W�N�H����KX�1}q��}��,$+e��Hyn�m�ဓ(�Y��#��(�_}��X�R)�Qs^�����@R��� ��8 ��K\�ǻ��H�2\�(��f�G��]�u_��lj(k� 0000004900 00000 n 0000012643 00000 n << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> c�� ��V}�ABRnJk�4H:�w3��}z��I��c��Pm�-�c��Liv�ڌ}c�{t�e�ޟ&�2f�w�<2. which the differentiated teaching and learning was implemented - the experimental group and to the students - from the four other classes in which no differentiation in teaching occurred - the control group. *�� x�\�n$Ǒ}��ȧE@���7�͒mX����?���3-���]T�]�+ ����s�n�] a1 �&/�q��Ȭ��}�~te�W��[l�z��ו�nv�����;��}��t�>�����&~|�������|�E�}zr�u�0���ޖ�t��n�޹���o��_�.꼬\��� �&���~��:�첥XJD�͠� �( �1Iu��PZlD�u,����n���%.PR���[}��}���w���4��3;n�{>�7�q��0����� �1&��w�4�C&!]C����^��? Differentiation is a philosophy—a way of thinking about teaching and learning. 0000013536 00000 n 0000040248 00000 n

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Contextualising differentiation 3 Your role as teacher in differentiating teaching 4 and learning: 1. 12 0 obj Classrooms that once had few if any English language learners in their student mix now teach students from many parts of …

H�\��n�@D�|��C� �=��,%v"����:� c)4��}��(+-��LuW��|��l�nr��84�0�C׷1��Kl�ۇc�g�µ]3}���T�Y�Ļ�y %PDF-1.3 1 ˇ Elements of Differentiation 9 ˆ Rethinking How We Do School—and for Whom 17 ˙ Learning Environments That Support Differentiated Instruction 25 ˝ Good Instruction as a Basis for Differentiated Teaching 36 ˛ Teachers at Work Building Differentiated Classrooms 47 ˚ Instructional Strategies That Support Differentiation 61 Many things have changed over the past 15 years. 0000001654 00000 n �0��3�0�cO��8Y����PŐ�h4���zJ�5^d^�����/��uf`IU�L`6�;��(���x'@� �� endstream endobj 73 0 obj <>>> endobj 74 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageC]/XObject<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 595.276 841.89]/Type/Page>> endobj 75 0 obj <> endobj 76 0 obj <> endobj 77 0 obj <>stream 0000007937 00000 n %PDF-1.5 %���� �ȼ���-��JȒ�Ux��Fe`�V�F�5F�� �v��P*�a����zT���Jm�b�����ζe�V�1\_�����h�%p�6k8WmS�i]òYWe�aP?tp��y���0�|�����>�_�_���������n]Ԗ�$v�R�>����i��?�K�r2��l�ea��FJp stream 0000007166 00000 n << �漑6S]��ȑh��| ��P>T��z`��j��#,�]4���]���#����w�N��� j}�6�,���o�|��|�B�����g��Op���1�8��_�a� ��ǰ��Y��B��ڧ(�Ǯ)�5����NC����4��� �r����CR��qQ�� �U��{)@��|�_Ђ^���S;!dh�:�. 0000013947 00000 n Differentiation and Cognitive Theory The Cognitive learning theory takes the approach that students tend to 0000001783 00000 n differentiated instruction looks at the reasons behind curriculum decisions. Differentiated Classroom, I have been at the university longer than I was in the public school classroom. /Length 13 0 R "#�r�P�"=t8q���7��1 xb�c��]��_�5���X�@OA{�z��s������D�j���tS��Дt%RMW�l��hFs[�w{a�3�����Q�F� 22��7Li���TI9�:Z�S%���0z��4,���MD,Ž�:4N`�6d�x͆�_%4�W��f��E�մpZU���\�Y�e��F|yQ� �0�cb,�+��� ��LuHV_�N,{�(I�fQ��7Bb:F�[�Ve��I�s��\t���������8Z�H���@X���$��%.

�l��L��.�(�G��Eg��� U��'.��z�7��C! 4 0 obj After all, at its heart, differentiation is about delivering the curriculum in a way that makes sense to all pupils irrespective of background, starting point and need, and in a manner that enables every pupil to access curriculum content and achieve. ����N�\V ^�NO=�~���eܳ����0�KSKc�������f�ǃ$�)v�q�5ݻ����I��(o�M^�*M����0��H�% � ��;M{�A������q��ê��n��U� �(�l+�=�h�j%�/����:ryn�������c7�fW��&��L�8i�ɷ���l��l�56�:o��ȋ�ں�OnWw1.��=��#����`���k������E[�r���?���c8(��>�������7��2X����u����� �m��r�ߴx�����f��؆��Gw��ݺ|w��p

7 Differentiation strategies in action! misunderstandings about what differentiation is and isn’t. DI focuses on best practice, but it acknowledges the many variables that create the diversity in today’s classroom (Hanson & Ahron, 2008). ��`���=lk9��0�6�2l`�`��������� �M� 0000010768 00000 n free pdf download) and effective differentiation. 0000005595 00000 n )�D��Q{J��y���aq 2�1�f��,M�t�X��p Bloom’s Taxonomy 10 3. 0000009293 00000 n 0000008674 00000 n ���M�t����� ����L�@��{=6}*��s��D��x2�Tb(�븬�_�mU�U�l774!��(��f8����sWoו�k��׍�f/4��2;�LӕN8��n:T��xm‚e�5gI)�+♜{��ArJB�\��nv���=d��P�d|(=2?�_�j�����$�?� Qualitative data were collected via the use of teachers’ journals, class observations, lesson plans and student and teacher interviews. Jackie Buisman/differentiation in the classroom/pub/5/01 Why? Differentiation in the Classroom Making A Difference Series Materials adapted by Jackie Buisman, PPS TAG, 1997 from Carol Ann Tomlinson 's "How to Differentiate Instruction in Mixed Ability Classrooms" Booklet, Facilita-tor's Guide and videos from ASCD 1995. \;�&�'�xɸ�������fV��]Rl��� 0000027868 00000 n

0000015190 00000 n Foreword v ˘ What Is a Differentiated Classroom? 0000002262 00000 n h�b```��l6* c�r�l8�^7�����[tآâ7KG�o�,�Mav��YמB'�kI]S�I>��F�j{�O粮Y^��j(}o�é_n�}0/|ٺ���e6~1_&�Sd�d���A�4��no�u��˭�*&I4s��t���A֢�&�s�m߰+7u� �„��9�>�ʴZ4����-��|j��[���;b^�c��ɪں{šYV�'����������^0+�����N����?%::�EC��2:� &������ �(��DPPI ������ &��@IMea � 0000003284 00000 n

��n�rm8�B����>�ϲ�m�ֻ�z�4�v�]����{I3�І�X7!��1d�"]+W��k����o]. DI is really just 0000005706 00000 n Instruction to deliver Once we have designed our 0000004864 00000 n 0000024512 00000 n 8�T׵M�� �?��j��������`�1���B

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